Cody Rhodes is victorious over bloodied Brock Lesnar at Backlash

Image Courtesy: WWE

Cody Rhodes scored a win over a bloodied Brock Lesnar in the main event of WWE Backlash.

An aggressive Rhodes attacked Lesnar before the bell with the ring steps and a chair.

Brock soon got the upper hand, catching Rhodes in an attempt to deliver a cutter and hitting a series of release German suplexes.

Cody was holding a turnbuckle pad as one suplex was delivered, resulting in the buckle ring being exposed.

As Brock was delivering shoulder tackles to Rhodes in the corner with the exposed buckle, Cody moved and Lesnar went head-first into the metal, busting his forehead open.

Cody delivered the Cross Rhodes twice but a bloodied Lesnar kicked out. Cody then kicked out of an F5.

Lesnar had Rhodes in a Kimura when Cody shifted his opponent onto his back, managing a flash pin.

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