Molly Holly thinks NXT’s Carmelo Hayes, Zoey Stark & Kiana James will find success on WWE main roster

Molly Holly speaks about the current talents in NXT who she has been impressed by and what they could do on the main roster

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Members of the NXT roster praised by Molly Holly. 

For the past several years, Molly Holly has worked for the WWE as a producer. Her trial run in that position began in mid-2021 and she was eventually hired full-time. 

She works with the main roster talent but is keeping her eyes on NXT as well. As she was doing a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Molly listed off multiple NXT talents she thinks would do well on the main roster and mentioned several she was impressed by when they wrestled on ‘Main Event’. 

Molly called Zoey Stark one of the most impressive athletes she’s ever seen and added that she was impressed by Nathan Frazer and Dante Chen’s Main Event appearances. 

Carmelo (Hayes), I think (will make a big splash on the main roster) if you’re talking about the men. I think Carmelo’s doing a great job and as far as women, her name starts with a ‘K’ and she was like a dancer and she’s into gymnastics. She dresses like a businesswoman. Ah, I forgot. Kiana (James)? I forgot her name. But I really liked her and oh, Zoey (Stark) is one of the most amazing athletes I’ve ever seen so, I think they’ve got a ton of great talent there. It seems like anyone who comes up for a tryout — Nathan Frazer just did a match against Bronson (Reed) I think and I was really impressed with his stuff too. Oh! And there was a kid who just came up and did a match… Dante (Chen). Dante was his name and I liked him a lot.

She was later asked to recall memories she’s had with current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Lita. Molly always admired that Lita stuck up for herself. 

So, what I admired about Lita was that she wasn’t — I don’t wanna say she wasn’t a people pleaser but, she really marched the beat of her own drum and didn’t take crap from people… I admired that because I was too timid. If somebody mistreated me or said something rude, I would just be like, aw. But she would be like, ‘Hey! You can’t say that to me’ or something and I would be like, woah! She stuck up for herself (Molly laughed). So I just admired that she’s had a lot of confidence and then in the ring, the fact that fans will go crazy for her. Any time you get to wrestle somebody super popular, it just makes the match more fun.

The NXT brand is set to present their Stand & Deliver event on April 1st and to get a look at the updated match card for that event, head over to this link

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