Miro excited for in-ring return on AEW Collision, discusses his time away, relationship with CM Punk

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Debut episode of Collision is this Saturday. 

Coming up on June 17th is the debut episode of All Elite Wrestling’s Collision program on TNT. The lineup for the debut episode includes the returns of CM Punk, Miro and Andrade El Idolo. 

The former TNT Champion Miro has not wrestled for AEW since All Out 2022. He expressed how eager he is to get back in the ring while being interviewed by Good Karma Wrestling

Very excited (to be back in a pro wrestling ring). I’ve been aching for a long time. The Redeemer’s been in the desert looking for answers. Maybe finding them, maybe not. We’ll have to find out this Saturday but I’m very excited to be around the wrestling community and just the fans. I’ve never been to the United Center, never wrestled there and people in Chicago are unbelievable so, I’m really looking forward to it.

It has been close to a full year since Miro wrestled. He commented on his time away and said it ‘sucked’, but he reiterated that he’s aching to get back in the ring. 

It sucks, it sucks (being away from the ring). Just like I said, looking for answers and not getting any, it’s not a good place, and not just me but just overall as a human being when you have no answers to all these questions, it just eats you inside and I had quite a long time to eat myself and even though I’m still 260 pounds, I ate quite a bit. But I’m aching, I’m aching to come back and to find out what’s going on, what’s happening. It’s been a while.

Collision on 6/17 is going to see CM Punk team up with AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) to face Jay White, Juice Robinson and ROH World Television Champion Samoa Joe. 

It’ll be Punk’s first appearance since the All Out media scrum. Miro was asked about his relationship with Punk and said it’s always been good and he feels there’s a mutual respect there. 

I get along with him fine (Miro said about CM Punk). Every time we talk, I feel like we have a mutual respect. Yeah, so I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him but you know, everybody hears a whole bunch of things. But man, if you’re not happy with something, just do whatever you wanna do and then go cry in your mansion. I don’t understand, all the lashing out but, everybody’s responsible for their own actions. Like I said, I get along with him good. We’ve talked, we had great interactions even though we had two or three of them. But yeah, I don’t care. I look at myself. I don’t look at other people’s plates. That’s what the Bible taught me. Don’t look at other people’s plates. Take care of yourself and everybody else, all you can do is just pray for them and whatever happens, happens.

Later in the chat, Miro said he would rather be on Collision than Dynamite or Rampage because it’s fresh and new. He stated that he’ll stay in his ‘house’ and others can stay in theirs and when it’s time to cross paths, they can do that. 

And it’s the first live Saturday show in 20-something years so, we must be doing something right and I’m excited to be on it to be honest. I would rather be on Collision than on Dynamite or Rampage… Because it’s new, it’s fresh. People wanna see new and fresh and I’ve already been to Dynamite. I did what I had to do, I became champion there, I did it all and now, let’s get the new thing man and if it’s gonna be a roster dedicated to each title, whatnot, I think that’s exciting as well. I stay in my house, you stay in yours and (when) the time is right, let’s connect and freaking destroy some things.

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