Waka Tsukiyama wins her first match since joining STARDOM in 2021

For the first time, Waka Tsukiyama won a match and the stakes were she had to win or leave STARDOM

For the first time in her career, Waka Tsukiyama picks up a win. 

Three years ago, Waka Tsukiyama made her in-ring debut as a pro wrestler. She’s been working with STARDOM since the fall of 2021 and has never been on the winning end of match since joining the promotion. 

She scored a win at STARDOM’s New Blood show on 3/25 and the match had an ultimatum attached to it. Tsukiyama had to get the win or she would have to leave STARDOM

She tagged with Tam Nakano and they defeated Nanae Takahashi and KAIRI with Waka pinning Takahashi. 

On April 23rd, STARDOM is presenting their All Star Grand Queendom show in Yokohama and at the event, Mayu Iwatani is challenging the winner of the IWGP Women’s Championship match at NJPW Sakura Genesis.

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