Samuray Del Sol shares Vince McMahon’s reaction to his ‘Salida Del Sol’ off ladder at WWE TLC 2015

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Two moments involving Vince McMahon shared by Samuray Del Sol. 

Opening up WWE’s 2015 TLC pay-per-view was a Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder match for the Tag Team Championships. New Day’s Big E and Kofi Kingston successfully defended against The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) and the duo of Sin Cara and Samuray Del Sol a.k.a. Kalisto. 

At one point in the match, Del Sol delivered his ‘Salida Del Sol’ finisher to Jey off the top of a ladder through another ladder. He recalled that moment as he was doing a virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest. Del Sol added that Vince McMahon pulled him aside and said he was crazy. 

Who remembers the Slammy Award when I won and I did the Salida Del Sol from the top ladder? It was 20 feet up high. I took a small glimpse, looked down like, welp, this is pretty high up. ‘Okay, let’s do it.’ It was crazy. Even Vince (McMahon) pulled me aside like, ‘Hey, you’re f’ing crazy man.’ ‘Oh, okay. That’s what I do. Let me know.’

Back in 2017, Del Sol competed against Braun Strowman in a Dumpster match on Raw. He stated that Vince was very hands-on with putting the match together. 

Del Sol said while they were going over it, McMahon based for him to help him get out of the dumpster. 

Wow, that was actually pretty interesting (Dumpster match against Braun Strowman in 2017). I’m surprised we didn’t get a toy out of it… It was very interesting because Vince McMahon was so hands-on with that match and he took care of me pretty good actually. He made sure that I was safe, made sure that everybody was safe. The match itself was pretty cool. Braun is a great wrestler to wrestle with. I’ve known him since when he got into NXT and Performance Center training and it was pretty cool because that match was unique to me… It was pretty cool because it felt like a rollercoaster. Inside that dumpster, again, it was a unique thing. I felt that when he pushed me off the stage, I thought it was gonna be a long fall but it was quick, it was cool, it was well done. It was thoughtfully well done. Again, Vince was really hands-on with this. He made sure that I was safe. Even to get out of the dumpster, just practicing, he did like a whole lucha base. He’s like, ‘Alright, you can get out.’ Like, okay, he knows how to base. Alright, cool. He just picked me up, like with one hand. ‘Alright, there you go.’ ‘Aye Vince! Man, you’re lucha. There you go man.’ That was so cool because it just blew my mind. I’m like, man, he’s basing for me.

Earlier this year, Del Sol spoke candidly about health issues he dealt with in 2021 and how dire the situation was. To read more, check out POST Wrestling’s coverage of his comments

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