KAIRI & Momo Kohgo to appear in movie about Mayu Iwatani

Photo Courtesy: World Wonder Ring STARDOM

Both KAIRI and Kohgo are going to appear in the film. 

IWGP Women’s Champion Mayu Iwatani’s life story is being made into a movie titled ‘Runaway Wrestler’. Iwatani published an autobiography in 2020 and the film will be based off what she wrote in her book. 

The second batch of cast announcements were made and former IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI along with STARDOM’s Momo Kohgo are appearing in the movie. 

There will be filming taking place at Korakuen Hall and Shinjuku Face in July. The film crew is looking for extras to be present at both venues. 

Runaway Wrestler’s script was written by Yoshiki Watanabe and is being directed by Jun Yoriko. 

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