GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F: Four-Way Tag, Sawyer Wreck vs. Bobby Orlando

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F
Friday, March 31, 2023
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles California 

Match Recommendations: 
Jack Cartwheel vs. Hunter Drake
Alec Price vs. Starboy Charlie 
BestBros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs. Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers & Dyln McKay) vs. CPF (Danny Black and Joe Lando) vs. BangBros (August Matthews & Davey Bang)

Scramble  Match: Terry Yaki vs. Lucas Riley vs. Brogan Finlay vs. MBM vs. Man Like DeReiss vs. Bobby Flaco vs. Midas Kreed 

The moment the bell rang, everyone started brawling, leaving Bobby Flaco and Brogan Finlay in the ring together. Flaco hit Finlay with two kicks to his back, which sent him to the floor. Yaki entered the ring and showed off his innovative high-flying offense that sent Bobby to the floor. Lucas Riley entered the equation with a kick to Yaki’s head. Man Like DeReiss used his power to pick Riley out of the air and sent him into the corner, then nailed him with a superkick. DeReiss broke through a clothesline to deliver one of his own. MBM hit a Satellite head scissors followed by a boot scrape for a close near fall. Brogan Finlay returned to the ring but was quickly taken down with a ‘rana from Midas Kreed, followed by a seated dropkick. Finlay ate an ace crusher and then went to the floor where he and the others were wiped out by Kreed’s tope suicida. Riley hit a dive, as did Bobby Flaco who finally took everyone out with a crossbody. Man Like DeReiss wiped everyone out with a moonsault from the apron to the floor. Yaki joined the party with a springboard front flip. Back in the ring, Flaco hit Kreed with a ‘rana. Man Like DeReiss cut off his momentum with an ace crusher, followed by an elevated powerbomb for a close near fall. MBM hit a springboard moonsault but was caught by Yaki, who attempted a Liger Bomb. MBM ate a kick and was followed by a leaping avalanche DDT, which secured the victory for Terry Yaki

Terry Yaki won the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Titus Alexander

The match began with two collar and elbow tie-ups as they both tested each other’s strengths. Titus floated over with a leap, and they both threw some kicks, but neither connected. Radrick evaded, then hit a step-through leg drop, which sent Titus to the floor, but only for a second as Titus cut off Cole’s momentum with a big dropkick. Titus started to inflict punishment on Cole’s back. Cole briefly fought back, but Titus recovered and knocked Cole off his feet with a punch and a kick to his face. Cole was then hit with a standing double stomp that ended with another near two-count. Titus kept jaw-jacking with the ref while he continued to beat down Cole in the corner. Cole was able to take Titus off of his feet with a big rana followed by a dive to the floor. He attempted a 619, but Titus saw it coming and took Cole off his feet with a rolling snap mare into a brainbuster for a very close near fall. Titus went for a handspring cutter, but Cole caught him in the head with a spin kick to the back of his head. They reset, Cole attempted the Lil Sebastian’s Curse, but Titus kneed him in the face, and was quickly sent face-first into the turnbuckle and hit with a 619. Cole went to the top rope and hit Titus with a senton, but Titus was still able to kick out. Cole was caught with a handspring into an ace crusher, but to his credit, he was still able to kick out. Titus brought Cole back up to his feet, Cole slipped behind Titus and connected with Lil Sebastian Curse for the victory.

Cole Radrick Defeated Titus Alexander

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Hunter Drake

They started slowly, feeling each other out. Hunter took Cartwheel off his feet with a stomp, but Cartwheel was able to get back up and hit a cartwheel into a backflip elbow. Drake swept Jack’s leg and dropkicked him in the side of the head, but Jack responded with a kick to his chest followed by a standing moonsault. Cartwheel sent Drake to the floor where he continued to beat him down and sent him headfirst into the ring post. Cartwheel slammed Drake on the apron, but Drake was able to get a boot into Cartwheel’s face, although his momentum was quickly snuffed out by a big lariat from Jack. Cartwheel hit Drake with a series of chops, and Drake responded with some of his own, followed by a running shooting star press, but it still wasn’t enough to put Cartwheel down. Cartwheel teased a dive to the floor, but Drake moved the ropes out of his way and hit him with a Code Red for another near fall. Drake hit him with a forearm, but Cartwheel responded with a brutal German suplex followed by a Death Valley Driver for a close near fall. Drake climbed to the top rope and leveled Cartwheel with a dropkick stomp on the apron. He rolled Cartwheel back into the ring, but it still wasn’t enough to get the victory. Drake climbed to the top rope again, missed a 450, and was dumped with a suplex in the corner. Cartwheel flipped over the top rope effortlessly with a Sasuke Special, rolled Drake back into the ring, and hit him with a beautiful shooting star press for the victory.

Jack Cartwheel Defeated Hunter Drake 

Singles Match: Kenzie Paige vs. Sandra Moone

The match began with a shoving match, followed by Moone slamming Paige’s head into the corner turnbuckle. They traded near-falls, but neither was able to gain the advantage as they wrestled to a stalemate. Paige took Moone out with a reckless crossbody that sent Moone into the chairs. Paige ducked a clothesline attempt and tried for head scissors, but Moone pulled her down and locked her in a crossface. Moone used her strength to muscle Paige up and dumped her with a Samoan Drop. They traded strikes in the center of the ring, and Moone hit Paige with a double-handed chop. Paige ducked a kick but took several forearms to the back of her neck. Moone went for a pump handle, but Paige got out of it and leveled Moone with a forearm. Moone fired up and hit Paige with a running forearm to the back of her head for a close nearfall. Paige attempted an ugly-looking Rock Bottom that didn’t do much to Moone. Moone almost pinned Paige with a backslide, followed by a gut-wrench powerbomb for the victory.

Sandra Moone Defeated Kenzie Paige 

Singles Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Bodhi Young Prodigy 

Bodhi, who is only 15 years old, had the opportunity of a lifetime to go up against GCW mainstay Jimmy Lloyd. Jimmy shoved Bodhi down a couple of times, but Bodhi took Jimmy down with a spinning arm drag, went to the top rope, and did some rope tricks that ended with another arm drag. Lloyd shot Bodhi off the ropes, folded the kid in half, and took him down with a back elbow that resulted in a close nearfall. Jimmy locked in a sleeper hold and elevated him to the apron. Bodhi came off the top with a bit of a Dragonrana, took Jimmy down with a series of kicks to his head, but was quickly caught by Jimmy Lloyd, who hit him with the Assault Driver for another close nearfall. Jimmy leveled the child with a superkick but was caught with a springboard destroyer followed by a spinning cutter. Bodhi attempted a 450 but was taken off of his feet with a big boot. Jimmy attempted a package piledriver but Bodhi flipped out of it, only to be quickly curb-stomped and hit with the package piledriver, which gave Jimmy Lloyd the victory. Despite his age, Bodhi held his own, and he will be back in GCW at some point. It was a decent match.

Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Bodhi Young Prodigy 

Singles Match: Alec Price vs. Starboy Charlie 

Price started by locking Starboy in a hammerlock, but Starboy quickly took Price down to the mat. Starboy released the hold and was then slammed to the mat by Price. Backing up in the corner, the two locked up again. Starboy gained control of Price’s left arm and worked it over with an armbar and a knee to Price’s face. Starboy hit Price with a Manhattan drop followed by a kick to Price’s face. Starboy went for a dropkick outside of the ring, but was hung up in the ropes and kicked in the face by Price a couple of times. Starboy 619’d Alec Price’s legs out from under him and hit him with a sunset flip, but it wasn’t enough to keep Price down.

Starboy missed with a rolling kick, which gave Price an opening to hit him with a couple of forearms followed by a vicious suplex that only resulted in a two-count. Starboy botched a springboard bulldog, so they reran the spot and he was able to hit Price with it, followed by a Thez press. Starboy leveled Price with a dropkick in the corner followed by a hesitation dropkick in the corner. Starboy went to the second rope for his Sky Twitter Press, but Price put him on his shoulders and hit him with a Burning Hammer. He followed that up with a Death Valley Driver, followed by an Air Raid Crash into his knee, but it still wasn’t enough for the victory.

Price nailed Starboy with a kick to the back of his head and went for a leaping double stomp in the corner, but Starboy pulled him down and hit him with a moonsault on the floor. Starboy was able to hit the Sky Twister Press, but Price kicked out. Starboy removed his overall straps and locked Price in a crossface, securing him the win.

Starboy Charlie Defeated Alec Price 

Singles Match: Bobby Orlando vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer utilized her size and strength advantage to toss Bobby around the ring. However, Bobby distracted Sawyer and put her in a headlock, which didn’t last too long as Sawyer shot him off the ropes. Bobby attempted to take her down with a series of shoulder blocks, but Sawyer didn’t budge. Bobby wanted to do a test of strength, but he wasn’t tall enough to reach her hand. Bobby brought a stuffed goat named Bobby Jr. to the ring and raised it above his head. Sawyer begged off, fired up, and leveled Bobby with a headbutt. Bobby attempted to take Sawyer out with a dive, but it didn’t work. Sawyer threw Bobby Jr., to which Emil said she committed “Goatmicide.” Sawyer continued her beatdown, but Bobby sent her to the floor and was able to connect with his tope, followed by a missile dropkick, resulting in a two-count. Bobby unloaded on Sawyer with a series of clotheslines and went for a final one, but Sawyer moved out of the way and hit him with a headbutt-forearm combination. Sawyer kept drilling Bobby with forearms and planted him with a World’s Strongest Slam, but Bobby kicked out at 2. Sawyer went under the ring and retrieved a door and a couple of chairs, setting up a door bridge in the center of the ring. Sawyer placed Bobby on the top rope but was caught with an Ace Crusher that sent her face-first through the door. Bobby retrieved a door of his own, set up a door bridge, and was tree slammed through the door, giving Sawyer the victory.

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Bobby Orlando

Four-Way Tag Team Match: BestBros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) vs. Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers & Dyln McKay) vs. CPF (Danny Black and Joe Lando) vs. BangBros (August Matthews & Davey Bang)

Davey Bang and Joe Lando started off the match. Bang gained control early with a couple of wrist lock exchanges, but Lando transitioned it into a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, which took Bang off his feet. Lando landed a basement dropkick as August Mathews entered the match and took Lando down with a head kick. Mathers tagged himself into the match and started chopping Mathews and hitting him with a flipping neckbreaker, which sent him to the floor. Danny Black entered the match and got a quick pin attempt on Mathers, who kicked out but was quickly hit with a kick to his chest. Akki entered the match next, missed with a couple of kicks, and was sent into the corner with an arm drag, but it didn’t matter as Akki planted Black with a backbreaker. McKay spiked Akki with a DDT, which sent him to the floor. Mei entered the ring and slapped McKay across the face, which excited the crowd. Mei ducked a clothesline and followed it up with a kick to Mathers’s face, taking McKay off his feet with a lucha arm drag.

The Bang Bros entered the ring and cut off Mei’s momentum. Akki came to his partner’s aid and sent both members of the Bang Bros to the floor. The Bang Bros returned quickly and took out Wasted Youth with some tag team maneuvers. CPF hit a standing moonsault/shooting star press onto Mathews. Best Bros came back into the ring and they took out CPF fairly easily, but as they were celebrating, Wasted Youth returned, kicked them in the chest, and sent them to the floor. They isolated Joe Lando inside the ring with a flying forearm into the corner, followed by a back cracker moonsault that again only resulted in a two-count. Joe Lando was rocked by the moonsault as McKay’s knees hit him directly in the face. Wasted Youth took turns chopping Joe Lando, Mathers dumped Lando in the corner, and McKay did the same thing as the pace of the match slowed down. Wasted Youth kept tagging in and out as they continued to beat down Lando. Best Bros returned to the ring and started to beat up Lando as well. Mei chopped the very pale Lando, and Akki did the same, landing with a thudding blow. It was so loud it actually sounded good on the GCW audio. Akki hit Lando with a vicious backbreaker that again only resulted in a two-count.

Lando eventually fired up and made the tag to his partner. Akki had no idea that Davey was the legal man as he was hit with diamond dust followed by a step-up dive from Lando. The Bang Bros returned to the ring and hit Mathers with a lungblower into a senton atomico. The Bang Bros hit dueling 450s, but Mathers and Akki got their knees up at the last second. Mei fired up and leveled CPF with a double clothesline. Everyone started trading fists in the center of the ring. Best Bros sent everyone to the floor, Akki went to the top rope, and Mei climbed on his back as they hit an avalanche piggyback onto the pile of competitors on the floor. Lando was on the top rope waiting as Mathers went for a dive of his own but was caught. Lando took that chance to hit a shooting star press onto everyone. McKay one-upped him as he hit a beautiful sky twister press to the floor.

Wasted Youth isolated Davey Bang in the center of the ring. They tried to run wild on him, but Davey hit Mathers with a Poisonrana and hit double 450s onto Wasted Youth, but Best Bros broke up the pin attempt. Mei took Mathews off his feet, and Akki hit him with a springboard rolling senton. BestBros hit double chokeslams, but CPF broke up the pin and sent Mei to the floor. They trapped Akki in the ring and hit him with a shooting star ace crusher, but Wasted Youth returned to break up their momentum. McKay hit Black with a Shooting Star Press and then launched himself to the outside of the ring with a Fosbury Flop. Mathers hit a 450 onto Davey Black for the victory.

Wasted Youth won the Four Way Tag Team Match

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