Homicide opens up about how he’s feeling physically, his friendship with CM Punk

Homicide speaks candidly about how he is feeling after 20-plus years of wrestling and also chats the talk surrounding CM Punk

An update from Homicide about his physical status. 

Come March 5th, Homicide will have been in the wrestling business for 29 years. Ring of Honor, TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and a variety of independent promotions have spotlighted him. 

He’s currently working with the National Wrestling Alliance on and off-screen. While he was a guest on ‘Rewind, Recap, Relive’, Homicide spoke candidly about how he’s feeling physically and the injuries he’s suffered. 

Homicide believes he’s suffered more than 20 concussions and stated that he feels this stage of his career is the wind down portion. He added that if he never got checked medically, he’d be using a walker in five years. 

This is my so-called ‘road to the end’. Even though people talk a lot of crap but I feel that it’s about that time, my body’s wearing down. Man, I wear glasses now. My eye’s damaged, I feel like Rocky Balboa right now so, the greatest advice I tell people, check yourself. I tell people finish school. I used to be a dropout, used to be, I am a dropout. I dropped out of high school, I became a gangbanger. Before death wrestling was cool, I did hardcore stuff. Mind you, I don’t like hardcore. I love catch wrestling, that’s my style. But, I gotta pay the bills. So, hardcore wrestling was like the thing for me and I never checked myself, damages. Now, I had maybe more than 20 concussions. They say you can’t have three or four. I might’ve had 20. So my whole right side is kind of eh. I got bad vision, I got a speech problem. Sometimes I talk like I’m drunk but I’m not and I love beer but I’m not drunk. Sometimes, I feel tingling in my right fingertips and I always tell people, always check yourself. I’m 45, I’m gonna be 46 (on) March 20th. I’ve been wrestling for 29 years on March 5th and I never take breaks, I’m like Bret Hart, I never took breaks. I never had a nine-to-five job. I’m always wrestling, wrestling, wrestling. It will haunt you back. That’s why I always tell people, I’m telling you right now, check yourself. Of course, when I was young, when somebody’s telling me that, ‘Man whatever. I’ll be okay.’ That’s BS. I should’ve listened because right now, I am feeling it. I’m not bad like other people are but man, if I keep doing what I’m doing and never check myself, I’m gonna be walking with a walker in five years. So, I always tell people, finish school and always check yourself. You never know what could happen man because your body’s your temple and you need your brain. If you had so many concussions like me, God forbid, knock on wood, something bad could happen. Right now, I got bad vision, I have a speech problem. For some reason, I could do a lot of things that I’m very surprised I could do so, I’m always telling people check yourself and finish school. If you don’t, you’ll be on the corner of McDonalds begging for Chinese food or some dollars or whatever so, yeah man, check yourself.

Among the topics discussed during the conversation was Homicide’s friendship with CM Punk. He explained that Punk is an ‘asshole’ but he’s a real friend. 

Homicide added that he hears a lot of negativity regarding Punk and mentioned that Eddie Kingston hates him. Kingston and Homicide’s friendship is well-documented and Homicide said if Eddie ever asked him to put hands on Punk, he would not do it because of the amount of respect he has for Punk. He went on to share that at AEW Grand Slam 2021, as Punk was prepping in the ring, he jumped out to give him a hug. 

Man (he laughed), he’s (CM Punk) an asshole but he’s a good kid. You always got one friend who’s a douche, but he’s so cool. CM Punk has always been real to me. He came from Chicago to Ring of Honor. He said, ‘Hey, how you doing? My name is Phil a.k.a. CM Punk’ and we clicked right away. I recall he was straight-edge. I was another version of the Cypress Hill but whatever. He’s always been so cool with me… I always remembered his last show, he got signed to WWE. He never forgot where he came from. I remember I won the title in Ring of Honor and he was signed to WWE. Took a plane, went to New York City and he saw me wrestle and to this day, I still talk to him and that’s the one thing I love about people (that) never forget where they came from. The guy’s a millionaire, he don’t need to wrestle no more. He could retire right now. He still calls me. To me, that’s crazy because I got this attitude like, ah, you’re a millionaire. You’re gonna forget the little people. Not him. Not Samoa Joe. But with CM Punk, a lot of people tell me a lot of bad, negative things and I don’t believe it man. Look, one of my best friends, his name is Eddie Kingston and Eddie hates him. I would support him no matter what but, if he tells me go over there and punch CM Punk in the face, I wouldn’t do it, I can’t do it. Because I got much respect for him and he never forgot where he came from, he never became a douchebag towards me. The first time I went to All Elite Wrestling, I think was in Queens. I was somewhere and he was in the ring practicing. He stopped practicing, jumped over the ring to give me a big hug and I didn’t see him for like five, six, 10 years? It was so cool. A lot of people don’t like him. To be honest with you, I don’t know why. It is what it is. That’s their part. But to me, Homicide, I love CM Punk. That’s my dude. Like I said, he never forgets where he came from. I respect people who do that, especially a guy that left and went to WWE, All Elite Wrestling and he don’t need to wrestle. The guy is a millionaire, you don’t need to wrestle and he still calls me so, I think that’s very cool. A lot of people need to learn from that. Now, I’ve heard negative stories. Dog, I don’t know nothing about that (he laughed).

At NWA Nuff Said, Homicide challenged Cyon for the National Heavyweight Championship but was unsuccessful in his attempt to become champion. 

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