GCW Tournament of Survival 8 Results: TOS Winner Crowned, Jun Kasai appears

Photo Courtesy: GCW

Tournament of Survival 8
Saturday, June 3, 2023
The Terminal, Showboat Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey 

This was an incredible show in front of the largest audience GCW has had at the Showboat, the new venue was great and provided some good echoes during the high spots. The advance work in the arena was incredible, they had banners on the pillars, lining the wall, and on the entranceway. It’s the little things that really bring a space all together. GCW’s crew chief, Matt Borruso is incredible at what he does. 

}Nick Gage came to the ring in a Ja Morant jersey, Zandig came to the ring with the TOS trophy and cut a promo, Gage hit him with a bundle of tubes, and Zandig tried to do some offense but it was embarrassing. Eventually, it ended and Gage sent us out with the MDK call and response. 

First-Round Match: Ciclope vs. Meido Extremo vs. Green Phantom 

The Macizos executed a top rope double stomp on Phantom, slamming him through a bundle of tubes. The tag partners confronted each other, as Miedo delivered a kick to Ciclope’s stomach. However, Ciclope retaliated by throwing a bundle at Miedo and taking him out with a dropkick. Phantom reentered the match and attacked Miedo with some chips before delivering a driver onto a bundle. Ciclope intervened by smashing a bundle onto Phantom’s head, followed by a double stomp assisted by a tube. Miedo seized two bundles, positioned them in the center of the ring, and slammed Ciclope onto them before applying a cross-arm breaker. Phantom re-entered the fray with a bundle, striking Ciclope, while Miedo hit Phantom with a chairshot to the head. Shortly after, Miedo left the match due to a potential injury. Ciclope climbed the top rope and splashed onto a pane of glass, almost securing a victory. Phantom acquired an actual table, prompting the crowd to chant “We want doors.” Ciclope drove Phantom through the table with a DVD from the apron. Finally, Ciclope positioned a pane on top of Phantom and executed a massive frog splash to secure the victory.

Ciclope Defeated Green Phantom, Miedo Extremo    

First Round Match: Joey Janela vs. Tomoya Hirata vs. Turo Sugiura 

They sent Joey to the floor, and Hirata took them down with a shoulder tackle. They traded standing switches, but Janela broke up their exchange by hitting them with a tube on their heads. Josh landed shots on Hirata and refused to be taken down with a lariat, but Hirata wouldn’t budge. He attempted another lariat, but Hirata broke a bundle across Joey’s chest for a close near fall. Toru went on a rampage against Hirata, delivering a series of tube shots. Joey returned to the ring and struck Toru with two elbows, attempting to send him through the door, but Toru blocked it. Hirata took Joey out with a spear, followed by a dive to the floor. Toru did the same. Joey and Toru battled on the apron, with Joey dumping Toru onto a bundle of tubes for a close near fall. All three men engaged in a fierce battle in the center of the ring, exchanging chops and elbow strikes. They started breaking tubes over each other’s heads, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Joey grabbed a chair and struck Toru over the head with it. Joey set up a barbed door bridge with a light tube contraption underneath it in the corner. He stacked Toru on the top rope and attempted a superplex, but Hirata performed the Tower of Doom spot, causing everyone to crash down. Joey had barbed wire stuck in his hair, which he placed on top of his head. If conservatives weren’t already upset this month, they would hate this. Joey threw a chair at Hirata in a Sabu-like fashion and hit Toru with a package piledriver for a close two count. Joey placed a tube contraption on Toru and hit him with a double stomp for a close near fall. Joey and Hirata exchanged fierce strikes with each other. Hirata hit Joey with a light tube fan, followed by a slam into barbed wire. Toru jumped on Hirata, hitting him with some tubes, and pinned him with a headlock takeover.

Toru def. Janela and Hirata 

First-Round Match: El Desperado vs. Matt Tremont vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

They began trading punches. Tremont cleared the trunk and ran into JWM with a bundle of tubes. He attempted the same on ELD, but ELD took Tremont off his feet and started exchanging punches with Murdoch. Tremont and Murdoch brawled on the floor, and Desperado took them both out with a dive. Tremont was slammed onto a pile of tubes by Desperado, and Murdoch attacked him from behind, trying to rip off his mask. Tremont prevented him from doing so. However, they then targeted the opening in ELD’s mask and struck him with tubes. Tremont broke a tube over Murdoch’s head, and they continued brawling on the floor. Murdoch started cutting away at the opening in ELD’s mask. Tremont threw a chair at Murdoch in a Sabu-like fashion and grabbed a bundle of tubes, engaging in a tube-shot exchange with both opponents in the center of the ring. Tremont was thrown off the apron and landed into a barbed wire net. Murdoch and ELD traded punches in the center of the ring, while ELD planted Murdoch on a bundle of tubes, eliciting chants from the crowd in support of Tremont. JWM delivered a brainbuster on a cut can lid to ELD, and Cut Gun finished it off by hitting him with a bundle of tubes. Murdoch set up a pane of glass in the center of the ring, while the crew continued trying to free Tremont from the wire. JWM executed the Deep South destroyer off the top rope on ELD, sending him crashing through a pane of glass to advance to the semi-finals.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Matt Tremont and El Desperado 

First Round Match: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. Kasey Kirk vs. Sawyer Wreck 

Three-way lock-up, but they all shrugged each other off. They attempted another lock-up, but again, nothing happened. Sawyer dreaded unloading with a series of forearms but was taken off her feet by both Kasey and Rina. Kasey and Rina took turns breaking tubes over Sawyer’s head. Sawyer locked them into a gory special Walls of Jericho combo, but Rina escaped and superkicked Sawyer. Rina and Sawyer broke tubes over each other’s heads and started to carve away. Sawyer fired up and returned the favor to Rina by carving her head open. Kasey hit Rina with a piledriver, but Rina was able to kick out and took Kasey down with an STO. Rina broke a tube over Kasey’s head and took her over. Sawyer and Kasey grabbed gusset plates and slammed them into their own heads, trading headbutts until they all fell to the canvas. They hit each other over the head with a chair. Sawyer slammed Kasey, but Rina broke up the pin with a top rope double stomp. They battled on the apron above a pane of glass. Sawyer shoved them off and double choke-slammed them off the apron through the pane of glass. Kasey responded with a light tube chair crossbody on Sawyer. Rina hit the Dead Eye on Sawyer, but she kicked out. Rina hit Sawyer with the Splash Mountain, but Last broke up the pin. Rina placed a bundle on Sawyer and got the Splash Mountain on Kasey on top of them for the victory.

Rina Yamashita Defeated Sawyer Wreck, Kasey Kirk

Four-Way Scramble: Alec Price  vs. Gringo Loco vs. Blake Christian vs. Jack Cartwheel

They all did cartwheels, and the crowd chanted for Blake to join in, but he instead flipped them off. Cartwheel attempted another cartwheel, but Christian kicked him in the outgoing. Gringo flipped out of Price’s offensive move but was taken off his feet with a big crossbody. Cartwheel returned to the ring and kicked Price in the head. He flipped out of Gringo’s offense but was then taken down with a head scissors as everyone took turns flipping out of each other’s moves, eventually resulting in a stalemate.

The crowd continued to chant for Jimmy Lloyd as the match went on. Christian took everyone out and executed a beautiful Fosbury flip, followed by a double stomp to Price’s chest. Christian tuned up the band and went to stomp Price, but Price moved and launched himself over the top rope. He tried to return to the ring, but Christian leveled him with a forearm.

The crowd was still chanting for Jimmy Lloyd as Cartwheel was hit by Price with a crucifix bomb, followed by a Sasuke Special to the floor. Loco planted Cartwheel on his head with a driver for a close near fall, and Gringo hit a double jump Denton, followed by a tope con hilo to the floor. Price and Christian traded fists in the center of the ring, with Christian hitting him with a forearm and performing the three amigos on Cartwheel. Christian then went for the frog splash, but Alec cut him off, and they all hit their finishers. Gringo hit Cartwheel with his top rope powerbomb, Blake curb stomped Loco and ultimately stole the pin.

Semi-Finals: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Ciclope 

They both tossed tubes at each other, trading near falls. Murdoch busted a bunch of tubes over Ciclope and started carving away at his head and back. Ciclope still had his headphones around his neck as Murdoch set a pane of glass in the corner and attempted to hit him with a weed waxier. However, Ciclope wrestled it out of his hands and struck Murdoch a couple of times with it before taking him out with a tube-assisted running crossbody, sending them both crashing to the floor. Murdoch then hit Cuck Joe with a Deep South destroyer, but Ciclope quickly got back up. Murdoch followed up with a running knee through a pane of glass, pinning Ciclope for the victory.

JWM defeated Ciclope 

Semi Finals: GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs Toru Sugiura

They collided with each other with tubes and started trading fists. Rina broke a tube over Torus’s head and followed it up with a running tube-assisted cross-body. Runs shattered another tube over her knees and began carving away at Torus’s head. Toru retaliated by throwing Runs through a door covered in barbed wire tubes. Toru then proceeded to carve away at Rina’s head using the broken glass. Tory broke a series of tubes over Rina, but it only fueled her determination. Toru attempted the splash mountain maneuver, but Rina muscled out of it and countered with an air raid crash, driving Toru through the tubes in the corner. She strategically placed tubes across his crotch and shattered them with a steel chair, resulting in a close near fall. Rina climbed to the top rope but was intercepted with a Sabu-style strike to the face, followed by a superplex off the top rope for another close near fall. Runs retaliated by striking him with a bundle of tubes and then delivering the dead eye, but Toru managed to kick out. LC went for a lariat, but she caught him off guard and executed a German suplex into a bridging pinfall. Rina sprinted towards Toru’s back with another bundle of tubes, positioned a door covered in tubes, and hoisted Toru up for the splash mountain, securing the victory. It was an incredible match, showcasing the exceptional skills of these two competitors on a completely different level.

Rina Yamashita Defeated Toru 

Brandon Kirk came out a cut a promo but he was interrupted by Lowlife Louie who challenged Kirk to a match at JCW after dark. 

Tournament of Survival 8 Finals: John Wayne Murdoch vs GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita

They engaged in a fierce battle, starting with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. They both dropkicked each other into the tubes suspended on the ropes. Murdoch utilized the broken ends of the tubes to open a cut on Rina’s head. He forcefully sent her crashing into the tubes on the ropes and continued to carve away at her. Rina fought back, but Murdoch stomped on her hand and hurled a barrage of tubes at her head, signaling for a brain buster. However, Rina managed to block it and retaliated with a suplex, coming agonizingly close to a pinfall victory.

Murdoch ensnared Rina in a submission hold and broke a tube over his own leg, using the other end to cut Rina, forcing her to release the hold. Murdoch executed a tube-assisted brain buster, earning yet another near fall. Relentlessly, he persisted in breaking tubes over Rina’s head, inciting an uproar from the crowd. Their excitement reached even greater heights when Rina kicked out defiantly.

Enter Big Vin, who unveiled a colossal pane of glass, aiding Murdoch in setting it up at the center of the ring. Murdoch ascended to the top of the scaffolding, but Rina pushed him off, causing him to crash through the glass. Seizing the opportunity, Rina followed up with a massive splash. Although Murdoch miraculously kicked out at the count of one, Rina swiftly caught him off guard with a splash mountain, securing the victory.

The intensity of their battle captivated the crowd, leaving them in awe of these incredible competitors.

Rina Yamashita Defeated John Wayne Murdoch

Post Match: 

Hirata and Toru celebrated with Rina in the ring, they helped Murdoch but quickly started to beat him down. Rina made the save for Murdoch as Toru and Hirata begged off and eventually attacked Rina. A man in a mask ran down to save Rina but he to turned on Rina, went to the top rope, and took off his mask to reveal, Jun Kasai. The Terminal EXPLODED as he hit her with his splash. Gage and the rest of the GCW locker room ran out as FREEDOMs begged off. 

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