POST NEWS UPDATE: Brian Gewirtz knows he’ll be contributing promo-wise ‘if and when’ The Rock returns to WWE

Brian Gewirtz chats The Rock, Will Ospreay calls out Scott D'Amore, Brett DiBiase/Sheamus story, Bayley praises NXT talents, Zelina Vega note

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** As Brian Gewirtz was guest appearing on Booker T’s ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, he stated that ‘if and when’ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ever returns to WWE, he’ll be contributing to Johnson’s run promo-wise.

When he (The Rock) left for Hollywood, the people asked him when he’s gonna come back. He’s like, ‘Well look, I can always come back when I want but in terms of doing it as a career, I’ve done it. I’ve had the satisfaction of doing it so I don’t feel like I need to go back and do it again’ and I kind of feel the same way (when it comes to the idea of getting back into wrestling full-time). It’s like, yeah, I’ve done that. If and when Rock ever comes back to WWE, I know I’ll be contributing promo-wise to that and I get to do all these other projects that have a love of wrestling involved.

** On March 30th, Will Ospreay and ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey will meet at IMPACT x NJPW Multiverse United: Only The STRONG Survive. After NJPW’s 51st Anniversary Show, Ospreay called out IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore and said he’ll give him two weeks to change his opponent for the upcoming joint show because he already has three wins over Bailey.

As for myself, I’ve got some more promoting to do because I’ve got to go all the way over to California to face Mike Bailey, representing IMPACT. Now, I’ve got some heat with IMPACT mate. I’ve got some heat. 2016, when I (did) your U.K. tour, you treated me like sh*t. Admittedly, it’s a different office now but I still got heat with you guys and you do understand bruv, we’re going to war, New Japan versus IMPACT Wrestling and you’re gonna send Mike Bailey? Now Mike, you’re handsome for starters, right? And you’re a really good professional wrestler. But IMPACT, you realize when it’s Mike Bailey versus Will Ospreay, three matches, three wins for the ‘Billy GOAT’ so Scott D’Amore, I’m gonna give you two weeks, two weeks to change your mind because I don’t think Mike Bailey’s gonna do the job for you brother, especially after I go through and I win this New Japan Cup.

** The latest guest on ‘Developmentally Speaking’ was Brett DiBiase. While looking back on his time in WWE’s then-developmental system, Florida Championship Wrestling, DiBiase said his first-ever match was supposed to be against Drew McIntyre, but he was surprised when Sheamus came to the ring. DiBiase was knocked out for a period of the match but afterwards, Dr. Tom Prichard said he did a great job. DiBiase did not remember any of it.

My first match ever down there (FCW) was supposed to be against Drew (McIntyre). Never forget we were in this little biker bar and I knew, you know, you got Steve Kern and Steve and my dad were very close back in the day. You got Ty (Bailey), Billy Kidman, who I love Billy too and we put this whole match together because I’m nervous as crap and I’m like, ‘Alright Drew, we’re gonna do this’ and all this stuff that you don’t — it’s not the best way to learn that I don’t do now. They sent me out first and I kept thinking well that’s weird and so I go out and I’m standing there and the next thing I know, I hear the music hit and I’m like (shocked) and it was Sheamus, they sent Sheamus out to the ring. I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t’ and that’s exactly what Steve Kern was over there doing. He was just laughing. I’m just like, ‘Oh my God.’ I looked over at Tom (Prichard) and he’s just smiling… and I’m like, ‘Okay’ and Sheamus actually ended up knocking me out that night. I had my head selling on the bottom rope. He does the deal where he pulls the kneepad down, runs and bam. Lights out for a minute and I come to, he’s like, ‘Just listen to me fella. I’ll get you through it.’ Tom Prichard came up to me literally after the match and this is what he said, I swear to God, he goes, ‘Kid, you’re gonna have a bright future in this business. Great job’ and I was like, ‘I don’t remember sh*t.’ I don’t even know how I did so… (DiBiase laughed) But it sounded good.

** As Bayley was getting work done by Dr. Beau Hightower, she listed off names in NXT who she thinks will be big names for years to come in WWE such as Carmelo Hayes, Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton Prince), Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Indi Hartwell and Zoey Stark.

There’s a lot here actually (NXT talents that have a bright future)… I think they (the fans) already, you know, they could see it already but Carmelo Hayes is one of the guys I would definitely say you could bet money on that he’s gonna be a big star and be on WrestleMania and SummerSlam and all the big shows and be a champion for years to come because I’m pretty sure he’s still very young. I love Pretty Deadly, I think they’re a super entertaining tag team, really good. They’re from the U.K. so they bring such a different style and perspective on what we do and their matches and then for the girls, I’m just like a huge momma. I just love of all them — well not all of them (she laughed). Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Zoey Stark is super talented. Yeah, there’s a few.

** IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Francesco Akira spoke to ‘’ and stated that he plans on being part of the 2023 NJPW Best of Super Juniors tournament.

Everybody watches Best of Super Juniors. At least everyone who likes juniors watches Best of Super Juniors. To be the first Italian to be in it was just incredible. Unfortunately, I didn’t win it. I plan to do it this year. But it was a great achievement for me.

It is well documented that TAJIRI is a mentor of Akira’s. He explained how helpful TAJIRI was when he got to Japan and added that TAJIRI guided him through a lot.

Yes, definitely (TAJIRI & I have a mentor-student relationship). I owe a lot to him. He is my Japanese master. He is my master, my senpai, as we say in Japan. And he took care of me, guided me through everything, through good and bad moments. What I learned the most is that everything is an experience. Life is an experience and you have to enjoy it. Many days I was very tired, very sad, very depressed. But he helped me get through everything. And he always took good care of me. So yes, he is my champion. Of course he taught me a lot in the ring, but most of all he showed me that life is an experience.

** Joining the ‘I Hear Voices’ podcast was Zelina Vega. She recalled conversing with Vince McMahon about using an accent for her ‘Queen Zelina’ persona. Vega mentioned that the idea for the accent came from McMahon.

It depends on which side of Zelina you’re asking about because there’s like so many different forms of her. But even just ‘Queen Zelina’, I remember Vince (McMahon) was like, ‘I think you should do an accent. Just a really bad accent’ and I was like, ‘Oh God. Okay, so what if we mix British and Australian?’ But I’m really thinking, I’m like a distant cousin from the Royal Family twice removed. Something ridiculous and he’s like, ‘Yeah. Yeah, do that. What does that sound like?’ I don’t know. I feel like if I hang out with my friend long enough. She’s Australian so kind of sounds like this (Vega does accent).

** Kenoh is doing a live recording on his YouTube channel on March 15th. Guest appearing on the show will be Hakushi.

** In edition #7 of Akira Hokuto’s series on Tokyo Sports, she wrote about joining All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling.

** On June 24th, Pro Wrestling NOAH is going to be celebrating Kenoh’s 15-year anniversary as a wrestler.

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** March 7th birthdays: Jacob Fatu.

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If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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