BLK Jeez opens up about cancer diagnosis, states that he’s feeling positive, mentally strong & his mobility is good

An update from BLK Jeez. 

Earlier this month, a GoFundMe was set up for Darnell Kittrell, who is known by his ring name BLK Jeez. The 20-year veteran was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, which is a form of cancer that causes bone damage. 

Jeez works with the National Wrestling Alliance and was the on-screen manager for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus and he kicked off a partnership with National Heavyweight Champion EC3 before having to step away.

Jeez joined Tyrus on ‘The Wise Men’ and opened up about his diagnosis. At the time of the recording, he stated that he was feeling strong and his mobility is good. Jeez explained what exactly his cancer entails and how initially, he thought he was just having back issues. He received his diagnosis on April 1st. 

I’m feeling pretty strong today, feeling positive, mentally strong. My mobility is good which is a great thing. It puts you in a position where you need help. You need people to sort of wait on you and things like that and I’m not that type of person. I’m used to being the one on the go helping everyone else out. So this situation, it was a tough adjustment for me because I could sit back and really just allow myself to be taken care of. 

Multiple myeloma, which is cancer of the plasma cells. So basically, what this cancer does, it causes bone damage and it leads to bone fractures so originally, what I thought was happening was that I was having a really bad back issue. It’s common (in wrestling) and a lot of us athletes, we sort of gauge how we feel. I guess we can be stubborn as far as going to the doctor. Are we able to move? Yeah, we good. Can we walk? Yeah, we good. So we’re good. But then it got to the point where everything that I would normally try when I’m injured just wasn’t working and I just knew I had to get to the E.R. so we went to the E.R., got bloodwork done and that’s when it came up and I was diagnosed with this. It’s April 1st I think it was. So it hasn’t been a long time but, to me it feels like forever. 

Trevor Murdoch and EC3 were guests on the show and Murdoch shared that when the talent roster was informed of Jeez’s diagnosis, everyone wanted to know when he would be coming back. EC3 went on to speak about how the on-screen partnership between himself and Jeez had just gotten started. 

Murdoch: You should know that when it was announced to all the boys at the meeting, the first thing everybody asked Jeezy is when you were coming back. 

Jeez: That’s great to hear. 

Murdoch: All the boys wanted to know, ‘What’s his timeline to come back?’ So there’s a lot of people pulling for you and wanting you to get back to work with us… We miss you too. 

EC3: Me especially Jeezy because we just got started. 

Jeez: I know man.

EC3: I saw the success you and Tyrus had and I obviously want to replicate that. I’m obviously following Tyrus’ footsteps and obviously milking him for what he’s worth as I make my climb into this ladder (he laughed). 

As of this writing, the $20,000 goal for Jeez’s GoFundMe is sitting at nearly $24,000. 

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit The Wise Men with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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