D-Von Dudley told his sons to stay away from WWE for now, feels there’s a lot of turmoil there

On a side note, D-Von Dudley stated that if himself and Bully Ray were in their primes, AEW would be the place for them

Dudley then weighs in on how a prime Dudley Boyz would fit into today’s landscape. 

For eight years, the tandem of Terrence and Terrell Hughes, collectively known as T.N.T. have been tagging together. They are the sons of WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley. 

Terrence and Terrell have been featured in Beyond Wrestling and have wrestled a handful of matches for AEW on their Dark and Dark: Elevation programs. 

Episode #295 of Straight Talk Wrestling included an interview with D-Von and he was asked if he feels WWE would be contacting his sons to come in if they donned The Dudley Boyz gimmick. D-Von mentioned that there’s a bit of ‘turmoil’ in WWE right now and has suggested to his sons that they stay away for now. 

Well I think there’s a lot of up turmoil up there (WWE) right now. I think once they stop within, then they can honestly see what’s going on around them in terms of the talent that’s there. Right now, I think, like I told them, they should stay away, wait for all this stuff to die down, let them get their bearings straight and once they’re ready to produce what they should be producing, then try to go up there again but until then, like I say, just stay away and keep doing what you’re doing.

D-Von and Bully Ray have won tag team championships around the world. The idea of them being in their prime in today’s landscape of wrestling was brought to D-Von’s mind. He is not sure about IMPACT Wrestling or NWA, but thinks AEW would be the perfect spot for The Dudleys.  

I think AEW would be a perfect fit (if myself & Bully Ray were in our primes). I don’t know about IMPACT, I don’t know about NWA but I feel definitely, AEW would be our place to go. 

Dudley departed WWE in January and to read his comments about his time with the company coming to an end, click here.

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