Gigi Dolin reflects on her promo from 2/28 WWE NXT, talks moving away from ‘Toxic Attraction’ persona

Ahead of her match against Jacy Jayne at NXT Roadblock, Gigi Dolin speaks about venturing into the singles role again

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Dolin enjoys the talks about who will be the breakout talent from Toxic Attraction. 

Coming up at NXT Roadblock, former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are scheduled to go one-on-one

The duo had been aligned with one another since 2021 when Mandy Rose returned to the NXT brand. The group known as Toxic Attraction officially ended when Jacy ambushed Gigi in early February

Ahead of their singles match, Gigi guest appeared on Busted Open Radio and looked back at her promo segment from the 2/28 NXT in which she opened up about childhood trauma she experienced. 

That was the first time that I have actually been able to truly spill my guts on TV because obviously, I’ve been the mean girl and I’ve kind of went along with the Toxic Attraction vibe of just being the locker room bullies and like I said, it was a good promo for me to release some of those inner demons of mine for a while but the truth is all I ever wanted to do was lay my heart out and lay out what is going on and who I really am and this match is huge (versus Jacy Jayne at NXT Roadblock) because it is. It’s almost three years in the making, it’s very emotional. With my parents taking me out of public school at a young age, Toxic Attraction was the first time that I truly felt that I had girlfriends or as I called them, ‘sisters’ and to have them turn their backs on me and for Jacy to do what she did, it creates this extremely emotional moment for me. To not only be able to look Jacy, who I thought was my sister, my friend in the face and have to go to war against her, but it also symbolizes a lot of what I’ve been through in the past and the people I’ve encountered in my past.

Further speaking about being ambushed by Jacy, Gigi enjoys the conversations about who’ll be the breakout talent from Toxic Attraction. Within the forthcoming quote, she spoke about becoming a singles talent again. 

It is a lot of pressure (going into this singles run) and obviously, with a group splitting, there is a lot of talk of who’s gonna be the standout, ‘Are they gonna be able to stand out on their own?’ It was a lot of talk when it was just Jacy (Jayne) and I as a tag team, ‘Are they gonna be able to do this on their own?’ It’s very sink or swim and I almost enjoy the doubt and people questioning and speculating who’s gonna be the one to take the lead, who’s gonna be the star. Everyone, they always have these assumptions and I think it’s pretty interesting to watch everyone’s mind just go all over the place and I am just so excited for this because I have been waiting for, like I said with the promo, a time to be able to finally spill my heart and let the world see who I really am outside of this Toxic Attraction member that is just mean and belittling everybody to get their way. Now I can finally show people who I really am and who the person I’ve been sitting on to just let everyone join in on me and my journey and I wanna be able to be relatable as well. The people who have been through similar things that I have growing up. That was the most important thing for me, aside from delivering my message to Jacy and wanting her to know how hurt I was, I also took it as an opportunity for fans and people to be able to find some relatability in me because when I was a kid, I would have given anything to see somebody on TV talking about things that I was going through and to be able to share that with somebody so, it’s just the opportunity to be able to express myself finally is what I’m most excited for.

The Poisonrana Podcast crew is going to be live on the POST Wrestling YouTube channel with a review of Roadblock. 

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