Sareee is interested in going after the IWGP Women’s Championship

Sareee’s comeback match is next week. 

As Sareee’s in-ring return on May 16th inches closer, she is making the media rounds to promote the ‘Sareee-ism’ show in Tokyo, Japan. 

One of the outlets she caught up with was Proresu-TODAY. As the conversation rolled on, Sareee was asked about her interest level in the IWGP Women’s Championship. She was asked if she’d like to engrave her name on the list of those who have won the title and she said yes. 

Yes, it is a newly created belt, but it is developing quickly (she said about the IWGP Women’s Title). It is already the third generation (there are three champions), so I am wondering when we will go here.

I would love to have my name engraved on it.

She explained why she wanted her return match to be part an independent show. Sareee stated that she wanted to have a show she liked without anyone interfering. 

Not at all (did it take courage to run an independent show). I wanted to do an independent show. I wanted to hold a show that I liked, the way I wanted it to be. It is my first show in Japan in a long time, so I wanted to have a show that I liked without anyone interfering, so I was absolutely determined to have a self-organized event.

She’ll be taking on Chihiro Hashimoto at Sareee-ism and the match card is listed below: 

  • Sareee vs. Chihiro Hashimoto
  • Jaguar Yokota & Nanae Takahashi vs. Kaoru Ito & TBA
  • Arisa Nakajima & AKARI vs. Miyuki Takase & Ibuki Hoshi
  • Riko Kaiju vs. Yurika Oka
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