Nia Jax’s ‘my hole’ comment was done to make Triple H & Vince McMahon laugh, merch was supposed to be released

The comment was planned beforehand and was said to make those backstage laugh. Nia Jax said merch was supposed to be released

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Jax looks back at the viral comment. 

Back on the February 8th, 2021 episode of Monday Night Raw, as Nia Jax was taking on C.J. Perry (Lana) in a singles match, Jax fell onto the ring apron and shouted, ‘My hole’. 

The footage and audio of Jax’s remark made its way around social media. As she was doing a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest, she stated that her comment from that match was planned ahead of time. 

She went over it with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque and added that it was said to make Levesque and Vince McMahon laugh. Jax did not have any intentions to go viral. She mentioned there was merch that was going to be released but that never came to fruition. 

So, it was during the COVID era, right? ‘My hole’ was during the COVID era… We have a lot more freedom during the COVID era and I had discussed it actually with Triple H before when we were rehearsing the match and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you want me to do a leg drop on the apron?’ And I was like, ‘My freaking butthole’s gonna…’ So it was more of a joke to pop Hunter and Vince (McMahon) in Gorilla. It was literally more to make them laugh. So when I did it, that was the intention and then when I got backstage and saw that everybody was texting me about ‘my hole’ trending, that’s not what my intention was. 

There was a ‘my hole’ shirt that was in production with merch. I spoke to the head merch guy and he said it was just going through the channels to be approved and then I don’t know what happened. I think somebody was just like, well we don’t want her to turn into a gimmick and so… But I believe that it was supposed to go through and yeah, but somebody said they didn’t want it to turn into a gimmick. 

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