Fuego Del Sol suffers foot injury, getting official diagnosis about ligament damage on 2/24

The official diagnosis concerning ligament damage will be determined via a CAT scan on February 24th

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Fuego is scheduled to get a CAT scan on 2/24. 

Via his social media pages, Fuego Del Sol shared that he suffered a foot injury this past Sunday that is prohibiting him from fufilling his obligations with All Elite Wrestling and on the independent scene. 

During the match he was in, he dislocated a bone in his right foot but unknowingly popped it back in. There is a small fracture at the bottom of his big toe as well. 

Fuego is scheduled for a CAT scan on February 24th to determine if there is ligament damage or not. If there is no damage, he’ll be sidelined five-to-six weeks but if there is damage, he is looking at a three month recovery period. 

Okay… so last Sunday while in Sacramento a freak accident happened after I hit a drop kick where another guy fell on top of my right foot. initially I thought it was broken, as I got up I felt sharp pain shoot up my foot and realized it was incredibly painful to put any weight on the toe of my foot. After assessing the situation I changed some things around and managed to finish the match and when I got to the back the it had already swollen up pretty bad.

After flying home and then managing to drive two hours home (somehow), I got it x-rayed and found out I actually dislocated it but somewhere in finishing the match I unknowingly popped it back in. There is a small fracture at the bottom of my big toe but they said I’m lucky it wasn’t worse. Not in the clear yet though because now I must get a cat scan on my foot tomorrow to determine if there is any ligament damage, if there is no damage I’m looking at a 5 to 6 week recovery, but if there is damage then it could be up to three months. I’m devastated that I cannot fully fulfill my AEW obligations or obligations to Rugged Pro in Omaha this weekend, and to VIP Wrestling on 3/10 however I plan to still appear at both shows in some capacity. Needing good vibes sent my way so I don’t have to miss out on any more of my obligations. I’m a workhorse and am very good at compartmentalizing and working around this small injury. I’ll still be in the gym as well as doing seminars, posting content, and streaming consistently. A boot and some crutches won’t slow me down or dampen my positivity. I’ll keep you all updated on my scan results. (Keep your opinions on my un-pedicured feet to yourselves 🤣)



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The 27-year-old Fuego Del Sol signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2021. He regularly wrestles on the Dark and Dark: Elevation shows. His most recent televised match was on October 5th, 2022.

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