Marti Belle shares that Mickie James, Gail Kim & Tommy Dreamer pushed for The Hex’s return to IMPACT

One-half of The Hex, Marti Belle, spoke about herself and Allysin Kay getting to return to IMPACT and the growth of their friendship

Belle opened about the hurdle The Hex overcame during the pandemic. 

Marti Belle and Allysin Kay, collectively known as The Hex, had separate runs in IMPACT Wrestling and several months ago, they were able to return as a duo and they competed for the Knockouts World Tag Titles at No Surrender

On season five of Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast, she welcomed Marti onto the show. Marti reflected on the return to IMPACT and said herself and Allysin had talked about the idea for quite some time. Belle added that it was Mickie James, Gail Kim and Tommy Dreamer who pushed for their returns. 

It was a very long time since either of us (Marti & Allysin Kay) had been at IMPACT so it was great to come back and it was great to come back to such a great locker room because I think that’s something — the Knockouts have always been known as having an amazing, amazing locker room and this one is no different… We felt right at home with everybody there. We had such a good time. 

We wanted to come back together. We had talked about this so many times. Like if we came back, we wanted to do it together, we wanted to do it as a team and we wanted to kind of do things our way and I’m very, very thankful that that’s exactly how things played out. Put it out to the universe, the universe listens… We’re very thankful where we’re at a point where people are reaching out to us or people are vouching for us. I know Mickie (James), Gail (Kim) and (Tommy) Dreamer had a lot to do with us being able to come back. I know that they were pushing for us and that means the absolute world to us. So that’s freaking awesome. But also, if we weren’t putting ourselves out there, they wouldn’t know we were taking bookings, they wouldn’t know that we were interested in coming back or anything like that so… you have to put a little bit of work in too. 

The Hex have been tagging since 2019. Belle opened up about a hurdle they overcame during the pandemic. While they were working at NWA, there were some ‘issues’ between them but they were able to sort things out. 

It was kind of instant that we (Marti & Allysin Kay) clicked and became friends and then we really cemented our friendship on a long, long road trip as a lot of times you do because you spend so much time in the car and we just clicked and during the pandemic, so both of us had been working for NWA… We kind of didn’t get along at our NWA times and so, yeah, there were some issues. But we sorted through them. We realized, you know, the pandemic was kind of bigger than all of us. It was kind of bigger than everything going on, any petty, little thing going on and so we were just talking one day and we were trying to figure out, ‘What is wrestling going to look like when it does come back? What is missing?’

Kay and Belle have not competed for IMPACT since No Surrender. The company is coming off the heels of their Rebellion pay-per-view which featured the crowning of two new world champions

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