NOAH issues statement about fans interacting via social media with their wrestlers, staff & official accounts

Photo Courtesy: Pro Wrestling NOAH

A statement from NOAH about the social media interactions. 

Pro Wrestling NOAH posted an article to their official website which centered around the online interactions that fans have with their wrestlers, staff and official social media accounts. 

The promotion noted that their online platform(s) are places to send out information and for fans to interact with one another but they’ve received word about individuals causing trouble in those spaces.

It is noted in the write-up that they’ve seen slander and spreading rumors against the official NOAH online accounts, the accounts of wrestlers affiliated with the organization and the accounts of staff members, as well as offensive remarks and inappropriate behavior towards general social media users. NOAH noted that they will take action such as blocking or freezing accounts who display such behavior. 

In addition to that, legal action will be considered if they determine that the comments are threats, defamation and/or cause obstruction of business as it relates to the official NOAH accounts, their affiliated wrestlers and staff. 

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