Eva Marie recalls being laughed at backstage because of how she slapped Jerry Lawler on WWE Raw

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Marie stated that she did not know how hard to slap Lawler. 

Back in 2013, there was a segment on Monday Night Raw with the cast of Total Divas and that segment featured Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. 

During the segment, Eva Marie slapped Lawler. She looked back on that as she was discussing some of her moments in WWE via her YouTube channel

Marie stated that initially, she had no lines for the segment but was then told she’d be speaking and slapping Lawler. She said she did not know how hard to hit him because he’s an ‘older gentleman’. When Eva got backstage, she said people were laughing at her and she feels it’ll go down as one of the worst slaps. 

My first time on television was slapping Jerry Lawler which was like a rib on me. Anybody that doesn’t know what a rib is, it’s basically like, joke’s on me is I wasn’t supposed to speak anything on television. I was just supposed to be the Total Divas crew out on Miz TV and then all of a sudden, right before, it’s like, ‘Eva Marie, these are gonna be your lines and then you’re gonna slap The King.’ I’m like, ‘Huh?’ But it’s Jerry Lawler. He’s an older gentleman and he’s, you know, Jerry Lawler so I didn’t want to hurt him by slapping him. Nobody told me how to properly slap somebody so, I think it goes down in history as one of the worst slaps ever where when I got back into Gorilla, everybody was laughing at me because I slapped him (softly) and he kind of was like, you know, tried to sell it as best as he could.

In November of 2021, Eva was released from WWE. Her most recent stint with the company lasted seven months. 

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