Moose states that one of the reasons he’s been in IMPACT so long is because he’s nervous about going elsewhere & having to make new friends

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He added that he does not know his schedule with IMPACT past June. 

For the past seven years of his in-ring career, Moose has been part of IMPACT Wrestling. He is a multi-time World Champion in the company. 

Moose touched on his time in IMPACT Wrestling during his appearance on Bobby Fish’s Undisputed Podcast. He spoke about being shy and not being the type of person to be outgoing as far as making himself known to others. Moose said that always comes into play when it’s decision-time regarding his future in IMPACT. 

He added that one of the reasons he’s remained with the company is because of the nerves of having to go elsewhere and making new friends. 

It wasn’t me initiating the friendship (in Ring of Honor). Like, oh, my name is Moose. You wanna — I’m usually to myself unless somebody — I’ve always been shy so, every time it comes to leaving IMPACT, that’s always a big factor in my decision-making. 

One of the reasons I’ve been in IMPACT so long is the scare of going somewhere else and making new friends. 

Fightful ran a story which reads that Moose’s contract with IMPACT is set to expire this month. Moose stated on the podcast that he does not know his IMPACT schedule past June. 

I don’t think we’re coming to New York any time soon but at the same time, I don’t know my (IMPACT Wrestling) schedule past the end of this month.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Moose spoke highly of IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore. He described him as a mentor and someone he can always go to. 

When it comes to wrestling and getting advice, I try to limit who I talk to-to a very small few. At the end of the day, you’re gonna do what your boss wants you to do, how he wants you to do it because he’s the guy paying the bills, right? He’s not paying you, you need that money to pay the bills so, luckily, a guy who’s been my boss for the last few years, he’s almost my mentor who was a guy who brought me up in wrestling, who coached me is Scott D’Amore. So, with saying that, he’s one of the guys that if I need advice on a wrestling topic, I go to him.

Moose is in action on the June 15th IMPACT on AXS. News and notes from the show will be published here on POST Wrestling. 

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