Seth Rollins defeats Omos with top rope ‘Super-Stomp’ at WWE Backlash

Image Courtesy: WWE

Seth Rollins got the win over Omos at WWE Backlash in a match where his finishing move seemed ineffective on the much larger man.

The match began with Omos shrugging off most of Rollins’ offense and countering with “monster” spots such as chokeslams and shoulder tackles, which were sold expertly by Rollins.

The main story of the contest was the effectiveness of the Stomp, which initially did not even budge Omos.

Later, Rollins successfully hit two consecutive stomps, but that resulted only in a two-count.

The win was finally achieved with a ‘Super-Stomp’ from the top rope.

Join John Pollock & Wai Ting straight after Backlash on the POST Wrestling YouTube Channel for their review of the PLE.

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