Rocky Romero loses hair vs. hair match at CMLL event

Image Courtesy: CMLL

Rocky Romero has a new look coming out of CMLL’s ‘Homenaje a Dos Leyendas’ event on Friday.

Romero took part in a four-way elimination match also including Volador Jr., Angel de Oro and Oraculo. The rules stipulated that the final two competitors would face off with the loser having his head shaved.

The final two were Romero and Volador Jr., who have been feuding across multiple promotions of late.

After a taking a Mexican Destroyer and a pinfall loss, it was time for Romero to get a haircut. Volador Jr. was joined in the ring by CMLL officials and his Depredadores del Aire allies to shave Romero’s head.

Romero and Volador Jr. will meet again at NJPW’s Capital Collision event on April 15th in Washington, D.C.

At that show, they will be on opposite sides of an 10-man tag match. Joining Romero will be Lio Rush, the DKC, Tomohiro Ishii and Clark Connors. In the corner of Volador Jr. will be “Speedball” Mike Bailey, KUSHIDA, Gabriel Kidd and Kevin Knight.

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