John Cena thinks he would not have done anything else in wrestling if WWE released him in 2002

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When it comes to how Cena is remembered, he thinks people should not be talking about him generations from now. 

There have been multiple occasions in interviews with John Cena when he has shared that he was told he was going to be released from WWE in the winter of 2002. Cena would then go on to establish his ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ persona and he credits that as what saved him from being cut. 

Cena told Sam Roberts during their sit-down conversation that if he was released in 2002, he does not think he would have done anything else in wrestling. 

That’s my scariest moment, to know that when I still didn’t know my craft (he said about being told he’d be released in 2002). There’s been so many performers that have been released from WWE go on to have really wonderful careers elsewhere and maybe eventually come back but that’s fine. I don’t think I would’ve come back. I don’t think I would have done anything else. So it would have been like the end, see ya, bye. I’ll try to do something different.

He would go on to state that he does not want to be talked about generations from now. Cena feels the people of that time should be discussing Roman Reigns the individuals who’ll succeed him. He added that by then, WWE should be in stadiums on a weekly basis and as of right now, the ‘burden’ to reach that new level is on Roman’s shoulders. 

I don’t ever wanna be talked about generations from now. They should be talking about Roman (Reigns) and whoever follows him and whoever follows him because that is how it should be. They should be in stadiums instead of arenas, every night. That’s how it should be. That’s the burden that Roman has on his shoulders.

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