Helen Miller, wife of Bushwhacker Butch, discusses his passing & memories they shared

The widow of Robert Miller a.k.a. Bushwhacker Butch, speaks about his passing and being concerned he would become unwell during his trip

Robert Miller’s wife states that she’s grateful for the fond memories. 

Earlier this month, Robert Miller a.k.a Bushwhacker Butch, passed away at the age of 78. He became unwell while in Los Angeles, California. He traveled there from Auckland, New Zealand for the WrestleMania week festivities to be present alongside Bushwhacker Luke. 

Miller’s wife, Helen Miller, gave comments to The New Zealand Herald and discussed her husband’s passing. She was concerned about him becoming ill when he traveled from New Zealand to California but never thought about him not coming home. She added that she’s grateful for the time they had together and is sad it’s over. 

He (Robert Miller) was going on that last trip overseas, which was only for a week, and the only reason he was going was because he didn’t have to hop from state to state. It was kind of the last time that he and Luke would be together as The Bushwhackers, because he wouldn’t have been making that trip again. I was worried about him becoming unwell, with the flying and strain of it all, but I didn’t think for a moment he wouldn’t come home.

I’m managing to cope by keeping busy, but it’s very hard… There are many fond memories and I’m grateful we had 18 years together. It was lovely, and I’m very sad it’s over.

In 2015, The Bushwhackers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

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