STARDOM Cinderella Tournament 2023 Opener Event Report

STARDOM's Cinderella Tournament opened at Yokohama Budokan with its largest field to date with 36 participants including two secret competitors!

Photo Courtesy: STARDOM

Like last year, this year’s Cinderella Tournament will span the next few weeks with the opening rounds on March 26th. The second and third rounds as well as the quarter-finals will take place on April 1st & 2nd, and the finals will be held on April 15th. As NEW BLOOD PREMIUM had some implications for the start of the Cinderella Tournament, here is a quick recap:

RESULTS: NEW BLOOD Premium (3/25) Yokohama Budokan (Live Stream included the first two matches) There was an announced issue with the archive when the Cinderella tournament show started, so may have to wait until it’s on STARDOM WORLD if salvaged.

  • Opening 3-Way Tag Match: Hanan/Hina defeated Momo Kohgo/Saya Iida and Rina/Ruaka (5:44) – with Hanan pinning Kohgo after Seventeen
  • Aya Sakurai’s Debut Match: Giulia defeated Aya Sakura (8:51) – with a Glorious Driver/Pin; “Congrats on your debut!!” – Giulia
  • HANAKO’s Debut Tag Match: Maika & Himeka defeated Lady C & HANAKO (10:46) – with Himeka pinning Hanako after JP Coaster
  • Special Singles Match: Sexy Dynamite Princess defeated Super Strong STARDOM Big Machine (5:18) – with a Pedigree/Pin combo
  • NEW BLOOD Tag Tournament Semi-Finals 1: MIRAI/Tomoka Inaba (JTO) defeated Ami Sohrei & Nanami (DIANA) (10:19) – via submission; MIRAMARE on Nanami; MIRAI/Inaba advance to the Finals
  • NEW BLOOD Tag Tournament Semi-Finals 2: Starlight Kid & KARMA (Haruka Umesaki; DIANA) defeated Mai Sakurai/Chanyota (PPP Tokyo) (7:05) – with KARMA pinning Sakurai to advance to the Finals 
  • Miyu Amasaki’s Supernova Match 3 of 5 Series: Syuri defeated Miyu Amasaki (13:04) – via Referee Stoppage
  • NEW BLOOD Tag Tournament Finals: Starlight Kid & KARMA defeated MIRAI/Tomoka Inaba (13:07) – SLK pinned MIRAI with a Star Suplex Hold; SLK/KARMA become the Inaugural NEW BLOOD Champions; Lady C & HANAKO step up as first challengers, but the champions need time to take it over.
  • Special Tag Match: COSMIC ANGELS (Tam Nakano & Waka Tsukiyama) defeated NANAKAIRI (Nanae Takahashi & KAIRI) (21:58) – She finally did it. After two years and seven months and over 170 matches, Waka Tsukiyama not only got her first win in STARDOM, but she pinned Nanae Takahashi. 

“From today, you’re my rival.” – Nanae Takahashi to Waka Tsukiyama

NEW BLOOD Schedule 2023

The format of the NB series will be streamed live on YouTube building to special Pay-Per-Views.

  • NEW BLOOD 8 (5/12) Shinagawa Intercity Hall
  • NEW BLOOD 9 (6/2) Shinagawa Intercity Hall

Tsukiyama was scheduled to join commentary as their guest, but Executive Producer, Rossy Ogawa had other plans based on her first win at NEW BLOOD Premium. Rossy: “Do you have your gear?” Waka: “I…I… I think so! Yes, do I!! Do I have it now? Like NOW NOW?!” *runs away* Live stream included the opening remarks, Tournament Entrants parade, Tsukiyama vs. Lady C, and Saya Iida vs. Miyu Amasaki.

With the largest Cinderella field in tournament history… even with the ten-minute time limit, this show was long. There was a break between the pre-show and the first match as well as an intermission later on. The rare pairing of Sayoko Mita and Makoto Ohe on commentary and Tsukiyama did rejoin them almost immediately after her match. Aside from the rare Miki Motoi on play-by-play, I was used to Haruo Murata in the driver’s seat. Mita was a nice change of pace, especially for a longer show. The entrances didn’t take up too much time, but with thirty-six competitors… it meant eighteen first-round matches.

Cinderella Tournament 2023 Spoiler-Free Must-Watch Quick Picks

  • Starlight Kid vs. Haruka Umesaki
  • Thekla vs. Koguma
  • Syuri vs. Tomoka Inaba
  • AZM vs. Hazuki
  • Momo Watanabe vs. Maika 
  • Utami Hayashishita vs. Nanae Takahashi
  • Tam Nakano vs. Himeka  

First Round Matches

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Waka Tsukiyama defeated Lady C (5:26) – Modified Roll-up 

Waka Tsukiyama might become a genuine Cinderella Story in STARDOM. After going winless for two years and seven months, she pinned STARDOM original Nanae Takahashi in the main event of NEW BLOOD Premium, immediately earning the designation of “rival.” After a quick change, she opened the show against The Human Tower. Their match was good. It feels like the former MoonC tag partners could easily launch into a feud in the future. After the match, Waka would rejoin commentary for the rest of the show.

Waka Tsukiyama advances. Lady C’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Saya Iida defeated Miyu Amasaki (6:34)Modified Falcon Arrow

Iida could easily become one of the sleeper picks for this year’s tournament. Since her return from knee surgery, she’s simply getting stronger. Having junior Amaski in the first round benefitted both of them as Saya could throw her around, and equally, Amasaki was convincing as a challenger and potential contender in the tournament.  

Saya Iida advances. Miyu Amasaki’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Ami Sohrei defeated Yuna Mizumori (5:33) – OTT Elimination

As the current Future of STARDOM Champion and Mizumori being outside of the challenger window, I didn’t expect Sohrei to lose. Mizumori has been a refreshing jolt in STARDOM largely due to her ability to seamlessly fuse fast-paced wrestling and comedy. The match was good with a couple of close calls, but Sohrei ultimately won. 

Ami Sohrei advances. Yuna Mizumori’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Sohrei will defend her Future of STARDOM Championship at NEW BLOOD 8 against Rina.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Starlight Kid vs. Haruka Umesaki (DIANA) (5:47) – Double OTT Elimination

Their feud which started during the pandemic has been a journey for both, leading to their teaming together in NEW BLOOD and the establishment of Umesaki’s alternate persona as KARMA. Fresh off their NEW BLOOD Tag Team Tournament win, SLK and Umesaki (as KARMA) was guaranteed to be a match that would go one of two ways: down to the time limit and ending in a draw or ending quickly in a double elimination. Despite being placed early on the card, this match heated up quickly with both trying to outclass the other. As expected, the pair wound up getting eliminated together by going over the top rope.

Both Starlight Kid and Haruka Umesaki are eliminated and their 2023 Cinderella story concludes. SLK indicated that she would be announcing her tag partner at the 4/3 Press Conference for the 4/23 match against Mei Suruga. Now that she and KARMA are the NB Tag Champions, it is possible that the scheduled high speed tag match could have increased stakes with the NB Tag belts going on the line.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Xena (XX) defeated Hina (4:39) – Thunder Strike

Many thought that KAIRI would be slated for the second X in the 2023 Cinderella Tourney. However, Mina Shirakawa is dead set on global domination, and introduced STARDOM to the latest acquisition for Club Venus, Australian wrestler Xena. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very tuned into the Aussie wrestling scene, but after this match, I’ve suddenly realized that I am missing out. The Touch of Thunder may quickly become a force to be reckoned with in Club Venus. 

Loved Hina’s new upgraded costume. It gives me hope that STARDOM has plans for her and Rina in the near Future… of STARDOM… Championship… 

Xena advances. Hina’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Very curious to see how Xena plays into Shirakawa’s plans for Club Venus. 

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Mariah May defeated Rina (5:56) – Tombstone Piledriver/Pin

Some might draw similarities between Mariah May and the mysterious Sexy Dynamite Princess, but they are two separate entities! With a clear height advantage over Rina, May tried lording it over the Pink Devil, momentarily forgetting the litany of dirty tricks one could use to even the playing field. They had a fun back and forth, with May picking up the win.

Mariah May advances. Rina’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. However, Rina will challenge Ami Sohrei for the Future of STARDOM Championship at NEW BLOOD 8 (5/12).

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Saki Kashima defeated Momo Kohgo (4:46)Kishikaisei (My Emblem)

When it comes to matches requiring speed and a shortened time limit, Saki Kashima should always be included in the conversation. Remember when she beat Mayu Iwatani in seventeen seconds? Pair that with the high success rate of her Kishi Kaisei finisher, and suddenly, there is a name that should be more frequent in the conversation of tournament contenders. Momo Kohgo put up a valiant effort, but like countless opponents before her, she simply wasn’t able to unlock the secrets of Kashima’s My Emblem.

Saki Kashima advances. Momo Kohgo’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Neither has a match for All-Star Grand Queendom as of yet.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): MIRAI vs. Hanan (7:44)MIRAMARE

As defending Cinderella Tournament Winner, MIRAI (2022) had her hands full with Hanan. Having freshly graduated high school and now wrestling full-time the former High School Fighter dug deep into her judo roots and made sure that if MIRAI wanted to advance, she was going to prove that her debutant win wasn’t simply a fluke. This match was one of the more technical ones, and ultimately MIRAI made Hanan decide if she wanted to keep her arm attached to her body with the MIRAMARE submission. 

MIRAI advances. Hanan’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. MIRAI will also be teaming with Ami Sohrei at All-Star Grand Queendom as THE NEW ERAS to challenge 7Upp for the Goddesses of STARDOM Championships. Now full-time, I am sure Hanan will continue to grow as a member of STARS. However, it does make me wonder if we’ll ever see all three of the sisters (Rina & Hina) in a trio at some point, especially once the twins graduate in a few years.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Thekla defeated Koguma (6:53) – Rolling Leg Clutch

You weren’t expecting a High Speed match in this first round, were you? Thekla and Koguma do it again in a dizzyingly fast sub-seven-minute showcase. I did like Thekla calling Koguma for wasting precious match time by trying to get her to do the Kuma dance and pose. Unlike many of their matches together, it’s been a while since they’ve had such a short time limit to get everything in. The more I think about it, Thekla could be an interesting choice for the tournament winner, as the only foreign wrestler to win it was Toni Storm back in 2017 and the only other foreigner to be a finalist was Bea Priestley in 2018. 

Thekla advances. Koguma’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. While neither have plans sorted out for All-Star Dream Queendom, I would love to see STARDOM finally bring back the SWA Championship. As Club Venus continues to grow and bring in more international talent, I am curious to know if other units will as well. Thekla has become such a mainstay in DDM and STARDOM, that she truly deserves a singles run for holding down the foreign post the last few years. 

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Natsuko Tora defeated Ruaka (5:41)Swanton Bomb

I was curious if this BMI 2000 partner vs. partner, master vs. student match-up was going to end nicely or in classical OedoTai-style – in a wave of chaos. It was a little of column A and a little of column B. This match would see the one table spot of the opening day, with Ruaka taking the daredevil dive to drive Natsuko through the table. While Natsuko got the pin, she lovingly dragged Ruaka with her up the ramp, shoulder-to-shoulder in a sign of OedoTai solidarity.

Natsuko advances. Ruaka’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Syuri defeated Tomoka Inaba (6:54)Byakko (White Tiger)

I’m used to seeing the leader of God’s Eye in all-red everything, so seeing her stride to the ring in a white mantle to face Inaba, it felt really special. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of wrestlers in STARDOM wear red or white, when challenging for the Wonder or World championships, but seeing them wear something complementary to their opponents (save for SLK’s masks) feels like a true rarity. Syuri’s Syusekai is The Vermillion World, so seeing her cloaked in another color, and that of her own teammate made just really stayed with me for some reason.

This was another technical and striking-heavy match, especially with both competitors having mixed-martial arts backgrounds, and previously tagging together in Goddess Tag League (honoring their individual experiences with Karate). Much like her matches against other members of God’s Eye, there is a certain tender brutality to the way Syuri has these matches. It felt both stern but supportive concurrently, like a teacher demanding the supreme best out of their top students. It wasn’t a surprise that Syuri advanced, but I did like that she continued the homage to the theme by using White Tiger instead of SyuSekai or Suzuku on Inaba.

Syuri advances. Tomoko Inaba’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Syuri will face Sendai Girls’ Chihiro Hashimoto in a special singles match at All-Star Grand Queendom. Tomoka Inaba is currently the JTO Queen of JTO Champion. While I don’t know what the requirements for challenging for this title are, I would love to see if Syuri would challenge Inaba or at least in an exhibition match.  

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): AZM vs. Hazuki (5:20) – Double OTTR Elimination

The STARDOM historians were salivating at this deep cut for this Queen’s Quest history. Back in 2017, AZM would join QQ with then-leader, Io Shirai and HZK (Hazuki’s name stylization at the time). The trio would win the Artists of STARDOM Championships together in a tournament against Kagetsu, La Rosa Negra, and Hana Kimura, but would lose it on their first defense to Kairi Hojo, Yoko Bito and Konami. Their time together in QQ would be limited as in the STARDOM Draft the following year, Hazuki was drafted to OedoTai, where she would remain until her departure from the company in 2019. Nearly two years later, Hazuki would return to STARDOM and gravitate to STARS. Meanwhile, AZM remained in QQ racking up championships and matches that started turning heads toward STARDOM and the Japanese women’s wrestling scene.

Both Hazuki and AZM have been names that are synonymous in the history of STARDOM, but often for their supporting roles, ability to have consistently intriguing makes, names linked with the High Speed and Goddess Tag Championships, and for Hazuki as a trainer in the STARDOM Dojo. When Hazuki returned in 2021, it was during the Five Star Grand Prix, and in 2022, they were kept in separate blocks for the tournament. Before she left STARDOM, they had a singles match in Hazuki’s retirement gauntlet in 2019, with each participant having one-minute bouts with Hazuki in succession. AZM defeated Hazuki in forty-seven seconds. In the 2022 Cinderella Tournament, Hazuki defeated AZM (5:11). They are intentionally kept apart, and watching this first-round match-up was no exception. It’s like anticipating a meteor shower or an eclipse which are such rarities. 

AZM choosing to risk the elimination by hitting Hazuki with a La Mistica from the ring apron to the arena floor left me breathless. It seems it also got the attention of the IWGP Women’s Champion, meaning she may need to rethink some of her strategy going into Sakura Genesis. While they fist-bumped at the end of this match, knowing they have less than two weeks to rest up before SG, I am curious to see how nicely they get along when the IWGP Women’s Championship is on the line. I am also looking forward to seeing how Mercedes hangs with the High Speed crew. 

Both AZM and Hazuki are eliminated and their 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Both were strong contenders for the 2023 Tournament Winner, however, as soon as the Mercedes Moné, IWGP Women’s Championship, and a potential challenge at Sakura Genesis got involved, I moved both from the Cinderella Tournament Finalists Contenders Column to Five Star Grand Prix Finalist Column. 

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Mai Sakurai defeated Giulia (5:46) – OTTR Elimination

Sakurai left COSMIC ANGELS to follow Giulia and join Donna del Mondo out of admiration for the World of STARDOM Champion. Unbeknownst to Giulia, Sakurai has been paying close attention to all of her tips and tricks, which included getting the jump on her unit leader during her entrance! They fought for a couple of minutes before Giulia managed to shake herself out of her entrance gown and threw Sakura into the ring. 

I never thought Sakurai’s takeaway from Giulia’s learning tree would be underhanded tactics. Sakurai got some solid offense on the World Champion, and with an over-the-top rope elimination, Sakurai promised Giulia she’d win the entire tournament. I do wonder if Sakurai will tuck this victory over the World Champion, to parley it into a championship challenge in the future! 

Mai advances. Giulia’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Giulia will defend her World of STARDOM Championship against Tam Nakano at All-Star Grand Queendom.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Natsupoi vs. Mina Shirakawa (6:15) – Double OTTR Elimination

While this was COSMIC ANGELS on COSMIC ANGELS violence, I feel like lately with Tam and Natsupoi’s focus on their tag team as meltear and their external pop idol activities, including the upcoming release of their EP, they haven’t been paying enough attention to Shirakawa’s power moves to set up Club Venus… and how rapidly it’s growing. I believe that at some point, Club Venus will break off from CA, largely due to how adamant Shirakawa is that this group is not a subdivision of CA. Since Natsupoi defected from DDM, she seemingly pushed Shirakawa out of the way as the unit’s second in command. 

The Figure Four Leglock on the apron forced Natsupoi to choose between her knee and continuing in the tournament. However, the High Speed Fairy decided that if she was going out, she would take The Venus with her. Rolling off the mat with their legs still tangled together, Natsupoi dragged Mina to the floor with her. 

Both Natsupoi and Mina are eliminated and their 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Shirakawa will challenge Saya Kamitani for the Wonder of STARDOM Championship at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23). There is the possibility that Natsupoi will be involved in the match with KAIRI at All-Star Grand Queendom as she was the one who interrupted KAIRI’s promo video and their long-time connection with one another.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Saya Kamitani vs. Mayu Iwatani (3:49) – Double OTTR Elimination

This precarious match-up was a battle of previous Cinderella Tournament winners: Iwatani (2015, 2016) and Kamitani (2021). With both competitors having their All-Star Grand Queendom matches sorted out, I really expected either a dual elimination or a time limit draw. Both are known for the high level of their matches, but this one was unexpectedly brief. I could easily see Kamitani challenging Iwatani in the future, should she drop the Wonder of STARDOM Championship and Iwatani wins at All-Star Grand Queendom. The clash of former tournament winners was over far too quickly, so much so that it felt like their entrances were longer than the entirety of the match.

Both Saya and Mayu are eliminated and their 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Mayu will also challenge for the IWGP Women’s Championship at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23). Saya will challenge PROMINENCE for the Artists of STARDOM Championship (4/14) with Hayashishita & AZM and will defend the Wonder of STARDOM Championship against Mina Shirakawa at Grand Queendom.

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Momo Watanabe defeated Maika (5:50) – OTTR Elimination

Queen’s Quest Era Momo Watanabe was a tour de force: 2018 Cinderella Tournament Winner, previous longest consecutive Wonder of STARDOM Championship defenses (until Saya Kamitani), and 2020 Five Star Grand Prix Finalist as well as two-time Goddesses Tag League Winner. When Maika joined DDM in 2021, she fought her way to the Cinderella Tournament Finals in her tournament debut. Maika and Momo have always been standouts with their combination of power fighting and striking.  

Ten minutes for this match-up will never be enough. This could have easily gone to a time-limit draw, but seeing that since her heel turn, Momo has come up empty-handed in her quest for the belt which has always eluded her: the red belt. I hope they revisit this match in the Five Star with a longer time limit. 

Momo Watanabe advances. Maika’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Maika will be Himeka’s final opponent at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23). Maika is also likely to have a key match at Fukuoka Goddess Legend (5/5) during STARDOM’s return to west Japan during their Golden Week Fight Series

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Utami Hayashishita vs. Nanae Takahashi (10:00) – Time Limit Draw; both competitors eliminated

Utami poured salt in Nanae’s wound, demanding a pre-match handshake since Takahashi was fresh off her loss to Tsukiyama 24 hours prior. Utami is still figuring out her place in the 2023 STARDOM pecking order after failing to win the IWGP Women’s Championship tournament and her time-limit draw against KAIRI at STARDOM Dream Queendom 2022. As expected, the STARDOM First Generation and the Golden Generation clashed nonstop in a power-fight battle. If you like ten minutes of brutality, I would suggest you pull up a front-row seat for this one. 

Both Utami Hayashishita and Nanae Takahashi are eliminated and their 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Takahashi will defend the Goddesses of STARDOM Championship with Yuu at All-Star Grand Queendom against THE NEW ERAS (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei). Utami will challenge PROMINENCE for the Artists of STARDOM Championship (4/14) with Kamitani & AZM. 

Cinderella Tournament First Round (1/10): Tam Nakano defeated Himeka (9:06) – Violet Screwdriver/Pin Combo

Himeka’s arrival in STARDOM and DDM has been one that turned a lot of heads. She went to the semi-finals of her first Cinderella Tournament (2021), eliminated by eventual tournament winner Saya Kamitani. She would have subsequent outstanding Five Star Grand Prixs and Goddesses Tag League as well as represented DDM in the IWGP Women’s Championship Tournament (2022). She’s also challenged for both the Wonder and World Championships, so seeing her fall out in the first round of her last Cinderella hit hard. Granted, her opponent is 1) Tam Nakano and 2) the next challenger for the red belt. I had genuinely hoped that this match would end in a draw (or double elimination), but given that her Retirement Road is winding down into the final month, had she remained in the tournament, there wouldn’t have been time for her wish to be granted before she retires. 

That being said, The Jumbo Princess made The STARDOM Dream WORK for the right to advance to the second round. With Tam having been a Wonder of STARDOM Champion and her match locked in with Giulia next month, she doesn’t really need to win the Cinderella tournament. Unlike many of Tam’s Wonder defenses, Himeka made her think of her feet to topple her opponent with less than a minute remaining.

Tam advances. Himeka’s 2023 Cinderella story concludes. Himeka’s Retirement Road continues. Tam will also challenge Giulia for the World of STARDOM Championship at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23)

Cinderella Tournament Second Round (4/1) Light Cube Utsunomiya, Tochigi – Tournament Match length changes to fifteen minutes for one fall. All other rules apply 

  • 3-Way Match: Momo Kohgo vs. Hina vs. Aya Sakura
  • 6-Woman Tag Match: DDM (Giulia, Maika & Himeka) vs. Ami Sohrei (GE), HANAKO & Yuna Mizumori
  • 8-Woman Tag Match: Queen’s Quest (Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, AZM & Miyu Amasaki) vs. COSMIC ANGELS (Natsupoi, Mina Shirakawa, Mariah May & Waka Tsukiyama)
  • 8-Woman Tag Match: STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, Koguma & Hanan) vs. Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe, Starlight Kid, Ruaka & Rina)
  • Cinderella Tournament Second Round (1/15): Mai Sakurai vs. Mariah May
  • Cinderella Tournament Second Round (1/15): Thekla vs. Xena
  • Cinderella Tournament Second Round (1/15): MIRAI vs. Saya Iida
  • Cinderella Tournament Second Round (1/15): Tam Nakano vs. Natsuko Tora
  • Cinderella Tournament Second Round (1/15): Syuri vs. Saki Kashima

Cinderella Tournament Second Round (4/2) Korakuen Hall

  • Himeka’s Retirement Road: Himeka & Miyuki Takase vs. Natsupoi & Kakeru Sekiguchi
  • Artists of STARDOM Championship: PROMINENCE (Suzu Suzuki, Risa Sera & Kurumi Hiiragi) vs. Queen’s Quest (Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani & AZM)
  • Cinderella Tournament Third Round (1/15): Momo Watanabe vs. Winner of Sakurai/May
  • Cinderella Tournament Third Round (1/15): Waka Tsukiyama vs. Winner Syuri/Kashima
  • Cinderella Tournament Third Round (1/15): Ami Sohrei vs. Winner Nakano/Tora
  • Cinderella Tournament Third Round (1/15): Winner MIRAI/Iida vs. Winner Thekla/Xena
  • Cinderella Tournament Quarter Finals (1/15): Top Left Bracket Winner vs. Bottom Left Bracket Winner
  • Cinderella Tournament Quarter Finals (1/15): Top Right Bracket Winner vs. Bottom Right Bracket Winner

Road to Cinderella Tournament Finals 

Himeka’s Retirement Road

  • (4/6) Special Singles Match Himeka vs. Mina Shirakawa
  • (4/9) Golden Generation Tag Match: Himeka, Utami Hayashishita & Saya Iida vs. Maika, Saya Kamitani & MIRAI
  • (4/14) Last MaiHime Tag: Maika & Himeka vs. ALIKABA (Giulia & Syuri) 
  • (4/23) HIMEKA FINAL: Maika vs. Himeka
  • (4/28) Jumbo Forever (WAVE PRO x BUSHIFIGHT) 

Scheduled Championship Defenses

  • NJPW Sakura Genesis (4/8) IWGP Women’s Championship (1/60): Mercedes Moné © vs. AZM vs. Hazuki – winner faces Mayu Iwatani at All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23) Yokohama Arena
  • Korakuen Hall (4/14) High Speed Championship: AZM © vs. Saki Kashima; Artists of STARDOM: PROMINENCE © vs. Queen’s Quest

Cinderella Tournament Finals (4/15) Yoyogi National Stadium; Match Card TBD; Full Event Report Scheduled

  • Cinderella Tournament Finals (1/NTL) Winner Left Bracket vs. Winner Right Bracket 

All-Star Grand Queendom (4/23) Yokohama Arena; Full Match Card TBD; Full Event Report Scheduled

  • NEW! High Speed Tag Match: Starlight Kid & X vs. Mei Suruga & XX – partner to be announced at 4/3 press con
  • HIMEKA FINAL: Retirement Match: Himeka vs. Maika
  • Special Singles Match: Syuri vs. Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls)
  • Goddesses of STARDOM: 7Upp (Nanae Takahashi/Yuu) vs. THE NEW ERAS (MIRAI & Ami Sohrei)
  • NEW! IWGP Women’s Championship: Champion After Sakura Genesis © vs. Mayu Iwatani*
  • Wonder of STARDOM: Saya Kamitani © vs. Mina Shirakawa
  • World of STARDOM: Giulia © vs. Tam Nakano

Pending Matches

  • KAIRI & X: Next Sunday at Korakuen Hall (4/2) KAIRI will reveal her partner and likely her plans for All-Star Grand Queendom
  • Fuwa-chan Returns! Popular YouTuber and variety TV talent Fuwa-chan debuted last year in a pre-show tag match prior to the start of Goddess Tag League Opening Day PPV (10/23/22). As Hazuki took the lead with her training, it is possible Hazuki or a representative from STARS could be involved in her next match.

NEW BLOOD 8 (5/12) Shinagawa Intercity Hall; Full Card TBA

  • NEW BLOOD Tag Championship: Starlight Kid & KARMA © vs. Lady C (QQ) & HANAKO
  • Future of STARDOM Championship: Ami Sohrei © vs. Rina (OED)

2023 Schedule

  • Cinderella Tournament 2023 Finals (4/15) Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium
  • ALL-STAR GRAND QUEENDOM (4/23)Yokohama Arena
  • Fukuoka Goddess Legend (5/4) – Golden Week 
  • NEW BLOOD 8 (5/12) Shinagawa Intercity Hall
  • NEW! Flashing Champions 2023 (5/27) Ota Ward Gymnasium
  • NEW BLOOD 9 (6/2) Shinagawa Intercity Hall

Results for the Mid-Round matches (4/1-2) of the Cinderella Tournament will be included in the Cinderella Tournament Finals report on April 15th. The Results of the IWGP Women’s Championship match will be included in my Sakura Genesis Report (4/8) and I’ll be chatting with Bruce Lord about Sakura Genesis over on the POST Wrestling Cafe! After that, All-Star Grand Queendom will finally arrive on April 23rd! April’s Dream Slam Monthly will be a doozy, but expect it the weekend of April 29th! We’ll keep you POSTed!

Until then, Arrrrrrrrrivderci. Mata naaaaaa!

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