IMPACT No Surrender: Josh Alexander retains, Steve Maclin earns future shot

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender

February 24th, 2023

By: John Siino

Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Countdown to No Surrender)

The match starts with Gisele Shaw in command until Deonna Purrazzo takes her down with a headscissors and a pump kick, followed by a standing moonsault for a one-count. They start fighting on the outside, as Shaw traps Purrazzo in the ring skirt. Shaw takes over by keeping Purrazzo in the corner with chops and choking her out with her boot. They both go at it, until Purrazzo hits a high knee and a Russian leg sweep for a two count, right into the Fujiwara armbar but Shaw escapes. Shaw escapes out of the Queen’s Gambit and hits a backbreaker/flatliner combo for a two. Shaw teases going for the Queen’s Gambit herself, but Purrazzo turns it into a roll-up for a two. Purrazzo dodges a knee by Shaw and puts her right back into the armbar again, as Shaw, with the help of Jai Vidal, reaches the rope to break it up. Vidal gets on the apron, as Savannah Evans runs out and takes out Purrazzo with a Full Nelson Slam, right before Purrazzo was going for the Queen’s Gambit. Shaw follows this with The Denouement (running knee strike) for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw by pinfall at 9:07

Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey (Countdown to No Surrender)

Right away they lock up, as Mike Bailey corners Jonathan Gresham before the referee breaks them apart. They start exchanging chops as the crowd is behind them both. Gresham ends up on the apron, where Bailey kicks him off before hitting a moonsault to the outside on Gresham. Back inside, Bailey stays in control by kicking Gresham in the corner, but Gresham encourages it before dropping Bailey with a drop kick. Bailey starts hitting kicks now but misses a standing shooting star press. Gresham starts attacking Bailey’s leg by smashing the knee into the mat repeatedly. After Bailey tries to fight it, Gresham applies a figure four while trying to pin him until Bailey is eventually able to grab the bottom rope. They start trading shots back and forth until Gresham hits a hard forearm before they both are laid out. There are a few audio issues that are dampening the match a bit with a squeaky ring and a loud echo from commentary. Gresham hits a springboard moonsault off the ropes before hitting a suicide dive to the outside on Bailey. They fight a bit more, and very quickly, Bailey hits another moonsault to the outside. Bailey tries to go for another kick, but his leg gives out as Gresham hits a forearm. Bailey is able to hit his kick, but Gresham dodges the Ultima Weapon, followed by a roll-up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by pinfall at 11:01

The Director of Authority

The main show starts with Santino Marella heading to the ring as he introduces us to No Surrender. Santino talks about how things that happen in Las Vegas don’t stay here anymore because of cell phones. He starts talking about a time when he woke up in an orange jumpsuit and how his wife found out, but he cuts himself off before introducing his first acquisition, Frankie Kazarian.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Kon (w/ Callihan, Angels & Deaner)

Santino Marella joins commentary for this match, as Deaner watches on from the ramp while Callihan & Angels are ringside. Right away, Frankie Kazarian takes Kon to the outside, where he hits him with a basement dropkick before they start brawling on the outside. They start brawling on the outside as Santino say’s Kon’s father is named Pop Kon. Back inside, Kon stays in control, keeping Kazarian down with a nerve hold. Kazarian tries to mount a comeback, but Kon stops him with a spinebuster for a two. Kon sends Kazarian flying to the outside, but as they head back inside, Kazarian starts punching Kon before hitting him with a leg drop on the ropes. As Kon was still draped on the ropes, Kazarian followed with another leg drop, bouncing off the ropes. Kazarian hits a reverse DDT for a two-count before he tries to put on the Chicken Wing. Kon breaks it up by backing into the corner and heads to the top rope, but Kazarian follows him up. Kon knocks him off and misses a diving headbutt. Kazarian tries a roll-up for a two, right into the Chicken Wing, but Angels gets on the apron as Kon breaks out. As Angels is distracting the referee, Callihan goes to hit Kazarian with a chair, just to hit Kon instead. Kazarian follows with a cutter off the ropes on Kon for the pin and the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian by pinfall at 9:24

Major Humiliation

Gia Miller is backstage with Brian Myers and asks for his strategy in tonight’s four-way match. Myers says he’s been studying four ways all week and won’t speak about the status of Matt Cardona. Myers does say Joe Hendry humiliated Cardona and hopes Moose returns the favor and makes a fool out of Cardona.

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) (c) (w/ Rosemary) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

As this match is about to start, the audio issues continue with the volume going up and down, and muting a couple of times. Taya Valkyrie & Allysin Kay start the match, after having a singles match on last night’s IMPACT Wrestling. Marti Belle and Jessicka quickly tag in, as Belle stays in control choking out Jessicka on the ropes. The Hex keeps Jessicka in their corner, as Kay taunts Taya. The Death Dollz tries to get the crowd behind Jessicka, as she fights out of a choke by Kay backing up into the corner, but Belle tags in and keeps at it on Jessicka. Eventually, Jessicka is able to make the hot tag to Taya as she goes right after Kay and takes her down. Taya stomps Kay and goes for the pin, but Belle breaks it up. All four women go at it until Taya spears Kay and tries to go for the Road to Valhalla, but Kay kicks her way out and tries Hex Marks the Spot, but Jessicka breaks it up by spearing Belle and then hitting Kay with a choke bomb. Jessicka hits the Sick Driver with an assisted kick by Taya, before pinning Belle.

Winners: The Death Dollz (Jessicka & Taya Valkyrie) by pinfall at 8:57, to retain

IMPACT Digital Media Championship Dot Combat Match: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Moose

Audio issues seem to be fixed now as this match starts with the crowd fully behind Joe Hendry during his entrance. Hendry gets on the mic before the match and talks about the sins of Sin City but says the only sin is not saying the words ‘we believe in Joe Hendry’. Moose starts the attack before the bell rings, and goes to get weapons from under the ring that include a chair, a keyboard and a Sega Dreamcast. Hendry takes the keyboard and attacks Moose with it as Tom Hannifan calls him ‘The Scottish Keyboard Warrior’. They start fighting on the outside where Moose hits a devastating Uranage to Hendry into a ringside table. Moose stays in control back inside and teases the crowd by saying ‘we believe’ before setting a chair wedged in the corner. Moose flips off Hendry, as Hendry flips the lid of the Dreamcast and starts attacking him with it. Hendry finds a toddler remote control car and drives it right into Moose, who just kicks it away. Hendry then goes and finds a box under the ring with a more proper remote control car that he tries to drive into Moose, but as it didn’t work he decides to just toss it down low to Moose. Moose whips Hendry into the chair in the corner, followed by a Sky High for a two. Moose finds a bag under the ring and spills it to reveal they are keycaps and hits Hendry with another Uranage. Moose heads to the top rope, but Hendry throws keycaps in his face, followed by a superplex onto them for a two-count. Moose grabs a steel chair while Hendry tosses a gaming chair into the ring as they have a chair off with Hendry throws the gaming chair into Moose’s face followed by a pop-up powerbomb for two. Hendry finds another box with a VR headset that he puts on Moose. Moose then starts dancing as if he’s in a strip club, which Moose adds music for before switching over to the song he did making fun of Moose. Moose gets out of a Standing Ovation attempt and hits a low blow for a two. Hendry reverses a spear into a roll-up for a two. They go back and forth a bit more until Hendry rolls up Moose for the pin.

Winner: Joe Hendry by pinfall at 12:14, to retain

A Whole Lot On My Plate

Gia Miller is backstage with Mickie James and says Jordynne Grace will get a rematch in the future but she has one of her toughest challenges tonight in Masha Slamovich. Mickie admits having a lot on her plate and Grace hasn’t stopped talking about making James tap out. Before that, Mickie must get rid of the poison she brought into Impact in Masha, but tonight she’s focused on her, and the era of Mickie James as Knockouts World Champion has just begun.

Busted Open Live

Dave LaGreca comes out first for this live edition of ‘Busted Open Radio’. LaGreca said he was asked by two companies to be here tonight in SiriusXM and IMPACT Wrestling and says things have gotten heated between Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray. Greca says they will have 60 seconds each to talk, uninterrupted, to get whatever they want off their chest as Bully Ray will go first after winning his ‘Beat the Clock’ challenge last night. Lars Frederiksen of Rancid is seen sitting ringside as Dreamer makes his way to the ring. LaGreca tells Bully to go first, but he stays silent. After a long delay, Bully finally says ‘I’m sorry’, and that’s all. Dreamer says this has gone further than ‘I’m sorry’ and asks if The Good Hands are going to come out now. Dreamer talks about how he was with Bully when his mother was in the hospital, while Bully did the opposite when Dreamer’s mom was in the hospital. Bully goes up again and thinks he doesn’t think a time restraint is needed as he agrees this has gone too far, too deep, and that he has gone too far and asks if it’s okay with everybody, to get rid of the time restraint and talk. Bully talks about his mom dying and what he said about Dreamer’s mom being wrong and her being always awesome with him.

Bully says that on Sunday he watched the documentary on the nWo and he saw Kevin Nash have to talk about Scott Hall and how he asked the cameras to cut as he realized that Nash ever had to do a documentary with Hall there. Bully says it got him thinking about how he and Dreamer are just as tight as how Nash & Hall were and thinks about what would happen if anything would happen between them. Bully says if you are having problems with someone it’s better to work it out than to have to see them dead in a coffin and says if anything were to happen to Dreamer, he would be there at his funeral carrying his casket and knows Dreamer would be at his also. Bully agrees that life is too short and for the benefit of Impact, Busted Open, and their friendship he would rather stay on good terms with Dreamer.

Dreamer says this has gone way too far for hugs, handshakes, and apologies and suggests they both go their separate ways and is proud of Bully to even admit something like this and thank him. Bully then takes a cup of hot coffee that was there at the podium and throws it in Dreamer’s face. Bully knocks down LaGreca then knocks Dreamer in the head with the coffee pot and keeps asking Dreamer what he meant by saying ‘somebody like me’. Bully starts walking ringside asking Matthew Rehwoldt & Dave Penzer if they have a problem with him.

Maclin Mind Games

Gia Miller is backstage with Rich Swann and asks what’s going on in his mind right now. Swann says tonight is the night after two years he finally gets this opportunity and the one thing he cares about most in this business is the World Championship. Steve Maclin interrupts and says he hopes Swann wins tonight, so at the main event of Rebellion, he can beat him again. Swann said he’s not focused on Maclin’s mind games but the IMPACT World Championship and says Maclin has to worry about winning his match and he hopes Maclin wins so he could whoop his ass at Rebellion.

IMPACT World Championship #1 Contenders Match: Steve Maclin vs. Brian Myers vs. Heath vs. PCO

As soon as the bell rings, everybody goes after PCO, but he is able to punch them all away before going over the top rope to the outside with Steve Maclin. As they are fighting, Heath takes them out with a senton on the outside. Maclin follows by hitting a suicide dive on Heath & Brian Myers before they all get taken out by a PCO Sault to the outside by PCO. They continue brawling on the outside, including Maclin & Myers hitting PCO with a back body drop on the ramp. Back inside, Heath sends Maclin to the outside before Myers hits Heath with a running knee for a two-count. Myers and Heath start trading punches before Myers hits a flatliner. Myers does his pose before he realizes PCO is entering the ring as Myers runs away. PCO goes after Maclin, but he dodges PCO who goes tumbling to the outside on Myers. Heath goes after Maclin, hitting a power slam for a two. Heath follows with a Wake Up Call, but as Maclin is trying to escape, PCO hits him with a De-Animator. Heath and Myers go back and forth until Myers hits a spear for a two-count. Myers sets up the Roster Cut, but PCO breaks it up by splashing him in the corner and hitting a reverse DDT. PCO heads to the top and hits a PCO Sault, but before he can get the three count Eddie Edwards runs out with a shovel and takes out PCO. As referees are kicking Edwards out, Heath hits the Wake Up Call on Myers, but Maclin runs in and hits the KIA on Heath for the pin and the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin by pinfall at 9:18, to become #1 Contender

Trey Miguel comes out and talks about people fighting to become a champion here tonight, while himself, the X-Division Champion is left off the card. Miguel questions if it was AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian as X-Division Champion would they forget about him? Miguel starts walking towards PCO and says how badly he got beat up, but PCO wakes up and chokeslams Miguel on the apron followed by a clothesline.

Time Machine (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) vs. BULLET CLUB (KENTA, Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

KENTA is making his IMPACT debut here as well as teaming with Ace Austin & Chris Bey for the first time. KENTA and KUSHIDA start the match as commentary mentions they have never had a one-on-one match before. They run the ropes a bit until KUSHIDA tries an armbar that KENTA quickly escapes out of as they keep going for takedowns and submissions. Bey and Alex Shelley tag in and go at it and run the ropes a bit before Bey stomps on Shelley’s back for a one-count. Austin tags in and starts working on Shelley’s arm followed by slashing Shelley’s hand with his playing card. Chris Sabin tags in as the Motor City Machine Guns start double-teaming on Austin. KUSHIDA joins in before Bey tries to break them up, just for more Time Machine triple teaming. They go after KENTA next, by driving him into the post followed by a dropkick. Time Machine stays in control keeping Austin in their corner, as Shelley starts bending back Austin’s fingers. Austin and Sabin start fighting on the apron, as Austin hits an awkward-looking Fosbury Flop to the outside followed by a dive from Bey. KENTA teases going for a dive but just does his Santino-like walk instead before heading outside. I hope we get a walk-off this weekend between Santino and KENTA. BULLET CLUB is now in control, triple teaming on KUSHIDA as KENTA plays with the crowd. They both tag out to Sabin and Bey as Sabin takes all three opponents out before hitting a top rope crossbody on Bey & Austin. They send KENTA to the outside where Sabin dives onto him as everybody else ends up on the outside as well. Time Machine starts triple-teaming on Bey where Sabin gets a two-count after a missile dropkick from Shelley. Bey uses Sabin’s leg to hit Shelley by accident, and Sabin then hits KUSHIDA in the corner by accident as well. KENTA takes advantage and hits the top rope stomp on Sabin, who kicks out at two. KENTA teases Go 2 Sleep, but Sabin turns into a roll-up for a two. Sabin comes right back with a brainbuster. Bey & Austin start double-teaming on Sabin before KUSHIDA goes after Austin. KUSHIDA hits a handspring elbow and tries the Hoverboard Lock before everybody else comes in and starts fighting. Time Machine starts attacking Austin with multiple dropkicks, attacking him in the corner as KUSHIDA hits a moonsault from the top rope. Bey and KENTA hold back KUSHIDA and Shelley as Austin puts a backslide on Sabin for the pin.

Winners: BULLET CLUB (KENTA, Ace Austin & Chris Bey) by pinfall at 19:04

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha Slamovich is nine months undefeated going into this match. Mickie James starts by working on Masha’s left arm and keeping her down on the mat. Masha tries to go for a rear-naked choke, but Mickie gets out and hits a couple of kicks to Masha’s face, knocking her down for a two-count. Mickie tries for a Mick DT but Masha counters by dropping Mickie’s throat first onto the top rope. Masha stays in control until Mickie comes back with a head scissors and some kicks, but Masha hits a drop kick sending Mickie to the outside where she hits her with a twisting dive. Masha sends Mickie back inside and gets a two-count. Mickie mounts a comeback with more kicks and a flapjack before heading to the top rope. Masha joins her up there, but Mickie knocks her off and hits a seated senton for a two count. Mickie comes right back with the Mick Kick but only gets a two. Masha comes right back with an inverted piledriver, but only gets a two. Mickie dodges Masha and puts on a single-leg crab, who quickly grabs the bottom rope. Masha puts on a rear-naked choke hold, but they end up spilling in the ropes as the referee has to keep breaking it up. They tussle a bit back and forth in the corner until Mickie rolls up Masha from another rear-naked choke into the pin for the win.

Winner: Mickie James by pinfall at 12:29, to retain

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Rich Swann

Josh Alexander tries to start the match with a handshake, but Rich Swann says he will wait until after the match as he worked too hard for this the last two years. They go at it before Alexander is able to stop Swann with a body slam. Alexander starts working on Swann’s ankle, but Swann gets out and smacks Alexander right in the face. They start running the ropes with shoulder blocks before Swann drops Alexander with a drop kick. They get into a shoving exchange before Alexander delivers a smack of his own. Swann kicks Alexander to the outside of the ring and hits him with a senton. They back and forth inside the ring with suplex attempts, until Alexander is able to hit one. Alexander goes right after Swann, dropping him on his face followed by a rolling German Suplex for a two. Alexander stays in control in and outside of the ring, taking Swann down with a back elbow once they head back inside. Alexander seems a bit distracted by the chants for Swann, as they go through a smack exchange. Swann kicks his way out of Alexander’s attack in the corner and follows with a rolling clothesline. Swann continues with punches until he clotheslines Alexander and himself over the top rope to the outside. They fight a bit on the outside before Swann gets sent to the apron where he hits a twisting splash onto Alexander’s back on the outside. Swann follows with a rolling splash for a two-count. Alexander comes back with two German Suplexes, but as he tries a third, Swann holds on to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Alexander follows him and tries a German Suplex, but Swann lands on his feet and hits a poison rana for a two count. Swann was going for the handspring cutter, but Alexander stopped him midway with a spear. Alexander heads to the top and goes for a moonsault, but Swann gets out of the way. Swann tries to hit a rana on Alexander off the top rope, but he is able to escape and puts on the ankle lock that Swann quickly breaks out of. Alexander stops another rana attempt, and drops Swann down face first, but Swann comes right back, dropping Alexander for a two-count. They go back and forth with pin attempts until Alexander hits the C4 Spike, but Swann rolls out of the ring before he can make the pin. They start fighting on the apron before Alexander drops Swann straight down. The crowd is fully behind Swann now, as Swann escapes out of another C4, hits a bunch of kicks, and heads to the top rope where he hits the Phoenix Splash for a two-count. Swann goes for another Phoenix Splash, but Alexander dodges it and puts on the ankle lock. Swann eventually stands and punches his way out of it, knocking Alexander’s headgear off in the process. They start trading chops and smacks until Swann hits the springboard cutter for a two-count. Swann tries another cutter, but Alexander blocks it and hits a Tombstone followed by a C4 Spike for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander by pinfall at 25:13, to retain

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