Sareee & KAIRI tagging at Sareee-ISM Chapter II in August

Photo Courtesy: @Sareee_ISM on Twitter

Lineup for the next Sareee-ISM show. 

Following up on her first event in May, Sareee is hosting the second installment of her Sareee-ISM event. The first go-round featured her return match and she lost to Chihiro Hashimoto

The second show is scheduled for August 4th at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan. At the event, Sareee is going to tag with the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI

Here is the complete lineup for the August 4th show: 

  • Ibuki Hoshi vs. Chi Chi
  • Jaguar Yokota & Kizuna Tanaka vs. Kaoru Ito & Kohaku
  • Mio Momono vs. Miyuki Takase
  • KAIRI & Sareee vs. Arisa Nakajima & Takumi Iroha
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