IMPACT Under Siege Results: Steve Maclin vs. PCO, Purrazzo vs. Grace

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege

May 26th, 2023

By: John Siino

Western Fair District Agriplex in London, Ontario, Canada

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs. Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) (Countdown to Under Siege)

This is Rosemary’s first match in IMPACT under the Courtney Rush gimmick that she recently reverted back to, in this non-title match. Rush and Taylor Wilde started the match with lockups and takedowns. Rush got the upper hand before Wilde tagged out to KiLynn King who instantly took control before Jessicka tags in as she and King start chopping each other. Death Dollz kept King in their corner with splashes, but Wilde was able to stop them. Rush tried a Sharpshooter on Wilde, but King stopped her with a suplex. The Coven keeps Rush in their corner with stomps before King hits a snap mare for a two-count. Jessicka tagged in but the referee didn’t see it as The Coven kept working on Rush who finally is able to make the tag to Jessicka. The Coven tried to hit their finisher on Rush, but Jessicka stops King with a pounce as Rush reverses Wilde into a Sharpshooter that she instantly submits to.

Winners: Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) by submission at 7:28

IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Dirty Dango (Countdown to Under Siege)

Joe Hendry got on the mic before the match and said Dirty Dango has had an identity crisis which isn’t a surprise as he used to be a ballroom dancer and a fake police officer, and questions if tonight he will get a doctor, scientist, teacher, astronaut, or a parachute instructor. As soon as the bell rings, Dango heads to the outside and refuses to start the match. Hendry goes after him and clotheslines him on the outside before tossing him back inside. Hendry keeps attacking Dango in the corner and catches him into a trust fall followed by a stalling suplex for a two-count. Dango comes back by tossing Hendry into the corner and going right after his left arm and shoulder. Dango goes to the top rope, but Hendry pulls him into a cutter. They go back and forth until Hendry hits a fallaway slam and sets up for his finisher. Dango instantly counters that with a low blow as the referee disqualifies him. Dango kept attacking Hendry after the match, still targeting his left arm but before he could do more damage Santino Marella runs out as Dango escapes.

Winner: Joe Hendry by disqualification at 5:43, to retain

Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King (w/ Sheldon Jean)

Right away, Nick Aldis catches Kenny King off the ropes for a suplex, sending King to the outside to regroup with Sheldon Jean. Aldis keeps going after King who keeps going to the outside where Aldis follows him, just to be tripped up into the steel steps. King stays in control with pin attempts before holding Aldis down in a stretch. Aldis heads to the outside, where King meets him with a dive. King keeps working on Aldis before Aldis dodges him and goes right after him with a fall-away pump handle slam for two. Aldis heads to the top rope, but King stops him with an enziguri. They started exchanging punches before Aldis catches King into a sit-out Michinoku Driver. Aldis heads to the top rope and hits an elbow drop, but Jean gets on the apron to distract the referee. Aldis takes out Aldis, as King rolls up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee catches him. King comes back with a spine buster for a two. King heads to the ropes, but Aldis catches him into a powerbomb and puts on the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf as King taps out.

Winner: Nick Aldis by submission at 8:58

Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich

As Aldis is leaving, he points to something in the crowd. The camera zooms in and we see Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich brawling in the crowd, continuing their fight from the previous night’s episode on AXS TV. Masha knocks Kelly over the railing and goes right after her before they make it ringside. Kelly hits a suplex on Masha, before tossing her inside. Kelly grabs a steel chain and starts choking Masha out with it before officials and security run out to stop them.

Who Am I?

Gia Miller is with Jordynne Grace and says how tonight could be Grace’s last opportunity to challenge for the IMPACT Knockout’s World Championship for a while or she could walk out as the new champion. Grace talks about being ready to carry this company on her back and she was supposed to retire Mickie James but couldn’t. Grace says a lot is on the line tonight and if she loses then she’s not the face of the Knockouts division, she’s not ready to carry this company on her back and not the best. And if she’s not the best, then who is she?

The Design (Deaner, Angels & Kon) vs. Sami Callihan, Rich Swann & Jake Crist

Jake Crist comes out as the mystery partner in his first match in IMPACT since September 2021 as he has the Ohio Versus Everything connection with Sami Callihan. Angels and Crist start the match before Crist quickly tags out to Callihan as they start double-teaming on Angels. Kon tags in as all six men have a face-off before they start brawling in and out of the ring. Angels escapes out of a Cactus Driver ’97 attempt and dives onto Callihan on the outside. Crist follows with a diving attempt, but Kon is able to stop him before brushing a diving attempt from Rich Swann as well. Crist comes back with an Asai Moonsault to take out Kon, but Angels stops Callihan from diving. Callihan grabs Angels and powerbombs him onto everyone else on the outside. Swann, Callihan & Crist start triple-teaming Kon, but he is able to fight all three of them off. The Design starts triple-teaming on Crist in their corner, but Crist is able to fight off Deaner and make the tag to Callihan. Callihan knocks Angels & Kon to the outside before challenging Deaner to go one-on-one. Crist & Angels quickly get involved, before Crist & Callihan hit double Death Valley Drivers. Kon comes back with a double chokeslam on Callihan & Crist before Angels hits a top rope splash on Callihan for a two-count. Callihan fights all of The Design off before tagging out to Swann who hits a double cutter on Kon & Deaner. Everybody starts going after each other next before it ends up being Swann & Angels. Angels blocks a handspring cutter attempt, but Swann turns that into a roll-up for the pin and the win.

Winners: Rich Swann, Sami Callihan & Jake Crist by pinfall at 10:13

Santino Warns Dango

Gia Miller is backstage with Santino Marella, welcomes him back, and says he has his sights on Dirty Dango. Santino says he got attacked by Dango from behind but was able to rip off some of his hair that ended up belonging to Dango. Santino says he’s the Director of Authority and his role is to be impartial, but if Dango jumps at him in the back, he will punch his lights out.

Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal & Savannah Evans)

They start the match talking trash in each other’s faces before Trinity takes down Gisele Shaw, and hits her with a leg drop for a one count sending Shaw to the outside. Shaw enters back in and takes control, dragging Trinity’s face into the mat. Trinity comes back with head scissors sending Shaw to the outside where she regroups with Savannah Evans before Trinity tries to baseball dropkick them. Evans gets in Trinity’s way, but she leapfrogs over her to start attacking Shaw. Trinity sends Shaw back inside, but Evans drags Trinity back to the outside. Shaw starts stomping Trinity, before sending her back inside to get a two-count. Trinity fights her way back up until Shaw hits a Full Nelson slam for a two-count. Shaw goes on the attack, hitting a corkscrew uppercut for a two-count. Shaw starts attacking Trinity in the corner and stays on her with punches before taunting the crowd. Shaw starts kicking away at Trinity, but Trinity catches her leg and hits a backbreaker. Trinity hits a flurry of punches and more offense before spiking Shaw’s head down to the mat. Trinity hits a split-legged moonsault for a two count, but Shaw comes back with a draping DDT for a two of her own. Shaw sets up for her knee strike but Trinity dodges it and hits an Enziguri before knocking both Jai Vidal and Evans off the apron. They go back and forth before Trinity hits a sunset flip into the Starstruck, as Shaw submits.

Winner: Trinity by submission at 10:28

Subculture in IMPACT

Gia Miller is backstage with Subculture and mentions this being their first night in IMPACT. Mark Andrews says it is, but he’s been away from this locker room for 7 years and brought back Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna with him. Andrews says they pride themselves on starting from the bottom and fighting to the top, and they are going straight for the tag team championships. Webster starts talking about what they’ve been doing the last couple of years before they get interrupted by Brian Myers, Jason Hotch & John Skyler. Myers asks what they even did to earn a tag team title shot, but after this, they’ll be facing The Good Hands next. Luna says Subculture’s first defense will be against The Good Hands.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs. Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) (w/ Dani Luna)

Ace Austin and the man formerly known as Mandrews; Mark Andrews start the match. They go back and forth running the ropes until Austin tags out to Chris Bey as they double-team Andrews, keeping him in their corner. Bey stays on top of Andrews with kicks and chops, until Flash Morgan Webster tags in as they hit a flurry of moon-saults on Bey. They send Bey to the outside where Webster dives onto him, before tossing him inside as Andrews hits a bridged German Suplex for a two-count. Austin tags in as ABC going at it on Webster. Austin starts targeting the back of Webster, before holding him down in a chin lock. Bey tags in and knocks Andrews off the apron before Webster can make the hot tag. Bey dives onto Webster before Austin teases the same before stomping Webster face first as he entered back inside. ABC stays in control keeping Webster in their corner, but Webster is able to escape and make the hot tag to Andrews who hits a double Pele on ABC before going after both of them with a double DDT. Andrews follows with a top rope moonsault to Bey on the outside and a Code Red to Austin inside for a two. Webster tags in as they hit an assisted Falcon Arrow on Austin for a two. They go for Fall to Pieces, but Austin dodges it and hits a missile dropkick on Andrews. All four men go at it now until Andrews gets spilled to the outside. Bey & Austin follow as Webster takes them both out with a dive off the top rope. All four men go at it inside as the crowd chants ‘This is awesome’. Andrews hits a Stundog Millionaire, before tagging out to Webster who hits a senton for a two. Austin comes in and breaks up the double teaming as Andrews and Webster butt heads. Bey takes them both out with a double poisonrana. Austin tags in and knocks Webster to the outside, before assisting Bey with an Art of Finesse onto Andrews followed by The Fold as Austin pins Andrews for the win.

Winners: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) by pinfall at 13:15, to retain

IMPACT X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Chris Sabin

As soon as the bell rings, Trey Miguel retreats to the outside and starts walking around the ring. Miguel eventually goes back inside and holds Chris Sabin down with wrist control before Sabin sends Miguel right back to the outside again. Sabin brings Miguel back inside and puts him in the Tree of Woe where he hits him with a dropkick for a two-count. Sabin heads to the top, but Miguel drops him down. They start fighting on the apron before Miguel kicks Sabin down to the outside hitting him with a back body drop on the apron and dropping a knee to get a two-count off an arrogant pin attempt. Sabin starts punching his way up, but Miguel comes right back with a guillotine choke before Sabin grabs the bottom rope. They go back and forth in the corner until Sabin stops the momentum with a DDT. Sabin comes back with a missile dropkick and a kick in the corner, followed by a backbreaker into a DDT for a two-count. They start trading elbows before Sabin hits a German suplex. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but Miguel counters with a double stomp. Miguel starts kicking away followed by a brainbuster for two. Miguel says ‘Sabin, you’re dead’ before heading to the top rope. Sabin dodges the Meteora attempt and dropkicks Miguel’s knee. They go back and forth a bit before Sabin puts on a Sharpshooter, but Miguel is right by the ropes to break it up. They head to the top rope, but Miguel kicks Sabin off and hits the Meteora for a two-count. Sabin goes outside where Miguel slides to him with a DDT, goes back to the top rope but misses the second Meteora. They go back and forth with kicks and chops before Sabin hits a Canadian Destroyer. Sabin follows with a Clothesline from Hell, Michigan, and sets up for the Cradle Shock, but Miguel rakes his eyes. Being blinded, Sabin raises the referee into the Cradle Shock, but the ref is able to talk himself down. During all this confusion, Miguel dropkicks Sabin into the referee knocking him down. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock to Miguel, but there is nobody to make the count. Miguel heads to the outside and spray paints Sabin in the eyes, rolling up Sabin to get the pin.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 18:34, to retain

IMPACT World Championship #1 Contenders Match: Moose vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Alex Shelley vs. Frankie Kazarian

The winner of this match gets a World Title shot at Against All Odds on June 9th. As soon as the bell rings, Frankie Kazarian and Eddie Edwards start going at it, taking it outside. Moose gets sent to the outside where he trips Yuya Uemura off the apron. Jonathan Gresham and Alex Shelley go at it next with takedown attempts until Moose breaks it up. They knock Moose back to the outside and go back at it before Edwards and Uemura get involved. Shelley puts on a double single-leg Boston Crab on Kazarian and Uemura but Edwards breaks it up. Kazarian tosses Edwards to the outside where he takes out Moose. Gresham and Kazarian go at it next until Edwards breaks it up. Edwards and Kazarian go at it, with Moose trying to get involved until Kazarian hits an Unprettier that Shelley breaks up the pin attempt for. Shelley, Gresham, and Kazarian go at it until Uemura comes in and takes them all out. They try a Tower of Doom spot, but Moose breaks it all up and tosses Uemura down with a powerbomb, followed by ones to Kazarian and Gresham, who he gets a two count on. Uemura goes at it on Moose hitting a bulldog off the ropes for a two-count. Uemura breaks up a Chicken Wing attempt, sending Kazarian to the outside but is able to put one on. All six men start hitting a flurry of offense until Shelley hit the Shell Shock on Uemura for the pin in this wild six-way.

Winner: Alex Shelley by pinfall at 11:47

Eight Time

Gia Miller bumps into Trey Miguel backstage who asks if she’s another person who isn’t respecting him as X-Division Champion. Miguel goes on about calling Chris Sabin the ‘eight-time’ champion, but before he can say it eight times, Sabin rushes in and gets in Miguel’s face just to be held back by security.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

If Jordynne Grace loses, she cannot get a match for the Knockouts World Title as long as Deonna Purrazzo is the champion. Grace takes Deonna down right away, but Deonna fights on the apron taking Grace to the outside with a neck breaker before hitting her with a senton off the apron. Grace catches Deonna off the ropes and drops her face first onto the ropes for a two-count. Grace stays in control keeping Deonna in the corner, hitting her with a German suplex for a two-count. Grace places Deonna on the top turnbuckle, but Deonna pushes her off before they both go spilling over the top rope to the outside. They go back and forth while running the ropes until Deonna hits a Russian Leg Sweep holding on with the Fujiwara armbar, but Grace is able to escape. Grace catches Deonna in the corner and hits a spinning powerbomb for two. Deonna blocks the Grace Driver and hits a piledriver for two. More back and forth until Grace hits a powerbomb and a jackhammer for another two count. They start fighting in the corner where Deonna power bombs Grace off followed by the Queen’s Gambit for a two count. Grace stops another Queen’s Gambit attempt with a reverse piledriver. More back and forth until they knock each other down with a double clothesline. Grace hits a flurry of body slams before they head to the top rope where Grace hits a Queen’s Gambit for the pin and the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by pinfall at 13:23, to retain

Matthew Rehwoldt & Tom Hannifan echo what Grace said earlier with ‘If I’m not the best, then who am I’, before alluding that she could take some time to regroup and wishing her the best.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Against All Odds (June 9th – Columbus, Ohio)
  • Slammiversary (July 15th – Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
  • Victory Road (September 8th – White Plains, New York)
  • IMPACT 1000 (September 9th – White Plains, New York)

Westchester County Center

The Westchester County Center holds a special place in my heart, as it’s in my hometown of White Plains, New York (also the hometown of Arnold Skaaland and Captain Lou Albano). I am very happy to see a pay-per-view being held there and IMPACT’s return to that venue for the first time in 10 years. This has been a place where wrestling dates back to the 1950s with NWA Capitol Wrestling, WWWF, and ECW and the home to many of the early WWF Monday Night Raw episodes in 1993/1994, where I saw my first ever live wrestling show.

IMPACT World Championship No Disqualification Match: Steve Maclin (c) vs. PCO

As soon as the bell rings, PCO clotheslines Steve Maclin to the outside going over with him, but he runs back in and dives back onto Maclin. PCO starts attacking Maclin all over the outside, but Maclin comes back with a suplex to PCO on top of the steel steps. Maclin starts grabbing weapons from under the ring including a trash can and baking sheet he uses on PCO’s back and head. Maclin goes to dive to PCO on the outside but he swings that sheet at Maclin. This causes a huge gash on Maclin’s forehead, as he is now gushing blood all over the place. PCO follows that with trash can shots to Maclin’s head as he is now spitting out blood like a water fountain. PCO grabs a staple gun, but Maclin stops him with a low blow. Maclin starts using a chair on PCO before setting up the trash can in the corner. Maclin keeps attacking PCO with a chair, hitting an elbow drop with it for a two-count. Maclin puts PCO in the Tree of Woe and hits Crosshairs, with the trash can in between for another two-count. Maclin grabs the staple gun and starts stapling PCO’s mouth and chest all over as PCO now starts walking around like the actual Frankestein’s Monster. PCO grabs a pair of pliers and starts ripping the staples off his lips. Jeez! Maclin grabs a sledgehammer and takes out PCO with it. Maclin then grabs sheets of concrete and places them on PCO’s back before smashing them with the sledgehammer, but PCO still kicks out at two. PCO comes back with a DDT, a lung blower and a leg drop off the second rope for a two-count. PCO follows this with the De-Animator, but Maclin comes back by tossing a chair to PCO while he’s back on the top rope and drives him spine first off the top rope onto the apron. Maclin grabs five cinder blocks and puts them in the ring, but PCO grabs him and hits a reverse DDT. PCO goes and grabs two more blocks and places Maclin on top of them. PCO heads to the top rope, but Maclin gets right up and slams PCO on top of them followed by KIA on top of the cinder blocks for the pin and the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin by pinfall at 15:44, to retain

Absolute Bastards

Maclin gets on the mic and says if this is going to be done, it’s going to be done the way he said it was and calls out Scott D’Amore to put the title around his waist and shake his hand, just like he said he would. D’Amore comes out and puts the belt around Maclin’s waist and goes to shake Maclin’s hand, but Maclin leaves instead. Bully Ray shows up behind D’Amore and starts choking him out with a belt strap. Bully tells Maclin to get the table, and they set a table up in the ring. Bully goes and grabs lighter fluid, as Matthew Rehwoldt leaves the commentary table and tries to talk some sense into Bully & Maclin. Bully knocks out Rehwoldt and starts spraying the fluid all over him. PCO gets back up and pushes Bully down, but Maclin attacks PCO with his title belt. The Motor City Machine Guns run out but Maclin & Bully take them out as well. They light the table on fire and powerbomb D’Amore right through it as Tom Hannifan calls them ‘absolute bastards’. Bully gets in D’Amore’s face and says the best part about this is he’s the guy who signed him there, he’s never leaving and he’ll never get rid of him. Bully continues saying he is here forever, he’s taking D’Amore down and he’s taking this whole company down. Bully raises Maclin’s hand to end the show in such a wild fashion.

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