Kevin Kiley Jr. (Alex Riley) undergoing eye surgery

Kevin Kiley Jr. f.k.a. Alex Riley, shared that he's undergoing surgery on his eye. He added that he's already had two retina operations

Kiley Jr. was tired of waiting around when it comes to the operation. 

At the National Wrestling Alliance’s Nuff Said pay-per-view, Kevin Kiley Jr. a.k.a. Alex Riley had his first singles match since 2016. 

He took on EC3 at the pay-per-view and one week later, he wrestled in a singles match for Create A Pro Wrestling. Kiley Jr. was a guest on The Tyrus and Timpf Podcast and shared that he’s undergoing eye surgery and he’s needed it for a while. 

I had some eye issues and I’m going for surgery. I’m trying to combine the metaphysical and the physical here and I went to go see a doctor. I’m getting my eye surgery which I’ve needed for a while.

Further speaking on the topic at hand, Kiley Jr. added that he’s had two retina surgeries already. He mentioned that he’s tried chakra therapy, which focuses on clearing blockages from the energetic body to allow energy to flow more freely. 

Kiley Jr. expressed that he’s not saying the treatment doesn’t work, but he grew tired of waiting around and once a doctor informed him that he/she could take care of the eye injury, he opted to go that route instead of the chakras treatment.

I had dealt with two retina surgeries already. So I was like, okay, well I don’t wanna do that again so I’m gonna get into the metaphysical and I’m gonna get into the chakras and then I did, okay, I’m just gonna do all chakras now and I’m just gonna read books and I’m gonna get very spiritual but you’re right, there’s a meeting in the middle… Exactly (too much of anything is bad). So I went to a doctor, doctor’s like, ‘You know what? I can help fix this eye. I can help fix your eye.’ So, that’s it and I’m grateful that I finally did and I’m not saying that it doesn’t work. I’m sure it does work but I was just kind of tired of waiting around.

The next pay-per-view on the docket for the National Wrestling Alliance is titled ‘312’. That event is scheduled for April 7th and headlining the card is Tyrus defending the Worlds Heavyweight Title against Chris Adonis.

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