Chris Jericho states that he, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley have taken on leadership role in AEW’s locker room

He explained that once you lose the locker room, it only goes downhill from there

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On the topic of outside-of-wrestling ventures, Jericho was offered a Hallmark film role. 

The latest guest to join Renée Paquette on The Sessions podcast was Chris Jericho. Coming off of scoring a victory in a trios match on the March 8th Dynamite, Jericho touched on the changes and growth in AEW. 

He mentioned that himself, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson got control of the locker room to get things back on track after some ‘bad publicity’ and ‘uncertainty’. Jericho further touched on his behind-the-scenes role in the company and feels he’s probably one of Tony Khan’s right-hand men. 

So backstage, it’s a lot of advice given out, a lot of listening, a lot bartender listening, a lot of, ‘I got a problem with this, I got a problem with that.’ There’s a lot of working closely with Tony Khan, a lot of locker room leading, especially over the last six months or so when we kind of had to take the reins back when there was a lot of bad publicity and a lot of uncertainty in the dressing room. As a matter of fact, your man (referring to Jon Moxley) and (Bryan) Danielson and myself kind of, we have to really take charge here because we’re gonna lose the dressing room and if you lose the dressing room, you’re f*cked. So there’s a lot of that sort of thing going on. Basically everything. I think it’s almost kind of like a real general. Tony Khan’s probably got a lot of right-hand men but I think I’m probably one of them and also too, kind of just helping out the locker room and produce probably half the backstage promos that you see. Just trying to help as much as I can.

Jericho starred in the ‘Terrifier 2’ film and as he was speaking about that, he mentioned that he received an offer to do a Hallmark movie. 

This movie came out in the fall and it has — Art the Clown’s the big killer and because it was so violent, it was in the theaters for one day. Somebody threw up and that got around. This thing ended up being in theaters for a month then it ended up making 10 million dollars on a $200,000 budget. So because I was in ‘Terrifier 2’, it’s like now, Jericho’s like, oh! So I got an offer to do this horror movie and I was just reading an offer, which as you know, in Hollywood, an offer means they’re giving you the part for a Hallmark movie. I’m like, how the f*ck am I in a Hallmark movie?… But once again, that’s the thing, how did Terrifier 2 lead to the Hallmark movie? And it’s because, well, he did pretty good.

Moxley was in action on the 3/8 Dynamite and a Danielson promo aired which was recorded post-Revolution after losing the AEW World Championship match. Danielson stated that it may be time for him to ‘go home’. 

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