Latest health update regarding Superstar Billy Graham

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Valerie Coleman has provided the latest health update regarding Superstar Billy Graham (Eldridge Wayne Coleman).

The former WWWF Champion continues to be hospitalized as he battles a series of major health issues.

His wife Valerie has asked for prayers for her husband with the hopes that his blood cultures will come back clear and for his blood pressure to come down. She added that is fear of Graham having a heart infection but he is not strong enough to undergo the requisite testing to determine that.


The doctors are continuing to try and prepare me for the worst. And I continue to explain to them that Wayne and I are people of faith and that our God has the final say.

I am not in denial about what’s happening to him or blind to what the medical reports say…I just know that the God I serve is greater than any infection and more powerful than any organ failure.

Please pray specifically for his blood cultures to come back clear and for his blood pressure to stabilize.

At this time they are providing support to prevent his pressure from plummeting and the fact that his cultures continue to be positive is one of the main reasons they are not very optimistic. They think he may have a heart infection but the test that would confirm that is too dangerous for him.

All things are possible with God and there is power when believers come into agreement together. Prayer is incredibly powerful and we need all of your prayers. With my whole heart I give thanks to God for each of you and I am grateful beyond words for you all.

Graham was admitted to the hospital back in January and has had a significant series of issues including kidney malfunction, congestive heart failure, and an Osteomyelitis infection affecting his ears, skull & sinus cavity which has resulted in significant weight loss.

In a previous update, it was noted that Valerie Coleman is dealing with the effects of long COVID and the two have no income at the moment with Graham’s health issues requiring $200 per day.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to assist Graham with his mounting medical expenses.  

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