Hazuki suggests idea of a three way with herself, AZM & Mercedes Moné for IWGP Women’s Title

The reigning IWGP Women's Champion Mercedes Moné receives another challenge

The challengers continuing to pile up for Moné. 

Following Mercedes Moné winning the IWGP Women’s Championship from KAIRI at NJPW Battle in the Valley, she was called out by STARDOM’s AZM for a title match

There was a press conference that STARDOM held today and during it, there was some back and forth between AZM and Hazuki. Hazuki suggested the idea of a three way with herself, AZM and Moné for the IWGP Women’s Championship. 

KAIRI will be back in action for STARDOM on March 25th. She’ll be tagging with Nanae Takahashi to face Waka Tsukiyama and Tam Nakano.

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