Stephen Amell involved in a project for WWE that comes out ‘around the same time’ as season two of Heels on STARZ

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The project is going to be unveiled within the coming month. 

Season two of the ‘Heels’ series on STARZ kicks off Friday, July 28th. Returning for season two is the ‘Ricky Rabies’ character which is played by CM Punk, who is scheduled to make his return to All Elite Wrestling on June 17th as a part of the company’s new Collision program. 

Stephen Amell is the main character in the series and he touched on Punk’s involvement while doing a live signing for ‘whatnot’. Amell said Punk has heavy involvement in season two.

CM Punk is Ricky Rabies; has a heavy involvement in season two of Heels.

On the topic of collaborating with either AEW or WWE to promote the series, Amell said he’s involved in a project for WWE that’ll be coming out around the same time as Heels. Amell added that if Cody Rhodes was still with AEW, that would be a route he’d take to further promote Heels. 

We have talked about various avenues for promoting the second season of the show (Heels on STARZ) and obviously, we’re a little less than two months away from it coming out so we still have a little bit of time but, we’re kicking around some ideas. I mean obviously, if Cody (Rhodes) was still with AEW, it’d be pretty cut and dry that we’d do something with AEW. Now I’ve got Phil, CM Punk, who’s on the show with AEW, we got Cody back in WWE. So, I have a connection with Phil, I have a connection with Cody. I haven’t done anything with AEW. I’ve done stuff with WWE. AEW feels like it might be a little bit more of a natural path right now but I also am involved in a project for the WWE that comes out right around the same time as the second season of Heels comes out so it’s like, I don’t know. These are champagne problems (he smiled).

The main event for the debut episode of the aforementioned Collision program is going to be revealed on the June 7th AEW Dynamite. 

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