Gringo Loco states that getting to ROH is his #1 goal in 2023, explains why he’s ‘kind of stayed away from AEW Dark’

Ring of Honor is Gringo Loco's number one goal for 2023. He went on to explain why he's not necessarily interested in being on AEW Dark

IMPACT Wrestling is a company that Gringo Loco is interested in as well. 

For the past 18 years, Gringo Loco has been in the pro wrestling business and he’s competed for a handful of independent promotions in addition to wrestling for companies such as AAA. 

His future and goals were discussed during his appearance on Straight Talk Wrestling. Loco talked about AEW and mentioned that he’s ‘kind of stayed away from Dark’. He said there’s been some back and forth interest about him coming in and seeing what could happen but he’s looking for something more definitive and concrete in that department. 

You gotta kind of find your way through that maze, right? So every single one of my friends has done (AEW) Dark and I’ve kind of stayed away from Dark because Dark is a YouTube show and people kind of get squashed on it and you’re seen… for two minutes. I don’t want to do that… Hopefully, I get on their radar. There has been a little bit of an interest here and there but you know, it would be just to come in and see what happens. I would rather make enough noise to bring me in to say this is what’s going to happen, you know what I’m saying? So, there has been interest in other companies too but nothing for sure so I don’t really wanna touch on that just yet. You just have to wait and see.

The idea of competing for IMPACT Wrestling was brought up and Gringo Loco thinks it’d be a good fit. He added that a lot of his favorite opponents are with the company such as X Division Champion Trey Miguel, Laredo Kid and Black Taurus. 

It (IMPACT Wrestling) really is (the best of both worlds for a wrestler) and some of my favorite opponents of my career are there right now; Laredo Kid, Trey Miguel, top of the line wrestling people. In and out of the ring, it doesn’t get any better. (Black) Taurus is there. The list is endless. I would have so much fun in IMPACT.

When it comes to his number one goal this year, it is to wrestle for Ring of Honor. 

I wouldn’t mind getting a nice spot at Triplemanía in AAA. Maybe a higher up spot where a lot of spotlight is just on me and my opponent. I wouldn’t mind frequenting Japan a couple times this year to see what happens there because Japan was just an absolute dream when I was over there. It’s like how wrestling should be; very professional, everything’s on time. You know, we’re always on lucha time in my career so it’s always late. Not necessarily here at Demand (Lucha) but everything’s never on time… Let’s put it out there man, I wanna work Ring of Honor at some point this year. 

There’s a lot of talent there that I would wanna work so, I think any situation with Ring of Honor would be goal number one this year. 

As a part of GCW The Collective, Gringo Loco is presenting The WRLD on Lucha in Los Angeles, California. To get a look at the match card, head over to this link

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