House of Glory – Plato o Plomo: Carlito addresses rumors, Hiroshi Tanahashi coming

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House of Glory – Plato o Plomo
June 16th, 2023
NYC Arena – Queens, NY

This is their debut on the Premier Streaming Network. Carlito, El Hijo del Vikingo, Mike Bailey & Matt Cardona we’re all doing meet and greets before the show.

01: Mike Bailey vs. Nolo Kitano (w/ The Anunnakis)

Great match to start the show, as these two have very similar fighting styles and presentation. The Anunnakis kept trying to interfere but Nolo ended up spraying one of them with mist by accident. Bailey hit the Ultima Weapon but one of the Anunnaki put Nolo’s foot on the rope. Nolo hit the 8 Trigram Rotation at 12:52 for the pin.

02: Cashflow Inc. (Ken Broadway & Encore) vs. The Black Hand (Michael Fain & Blackmon) vs. Project Mayhem (Osito & Elijah Eden)

There was a sudden dance-off to Suavamente that got this majority Latino crowd up and into the show for sure. Ken Broadway & Encore hit a double Rock Bottom on Osito as Broadway got the pin at 10:32. Great showcase from all six men as they all celebrated at the end. 

03: HOG Women’s Championship: Ultra Violette (c) vs. Kamar

My first time seeing Kamar but she had the crowd behind her. Violette on the other hand, the crowd wouldn’t let her speak. Nice showing from Kamar, but Violette trapped her in a body scissors to have her submit at 7:43 to retain.

Violette got on the mic again after and demanded Sam Leterna step into the ring and interview her about her 7th successful title defense. Violette got offended that Leterna brought up Mane Event, so Violette called Leterna a ‘wannabe wrestler’. Kiki Van Gogh came out after and challenged Violette, but she got interrupted by Amazing Red & BXL of The Bookers who came out with their newly stolen GCW Tag Team titles. 

They talked about how easy it was to steal the titles and how the champs won’t even come here to right them so they are giving another chance to The Jabronis that they beat at Final Hour back in April. HOG Commissioner Jason Solomon came out tho to stop the match and said they already had the match who instead it’ll be The Mane Event to get the match instead who came out in street clothes. The match never started tho as they brawled in and out of the ring until HOG students and roster members came out to separate them. Solomon said this has to stop and made a match for High Intensify on August 18th between The Bookers & The Mane Event for the undisputed HOG Tag Team Championship in a Steel Cage match.

04: Mighty Mante vs. Alex Shelley

New IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley came out to a great reaction wearing his newly won title. Another great back-and-forth match, as Nolo Kitano came out at the end and sprayed blue mist in Mante’s face. Shelley took advantage and put on the Border City Stretch to make Mante submit at 14:36.

They announced that Hiroshi Tanahashi will make his debut at High Intensity on August 18.

05: HOG Cruiserweight Championship Six-Way Scramble:  Joey Silver (c) vs. Daron Richardson vs. Raheem Royal vs. Ben Ruten vs. JBouji vs. El Trabajador

Silver is back out in his Sweet Cheeks gimmick and gives out candy to the fans. Silver took a lollipop out of his tights and put in the referee’s mouth before being assisted by the ref to springboard off the ropes with a moonsault to the outside. Crazy offense at the end until Silver hit JBouji with the Candy Crush for the pin at 10:26.

06: HOG Crown Jewel Championship: Charles Mason (c) vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

Huge reaction for Vikingo. Two distinctive styles here but I highly enjoyed it as I’ve never seen Vikingo grounded before in this manner. Mason got some students to undue the top ropes so he can start choking out Vikingo, but as soon as he was about to use a chair, Jason Solomon came out to stop him and said that Mason is wrestling Eddie Kingston at High Intensity in a No Holds Barred match. Match ended in a no-contest at 17:53.

07: HOG Heavyweight Championship: Matt Cardona (c) (w/ Steph De Lander) vs. Carlito

Another huge reaction for Carlito for his entrance. Lots of playing with the crowd with this match with Cardona constantly getting on the mic first to say he loves HOG, Puerto Rico & Carlito just to come back later and say he hates it before trying to leave the match. Shenanigans at the end as De Lander got involved and used the title belt. There was an apple spot that ended with Carlito getting the pin after the original referee got knocked out and a new one came out. Carlito was declared the winner until the original referee reversed the decision and declared Cardona the winner by DQ at 18:33

Carlito gets on the mic after and says “The rumors are true” before leaving. 

Matches for High Intensity on 8/18

  • HOG Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match: The Bookers (c) vs. The Mane Event
  • HOG Crown Jewel Championship No Holds Barred Match: Charles Mason (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi makes his debut
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