John Morrison states that Matt Cardona was not interested in fighting him at Creator Clash 2

One of the two options for John Morrison to fight was Matt Cardona. Morrison presented Cardona with the opportunity

Cardona told Morrison that he is not fighting anyone. 

At the Creator Clash 2 event on 4/15, John Morrison defeated Harley Morenstein via knockout in their sanctioned boxing fight. 

Going into the fight, Morrison sat down with Dean Muhtadi of TMZ Sports for an interview and during their chat, Morrison revealed that the event organizers presented the idea of fighting Morenstein or Matt Cardona. 

Morrison’s first phone call was to Cardona and Matt responded by saying he’s not fighting anyone, especially John. 

Let me tell you something about Matt Cardona. So, they asked me if I’d be willing to fight Harley (Morenstein) or Matt Cardona, and I asked him if he wanted to fight and he goes, ‘Bro, I’m not gonna fight anyone. I’m definitely not gonna fight you. Bro, no. Are you crazy? No, I’m not gonna fight.’ But, literally, he was like my first phone call. They wanted me to fight broski.

On the lead up to the fight, Morrison was approached by the mother of Harley Morenstein. She told Morrison not to ‘kill’ her son after she saw the hype video Morrison put out. The three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion explained to her that he did not mean it in a literal sense. 

I was having breakfast in the hotel lobby and a lady tapped me on the shoulder and I turn around and she says, ‘Excuse me, I’m Harley’s mother. I just want you to know that my son is a very good boy, and I don’t want you to hurt him’ and I was like, ‘I recognize you from his YouTube channel. I’ve watched Epic Meal Time, a lot of people have. I’m not gonna try to hurt him more than he’s gonna try to hurt me. We’re both gonna be punching each other. Someone might get hurt. It’s not like a mean-spirited thing.’ I actually really like Harley. I’d call him almost YouTube royalty at this point, you know? He’s been in the game for a long time and entertained a lot of people including myself. 

She saw the track and said, ‘Please don’t try to kill my son’ and then I said, ‘It’s a metaphor. I’m not gonna try and literally kill him. I’m gonna try to knock him out’ and she’s like, ‘What?’ And then later I saw Harley (Morenstein) and I said, ‘Your mom asked me not to hurt you’ and he goes, ‘Ugh. Did she tell you I’m a good boy?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, she did. That’s exactly what she said.’ 

Morrison was walked to the ring by Josh Barnett, L.A. Knight, Taya Valkyrie, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dean Muhtadi and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan. 

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