Saraya opens up about dealing with endo belly, says she can’t wrestle when it swells

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She shared that it prevents her from wrestling when her belly swells. 

Guest appearing on season five of Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast is Saraya. The current AEW talent spoke candidly about taking in online criticism.

Saraya went on to share that recently, there have been comments made about her weight. She shared that she’s dealing with endometriosis in addition to endo belly, which Medical News Today describes as the ‘painful and often severe abdominal bloating associated with endometriosis.’

She stated that endo belly prevents her from wrestling when it happens. She added that she cannot wear gear because her belly is swollen. 

Everybody has an opinion on you. It’s so frustrating. Growing up so young, the thing that used to bother me the most out of everything is the way they would look at my weight, because everyone has an opinion about your — lately as well, they’ll turn it back around. They tell me that I’m looking a little bigger than usual and I wanna tell them, listen, I’m getting older. I have really bad endometriosis. My belly swells up, I get endo belly and so it swells up for a couple of weeks and it’s really, really painful and I try to hide it. That’s why I can’t wrestle when my belly is like that. I can’t wear wrestling gear, I’m too swollen. It’s a really painful experience for me and then people will just think I’m fat and I’m just like, ‘You have no idea’ but everyone has an opinion. 

Saraya is a member of The Outcasts in AEW along with Toni Storm and Ruby Soho.

On the 5/3 Dynamite, Hikaru Shida acted as if she was going to join The Outcasts but aligned herself with Britt Baker and AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter. 

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