Matt Hardy: Tony Khan was hesitant to put Private Party & I back together

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Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy discuss their time working together and The Firm Deletion.

Coming off of The Firm Deletion which aired on the May 5th episode of AEW Rampage, Matt Hardy and Isiah Kassidy reflected on the match and ideas for it on the newest Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast

Looking back on The Hardy Family Office group, Matt said if it was just himself and Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen), it would have been fine but more talents were added. Hardy and Private Party split for a period of time and then reunited at Rampage Grand Slam in 2022

Matt shared that AEW President Tony Khan was initially hesitant to put them back together. When it happened at Grand Slam, Khan was very happy with the reaction it received. 

Hardy: The centerpoint of this story became him (Isiah Kassidy) and (Marq) Quen because they were the people I cared the most about. Butcher and Blade — if it would have just been the three of us in the beginning, if it would have been Matt and Zay and Quen, it would have been a whole lot better than what became the H.F.O. and it expanded and got crazy. But then anyway, we got back to this… We started this stuff, once again, off of television and then we got back onto television and I remember Tony (Khan) was half-ass hesitant to put us back together. Remember when we had that big Battle Royal deal? We did the three-way hug. That was in New York. Yeah, we pushed for that and I just remember when I came in, he said, ‘You were right! What a great call! What a great call!’ Because the people popped and it was f*cking midnight.

As Kassidy was talking about how their storyline eventually got to the point where it was himself and Matt against Ethan Page, he expressed that he is grateful to have been involved and it was a confidence booster. 

Kassidy: I had so much fun (working with Matt Hardy & Ethan Page). I can’t explain how much fun I had during those matches and also too, I feel like during those matches, it really got me out of my shell. I express to them a lot like how grateful I am for Matt and Ethan because I feel like that little storyline, it made me grow as a performer and it got me out my shell. It was a big confidence booster so, I’m very grateful for that…

In the Firm Deletion match, Kassidy performed a Swanton Bomb off a warehouse. He shared that Jeff Hardy encouraged him to do that instead of a crossbody. 

Kassidy: So originally, I was gonna do a crossbody (off the warehouse during The Firm Deletion), right? And I don’t know, maybe you take a guess, who was the one that persuaded me to do a Swanton Bomb off? You got a guess? Think hard about this. 

Someone from my team… Yeah, yeah (Jeff Hardy encouraged me to do it). At first, I was gonna do a crossbody but Jeff was like — I was like, ‘I think I’m gonna do a Swanton’ and Jeff goes, ‘I think you should do the Swanton…’ He’s the master so you know what? I’m like, ‘Say no more.’ 

All Elite Wrestling has added a third TV show to their weekly lineup and that is Collision which is airing on Saturdays beginning June 17th.

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