Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn had ‘no idea’ they were being drafted to WWE SmackDown

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The current Tag Team Champions look back on being drafted. 

Night one of the 2023 WWE Draft kicked off on the 4/28 Friday Night SmackDown. Talents from NXT were moved to Raw and SmackDown and two of those talents are the reigning NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre. 

They were drafted to SmackDown. Before moving to their new brand, the duo has a title defense on the 5/2 NXT against Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. 

David LaGreca and Mark Henry of Busted Open Radio welcomed Alba and Isla onto the show to speak about being drafted and they said they had no idea it was coming. 

Fyre: I’ve been saying it for days. I still don’t feel like it’s quite settled in yet. We had no idea. No idea that we were going to be drafted. 

Dawn: As you could tell by our eyeballs going (shocked). 

Fyre: But it means so much. We both worked really, really hard for this for a long time and you just know what it’s like getting things like this. You know you’re being appreciated and yeah, it just means the world. 

Dawn: The timing of it with Stand & Deliver being a month ago and that was our second TV tag match. We’ve only been together a short time. 

Fyre and Dawn were asked to touch on how difficult they think it’ll be to leave NXT. Isla said she’s going to be devastated because of the friendships and bonds she’s formed there. 

Dawn: I think on Friday, it just showed it. Every single person there was just buzzing for each other. So you could feel the excitement when anyone was being announced. You could feel everybody just going, ‘Ah!’ We’re so happy for each other to succeed. Everybody wants the best for each other on the roster and genuinely, I’m devastated to be leaving here because I’ve got my people that I came here with from NXT U.K. who are like family to me here and then I’ve made so many close relationships and close friendships and not being here every Tuesday is gonna be weird. 

Fyre: She literally just said as well, before we started this call that even though we don’t have to come into the P.C. anymore, she thinks we’re still gonna come into the PC. 

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