GCW Eye for an Eye Report: Masha Slamovich wins GCW Championship

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: Eye for an Eye
Friday, March 17, 2023
Melrose Ballroom, Queens, New York 

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs Yoya vs. Alec Price vs. Steve Scott vs. Starboy Charlie vs. Cole Radrick

The entrances had taken place before the start of the show, and it was evident that Jimmy Lloyd, Cole Radrick, and Alec Price received the loudest cheers. As soon as the bell rang, Scott and Cole were quickly sent to the floor by Lloyd and Price, who took them out with a dive. Yoya and Charlie then engaged in a face-off in the ring, but Yoya seemed to be in control of the situation. Price was the next one in, and he managed to execute a series of offensive moves that eventually sent Yoya tumbling to the floor.

Lloyd and Price were the next ones to square off, with Lloyd sending Price flying with a snapdragon suplex. However, Steve Scott managed to send Jimmy crashing to the floor soon after, only to be taken out himself by Cole Radrick. Charlie then attempted to slingshot himself into the ring, but Cole hit him with a forearm, causing him to crash back to the floor. Cole then followed it up with a dive, and Charlie also hit a dive of his own.

Meanwhile, Scott delivered a sit-out piledriver on the apron to Yoya, and as he did that, Alec Price hit a spectacular moonsault to the floor. Jimmy then executed a package piledriver on Yoya, but Cole sent him to the floor with Lil Sebastian’s curse and hit Steve Scott to claim the victory.

Cole Radrick wins the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Blake Christian vs Jack Cartwheel

Blake delivered a powerful dropkick to Jack that sent him crashing into the corner. He then continued to pummel him with a barrage of strikes, but Jack managed to escape and evade Christian’s attacks. He hit Christian with a monkey flip, sending him face-first into the mat, and followed it up with a beautiful moonsault that almost got him the win.

However, Jack’s momentum was short-lived as Blake caught him off guard with a sweeping leg, followed by a devastating German suplex. Blake continued his assault on Jack and even taunted him with a couple of cartwheels. Jack tried to mount a comeback but was quickly shut down by a stiff dropkick from Christian.

After successfully dodging Christian’s offense, Cartwheel attempted a Fosbury Flop but was interrupted by a missile dropkick from Christian. Cartwheel managed to flip out of a German suplex and hit Christian with a series of sling blades, but Christian was able to put his foot on the rope to break the pin.

Christian then took Cartwheel down with a Pele Kick and planted him with a driver, but it was a very close near fall. Cartwheel refused to give up and hit Christian with a Sasuke Special, rolling him back into the ring. However, as Cartwheel turned around, he accidentally collided with the referee, giving Christian the chance to hit him with a low blow followed by a devastating curb stomp for the win.

Blake Christian defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Willie Mack vs. Tony Deppen

Tony rushed towards Mack, but Mack evaded him and took Tony off his feet with a running head scissors followed by a big shoulder tackle. Mack hit Tony with a series of thudding chops followed by a straight right hand to the jaw. Deppen fired up with a code breaker and attempted to chop Mack, but hurt his hand in the process. The crowd gasped as Mack fired back up. Deppen was able to cut him off and leveled him with a couple of chops, but Mack fought back and hit him with a cannonball for a close near fall. Mack hit Deppen with a moonsault for another close near fall. Deppen tried to escape Mack’s offense, but he ate a forearm and a spine buster. Deppen slammed Mack with a seated Senton followed by a rip rope double knee for a close near fall. They traded slaps in the center of the ring. Mack hit Deppen with an avalanche exploder suplex for a near fall. Deppen caught Mack with a running knee followed by one to the back of his head for the victory.

Tony Deppen Defeated Willie Mack

Singles Match: Matt Cardona vs Homicide

Cardona bailed to the floor before they locked up, but they started to brawl on the floor with Homicide firmly in control. Homicide leveled Cardona with a scoop slam on the stage and bounced his head off the ring post. He tried to Sabu a chair at him, but Cardona moved and hit him with a neck breaker in the ring. Homicide pulled a fork from his boot and attempted to stab Cardona, but Cardona moved out of the way and sent him to the floor. Homicide returned to the ring and slapped Cardona across the face. They battled over a suplex, which Cardona won. He hit the Broski boot twice, but Homicide kicked out. Homicide ran wild for a bit, but Cardona took him off his feet with a series of forearms. Homicide fired up and took Cardona off his feet with a drop kick and hit the three amigos as the crowd chanted for Eddie. Homicide sent Cardona to the floor and took him out with a flipping senton. Homicide had Cardona up for the vertebreaker, but a lady jumped the guardrail and distracted Homicide. Cardona hit him with a low blow for the victory.

Matt Cardona defeated Homicide

Tag Team Match: Rina Yamashita and Sawyer Wreck Vs Los Macizos

Rina and Sawyer squared off against the tough team of Los Macizos. Ciclope and Rina started things off, battling each other in a game of chicken on their partners’ shoulders. Eventually, both crashed to the mat, and Rina brought a chair into the ring. However, Ciclope was able to take it from her and drop-kicked it into her face. Miedo then took the chair off her with a lariat, but Los Macizos were unable to capitalize.

Undeterred, Los Macizos continued to beat Rina and Sawyer down until they brought a door into the ring. They attempted to suplex Sawyer onto it, but she reversed it and choke-slammed them. They went to the floor where Rina wiped them out with a crossbody, followed by Sawyer hitting a flip dive off the top rope. Miedo hit Rina with a back fist, and Ciclope hit Sawyer with a spear, followed by a destroyer on Rina for a close near fall.

Ciclope set up another door bridge in the center of the ring, but Rina fought back and set him up on the top rope. Miedo put Rina on his shoulders, and Sawyer came underneath him to bring them all crashing down through the doors. Sawyer accidentally hit Rina with a boot, and Rina did the same to the ref. Los Macizos hit Sawyer with a doomsday destroyer for the visual pinfall. Miedo attempted a massive splash mountain, but Sawyer kicked out and was planted with an air raid crash on a pile of chairs for the victory.

Rina Yamashita and Sawyer Wreck defeated Los Macizos

4-Way Tag Team Match: BUSSY vs. Second Gear Crew vs. Mane Event vs. Wasted Youth

Before Emil could announce Second Gear Crew, Wasted Youth took them out with a dive, while Lyon bit a top rope crossbody to the floor, taking out the two teams. Mane Event ran wild on Ali and Mance in the ring and eventually sent them to the floor. Second Gear Crew then isolated Mance in the corner and eventually took him down with tandem musket drop kicks.

Mane Event and Wasted Youth took each other off their feet with crossbodies, which allowed BUSSY to return to the ring. Katch hit everyone with a running hip attack, but their run was short-lived as Second Gear Crew returned to the ring and began to beat everyone up. They stacked them in the center of the ring and power-bombed Mathers on them. BUSSY broke up the pin attempt and faced off with Second Gear Crew in the center of the ring.

Mance hit Zkagna with a series of headbutts, and Mane Event hit a lionsault/frog splash combination on Katch, but the pin was broken up. Effy ran wild on Mathers and hit him with a doomsday sack Ryder for the victory.

BUSSY wins

Singles Match: Bandido vs. Gringo Loco

Gringo immediately took control of the match, targeting Bandido’s mask and drawing boos from the crowd. Despite Bandido’s attempts to fight back, Gringo landed a superkick and nearly got the pinfall. Gringo then hit Bandido with a reverse Angle Slam, but Bandido was still able to kick out.

Finally, Bandido found an opening and fired up, launching himself off the ropes with a beautiful springboard moonsault that took Gringo down. Bandido followed up with a series of punishing chops around the ringside area and then sent Gringo flying into the first row with a fireman’s carry.

Bandido brought Gringo back into the ring and attempted to put him away with a Frog Splash, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Gringo down. Gringo managed to fire back, hitting Bandido with a springboard cutter and nearly getting the pinfall himself.

The two wrestlers continued to battle it out, with Bandido catching Gringo in a delayed Military press and the two of them exchanging blows on the top rope. Gringo hit Bandido with an avalanche inverted Angle Slam, but somehow Bandido was still able to kick out.

In the end, Bandido caught Gringo with a Poisonrana and attempted to follow up with his signature springboard German suplex. But Gringo tangled him up and scored the pinfall, securing the victory. Despite the controversial ending, the crowd couldn’t deny the intensity and skill displayed by both wrestlers.

Gringo Loco defeated Bandido

Singles Match: Grim Reefer vs. Joey Janela

The match between Grim Reefer and Joey Janela started with a stiff lock-up. Reefer was able to take Janela down and sent him to the floor after exchanging chops. Reefer then ran Janela’s head into the ring post, and they battled on the apron, with Janela taking a spill to the floor after a move from Reefer. Back in the ring, Reefer hit Janela with a Russian leg sweep and lit up a joint, but Janela was able to take the blunt from him. Reefer wrestled it away from Janela and took him out with a flipping senton to the floor. They exchanged chops in the center of the ring, and Janela planted Reefer with a package piledriver, but Reefer kicked out. Janela grabbed a chair from under the ring and set it up in the center of the ring. He tried to suplex Reefer through it, but Reefer fought out of it and sent Janela through the chair with a tornado DDT. Reefer placed the chair on Janela and went for another flipping senton, but Janela got his knees up, stopping Reefer’s momentum. Janela then came off the top rope with a chair-assisted double stomp for the victory.

Joey Janela defeated Grim Reefer

Post-match, Janela cut a promo putting over Reefer. Reefer thanked the fans but was jumped by Parrow and Charles Mason.

Tag Team Match: The Time Splitters vs. Jordan Oliver and Mike Bailey

Speedball and Shelley started the match off with an arm-ringer exchange, but neither man was able to gain an advantage. After the tag, Kushida and Jordan entered the ring, and Kushida quickly took Jordan down and stretched him. Jordan tried to retaliate with a flying knee, but Kushida was able to dodge it. Shelley then entered the ring and kicked Jordan in the back, sending him to the floor. Oliver and Speedball attempted to hit the time splitters with cross boxes, but the time splitters were able to evade and hit them with their own cross boxes.

Shelley and Oliver fought for a vertical suplex, but Oliver ultimately won and tagged in Speedball, who continued to attack Shelley with a series of kicks and strikes. Oliver then tagged himself back in and took over where Speedball left off. However, the time splitters were able to triple-team Oliver and send Speedball to the floor with a dragon screw. Kushida locked Jordan in a submission hold, while Shelley locked him in the border city stretch. Speedball was able to break the hold by repeatedly kicking Shelley in the back. Shelley continued to work over Jordan’s arm, but Jordan responded with some chops and a forearm.

Speedball ran wild on Shelley with a series of kicks and a moonsault, but only got a close near fall. Bailey went for the ultimate weapon, but Shelley moved out of the way and drove his head into the turnbuckles. The time splitters then targeted Speedball’s arms, but he was able to fire back and hit Kushida with the speedball kicks, followed by a moonsault double knees for another close near fall. Jordan tried to hit Kushida with a splash mountain, but Kushida was able to evade it and hit him with a kick of his own. Shelley locked Bailey in a crossface, but he was able to make it to the ropes and break the hold.

Shelley continued to work over Jordan’s arm, but Jordan fought back with some chops and a forearm. Speedball then took Kushida out with a massive moonsault. Shelley went for the sliced bread, but Oliver was able to muscle out of it and lock Shelley in a Boston crab. Oliver hit Shelley with a big boot in the corner and then hit him with the barista bomb for a close near fall. Kushida was hit with a moonsault double knee on the apron, but he eventually made his way back into the ring to break the hold on his partner. The time splitters hit Oliver with Out of Time, but Oliver was able to kick out. Oliver was then hit with the sliced bread for the victory.

Time Splitters Defeated Jordan Oliver and Mike Bailey

GCW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Nick Gage (Champion) vs. Masha Slamovich 

At the start of the match, Nick Gage easily shrugged off Masha’s attempts to lock up. They reset, but the same outcome occurred. Masha came off the ropes, and Gage shoved her to the mat. However, Masha quickly retaliated with a combination of strikes, including a couple of chest kicks, and scored an early near-fall. Gage responded with a series of forearms and chops, sending Masha flying across the ring with a Belly-to-Back suplex. He stood on her face for good measure before repeatedly slamming her on the mat. After planting her with a falcon arrow for another near-fall, Gage continued to stalk Masha around the ring, taking her off her feet with a vicious headbutt.

Masha fired back with a big roundhouse kick, followed by a stiff lariat that took both competitors down. As they traded stiff forearms in the center of the ring, Gage caught Masha’s lariat and turned it into a DDT. He hit her with a running elbow dive, stomped on the back of her head in the corner, and whipped her into the turnbuckles. Gage then ran her back-first into the steel barricade and dumped her throat-first on the barricade right in front of her parents. This prompted Masha’s mom to stand up to Nick Gage, causing him to slap Masha in the face.

However, Masha quickly caught Gage with a surprise forearm, turned the tables on him, and sent him shoulder-first into the ring post. She retrieved a door from underneath the ring and brought it into the ring, Sabu-style. Masha smashed a chair into Nick Gage’s face, but took too much time bringing the weapons into the ring, allowing Gage to catch her with a spinebuster. He hit her with a boot scrape and followed that up with his reverse springboard back elbow, but Masha got her knees up. Gage tried to hit her with the Chokebreaker, but she kicked out at 2.

Gage then speared Masha, sending both her and the referee through a door in the corner. With the ref down, Blake Christian came out and superkicked Masha before going to hit her with the belt. However, Masha ducked, causing Christian to hit Gage in the head. AKIRA then ran Blake Christian off as Masha brought Gage to his feet, and the two started exchanging forearms. Gage hit her with repeated headbutts, but Masha got him up on her shoulders and drove him back-first into a chair set up in the corner.

At this point, the crowd realized that they could potentially see a title change. Masha hit Gage with two consecutive piledrivers, but Gage kicked out at 1. She then hit him with a Shining Wizard, locked in a sleeper hold, and choked Nick Gage out to win the Game Changer Wrestling World Championship.

Masha Slamovich Defeated Nick Gage to win the Game Changer Wrestling World Championship

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