GCW Worst Behavior: Masha Slamovich retains title against Speedball

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GCW Worst Behavior 
Sunday, March 19, 2023
Opera House, Toronto, Canada 

Scramble Match: Big F’n Vin vs. Starboy Charlie vs. Michael Richard Blais vs. 1 Called Manders vs. Alec Price

Manders and Vin teamed up to send Blais to the floor, then took out Price and Charlie. Manders and Vin traded blows until Vin walked the top rope and took Manders out with a Rana. Big Vin is an unsung hero of GCW, commanding a crew like no other. Charlie and Blake paired off, with Christian easily disposing of Charlie and setting his sights on Price, who caught him with a kick but eventually fell victim to Christian’s spear, sending him to the floor. Blake took Charlie off his feet with a big dropkick, but Manders grabbed his foot before he could capitalize. Manders then delivered a series of headbutts to Alec Price, followed by a gut-wrench suplex. Christian hit Manders with a double stomp to the back of his head, but Manders quickly recovered and powerbombed everyone in a Tower of Doom spot.

Price kicked Christian in the back of the head, followed by two running boots, proving he’s not a clean competitor. Blake moved out of the way and hit Price with a sit-out powerbomb into a one-man Spanish fly. Blake climbed to the top rope but was knocked off balance by Manders, who eventually ate a big superkick. Price tried to attack Blake, but he was pushed off the top rope, only to jump back up and kick Christian in the head and stomp on Manders. He came off the top rope but Manders moved and leveled him with a lariat. Blais went Coast-to-Coast on Manders, but Christian Curb Stomped him for the win.

Blake Christian won the Scramble Match

Tag Team Match: Wasted Youth vs. East West Express 

Oliver and McKay kicked off the match for their respective teams, engaging in a fierce collar and elbow tie-up. Jordan Oliver dominated the exchange, driving McKay back into the corner. They locked up again, but this time McKay tried to gain some momentum. However, Oliver remained unfazed, countering everything McKay threw at him.

Wayne then entered the fray, picking up where Oliver left off by unleashing a series of vicious right hands to McKay’s midsection. Mather’s tagged in and snatched Nick Wayne out of midair, locking him in a tight headlock. Wasted Youth capitalized on Wayne’s neutralization by unleashing a series of tag team maneuvers, but their momentum was short-lived.

Oliver made a blind tag and caught Mathers off-guard with a stiff shot to the face. This allowed the East West Express to execute a combination of tag team maneuvers of their own, leaving Mathers on the receiving end. The Express worked over Mathers for a couple of minutes until McKay tagged in, countering a slingshot senton attempt from Oliver with a well-timed knee to the chest.

Mathers and McKay then shot Wayne into the opposite turnbuckle, hitting him with a standing shooting star press followed by a stomp for a near-fall. Dylan grounded Oliver and attempted a shooting star, but Oliver narrowly dodged it. McKay avoided an Acid Kick, but then fell victim to a running side slam from Wayne.

Mathers retaliated with a series of boots to the East West Express, coming close to securing a pinfall. He then attempted to put Wayne on his shoulders, but Wayne fought out of it before being struck with a kick from McKay, followed by a devastating tag team maneuver. McKay even hit Wayne with a spinning piledriver, but Wayne managed to kick out.

All four competitors continued to exchange powerful moves, with Oliver executing a spectacular Spanish fly on McKay. However, Mathers broke up the subsequent pinfall by hitting Wayne with a Canadian Destroyer. The East West Express then attempted their stereo Cloutcutters, but the move was blocked.

Mathers kept up the pressure by hitting Wayne with a Finlay Roll, followed by a Shooting Star Press and a 450 splash. Yet, Wayne still kicked out. Wasted Youth continued to beat down Wayne in the corner, but Oliver made the save for his partner.

The two teams exchanged a flurry of forearms in the center of the ring, but Oliver and Wayne emerged victorious, hitting Wasted Youth with dropkicks that sent Mathers to the floor. Finally, Oliver and Wayne hit the double Cloutcutter to secure the victory.

East West Express Defeated Wasted Youth

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Benjamin Tull 

Joey Janela and Tull began the match with a series of unsuccessful shoulder tackles before Joey resorted to punching Tull in the face. The two wrestlers then engaged in a chop exchange in the center of the ring before Tull sent Joey out onto the stage where they continued to trade punches. Joey attempted to take Tull down with a crossbody, but Tull caught him and planted him in the center of the ring. The two then exchanged a flurry of punches with Joey eventually hitting Tull with a powerbomb.

Joey climbed to the top rope, looking to execute a double stomp, but Tull moved out of the way just in time. Tull then attempted to finish Joey with the Dinner is Served move, but Joey managed to fight out of it, and the two exchanged more punches in the middle of the ring. Tull brought in chairs, but Joey got the upper hand by Sabu-ing a chair into Tull’s head.

Tull was able to reverse a suplex and hit Joey with one of his own onto a pile of chairs. Joey retaliated by planting Tull headfirst onto a pile of chairs with a rolling Death Valley Driver. Joey then set up a series of chairs in the corner and placed Tull on the top rope. Despite Tull’s efforts to fight back, Joey hit him with a top rope double stomp onto the chairs, securing the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Benjamin Tull 

Singles Match: Matt Cardona vs. Sexxxy Eddy

Cardona launched a surprise attack on Eddy, catching him off guard and starting to pummel him. However, Eddy managed to create some space and took off his pants (presumably to distract Cardona or maybe to free up his movement). He locked Cardona in a figure four, but Cardona demanded Eddy’s Four Loko drink and spat it back in his face, much to Eddy’s disgust. 

Cardona quickly gained control and hit Eddy with a Broski Boot in the corner. In a bizarre turn of events, Eddy’s trunks fell off, but he managed to recover and hit Cardona with a no-hands stunner, followed by a naked Moonsault. Despite the shocking sight, Cardona kicked out at two, and Eddy couldn’t believe it. 

Cardona regrouped and ultimately won the match with a Rough Ryder, sealing the victory over Sexxxy Eddy.

Matt Cardona Defeated Sexxxy Eddy 

Singles Match: Mance Warner vs. Cole Radrick

The two wrestlers started the match with a fierce exchange of chops in the center of the ring. Mancer gained the upper hand with a powerful boot that sent Cole flying onto the stage. Cole tried to fight back by throwing more chairs into the ring, but Mancer quickly retaliated with a brutal chair shot to Cole’s head, and another one when he tried to fire up.

Cole then brought a table into the ring and set it up in the corner, but Mancer was ready and hit him with another chair shot. Undeterred, Cole tried to gain the advantage by setting up a table in the center of the ring. Mancer then executed a superplex on Cole, but the table didn’t break. Cole seized the opportunity and sent Mancer crashing through a table with a Death Valley Driver, earning a close near-fall.

Not to be outdone, Mancer retaliated with a devastating chokeslam on Cole through two chairs, followed by a DDT that secured him the victory. The match was a brutal display of hardcore wrestling, with both wrestlers taking a lot of punishment and dishing out even more.

Mance Warner Defeated Cole Radrick 

Trios Match: Casanova Productions vs. YoKai and Tony Deppen 

Deppen and Hawk began the match with a series of technical maneuvers, exchanging waist locks and submission holds. However, JT tagged in and Janai entered the ring to take him down with a barrage of kicks and palm strikes. She continued her offense by relentlessly striking his back before going for a pin attempt. Yoya then entered the ring and squared off against Hotstepper, but neither was able to gain the upper hand.

Janai then re-entered the fray, grounding all three members of Casanova Productions with a series of kicks. Yoya and Janai attempted a double-team suplex, but JT reversed it and planted Kai in the center of the ring. Deppen then came to Janai’s aid and delivered a running knee strike to JT. The action continued as Shane Hawk hit the Angles Wings, Yoya landed a brainbuster on Hawk, and Hotstepper took down Yoya with a spine buster.

In a decisive moment, Deppen made a blind tag on Yoya, but Yoya accidentally knocked Deppen’s feet off the ropes, which gave Hotstepper an opportunity to hit him with a hook kick for the victory.

Casanova Productions Defeated YoKai and Tony Deppen 

Singles Match: Rina Yamashita vs. LuFisto 

The match began with both competitors exchanging holds, but Rina decided to up the ante by calling for a chair duel. They swung wildly at each other, but neither gained the upper hand. The action moved to the center of the ring where they exchanged forearm shots. LuFisto attempted to use a chair in the style of Sabu, but Rina caught it and used it to her advantage. LuFisto responded by attacking her from behind and hitting her with chair shots to the back.

LuFisto followed up with a chair-assisted hip attack, but Rina kicked out at two. LuFisto then set up a table outside the ring, but Rina managed to recover and unleashed a flurry of forearm shots, followed by a massive chop. Rina even attempted to drive skewers into LuFisto’s head, but LuFisto reversed it and ended up sticking the skewers into Rina’s head before hitting her with a DDT.

The fight continued onto the apron, with Rina’s face now a bloody mess. She tried to send LuFisto through the table, but LuFisto blocked her attempt and instead executed an Emerald Flosion, sending Rina crashing through the table.

Back in the ring, they continued to exchange strikes, with Rina hitting a release German Suplex, but she was unable to capitalize with a pin attempt. Rina grabbed a chair and ran at LuFisto, hitting her with a running forearm. But LuFisto still managed to kick out.

LuFisto retaliated with a J Driller, but Rina still had fight left in her and kicked out. Rina then slammed LuFisto with a vicious lariat, but LuFisto surprisingly kicked out at one. Not to be deterred, Rina pulled out all the stops and hit LuFisto with a Death Valley Driver onto a pile of chairs, but LuFisto once again kicked out.

Rina finally got LuFisto up for the Splash Mountain and slammed her onto the pile of chairs, securing the victory.

Rina Yamashita Defeated LuFisto

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Gringo Loco 

The match started with Jack performing a couple of impressive cartwheels before locking up with Gringo Loco. Cartwheel quickly climbed the top rope and attempted a Dragonrana, but Loco managed to stay on his feet and bask in the adulation of the crowd. Cartwheel countered with an arm drag, sending Loco onto the stage where the two briefly brawled.

Back inside the ring, Loco remained in control, delivering a devastating driver that almost ended the match. The action spilled back outside where Gringo attempted to send Cartwheel crashing to the floor, but Jack managed to kick him in the head and hit him with an ace crusher on the ring apron.

The match continued with both competitors dishing out high-flying maneuvers. Jack sent Loco crashing with a springboard splash, but Loco responded with a Base Bomb onto the ring frame, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Gringo attempted the Spiral Tap, but Jack dodged the move and hit a phoenix splash for a close two count. The two competitors battled up on the top turnbuckle, with Gringo hitting an avalanche inverted Angle Slam followed by a driver to secure the victory.

Gringo Loco Defeated Jack Cartwheel 

Trios Match: TDT and Green Phantom vs. BUSSY and Sawyer Wreck vs. Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd 

The match began with Jimmy Lloyd and Green Phantom facing off. Lloyd landed a few kicks but was quickly stopped in his tracks by a swinging DDT from Phantom. Sawyer Wrecked then tagged in and executed a suplex on Phantom, allowing TDT to take control of the match and fight all three members of BUSSY. However, the former tag team champions, Ciclope and Miedo, entered the ring and quickly isolated Sawyer Wreck in the center, hitting her with an elevated spine buster.

TDT fought back by locking Los Macizos in single-leg Boston Crabs, but their attempts were thwarted by a dropkick from Jimmy. BUSSY took advantage of their momentum and relentlessly attacked Phantom, who managed to fight back and take Sawyer down with a stomp. Los Macizos followed up with a stomp of their own, but before they could do any further damage, TDT sent them to the floor.

EFFY tried to introduce a table into the ring but was instead thrown into the corner by TDT, as was Allie Katch. Ciclope, Miedo, and Jimmy all grabbed chairs and Sabu’d them into TDT and Green Phantom, calling for the tables. They set up two tables in the corner, and Ciclope hit a Doomsday Destroyer on EFFY through one of them. However, they couldn’t follow up on their attack as Sawyer choke-slammed them and then launched herself to the outside with a flip dive.

Ciclope then set up another table and attempted to send EFFY through it, but Allie cut him off. EFFY then came off the top with a Doomsday Sack Ryder, securing the victory for their team.

BUSSY and Sawyer Wreck Defeated TDT and Green Phantom, Los Macizos and Jimmy Lloyd 

GCW World Title Championship Match: Masha Slamovich (Champion) vs. Mike Bailey 

Bailey landed a fierce dropkick on Masha in the corner, followed by a brainbuster, but Masha managed to kick out in a close near fall. Masha quickly retaliated with a series of strikes, a snap mare, and a kick to Bailey’s back and chest for a one-count. Bailey retreated to the corner, but Masha pursued and stomped on his face, delivering a big running kick. Masha attempted to choke Bailey out with a sleeper hold, but Bailey escaped by running through the ropes, causing both of them to crash to the floor.

On the outside, Bailey locked in a Boston Crab before catapulting Masha into the steel guardrail. Masha managed to make it back into the ring but was met with a slingshot throat-first into the ropes, followed by double knees to her chest. Bailey tried to slingshot her into the corner, but Masha landed on the second rope and kicked Bailey in the face with a running knee and boot. Masha turned Bailey inside out with an STO combination, but Bailey kicked out and responded with a series of kicks and a running shooting star press. Masha once again kicked out.

Bailey kicked Masha in the chest and attempted the Moonsault Double knees, but Masha dodged and connected with a kick to his face. However, Masha’s momentum was quickly halted as she was knocked out by a kick to the face, leaving her lying in the corner. Bailey attempted the Flamingo Driver, but Masha reversed it into a top-rope German suplex. Masha then tried for a shining wizard, but Bailey caught her leg. After a few slaps and a headbutt, Masha connected with a spinning back fist, followed by an Air Raid crash into the turnbuckles.

Bailey still managed to kick out and continued the onslaught by taking off the turnbuckle pad and attempting to send Masha head-first into it. However, Masha managed to put on the brakes, and they exchanged a series of standing switches before she was sent face-first into the exposed buckle. Bailey landed a series of kicks, but Masha kicked out once again. In a desperate move, Bailey unscrewed the top rope and hit Masha with the steel hook.

Masha responded by sending Bailey to the floor with a Snowplow, but Bailey quickly fired up and hit her with a powerbomb on the outside. Bailey then exposed the wood on the ring, placed a piece of wood across the guardrail, and ran Masha into it. Masha managed to recover and connected with a series of Kawada Kicks. Bailey attempted the moonsault double knee, but Masha moved out of the way and hit the White Knight Driver, but Bailey still managed to kick out. In a shocking turn of events, Bailey fell through the hole in the ring, and Masha choked him out to retain the belt.

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