Pro wrestling drama ‘Heels’ season 2 gets trailer and confirmed release date

A trailer for season 2 of the STARZ pro wrestling drama Heels dropped earlier on Thursday.

The show is set to return on Friday, July 28th on the STARZ app as well as its linear TV channel in the US and Canada.

Heels revolves around brothers Jack and Ace Spade, played respectively by Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig, who are at odds over the fate of their late father’s wrestling promotion.

The trailer also features CM Punk and AJ Mendez, who have smaller roles in the show.

Season 1 of Heels was well received, with a 73/100 score on Metacritic and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Per STARZ, this is the description of how season 2 of the show will pan out:

Season 2 begins after a spectacular showing at the South Georgia State Fair, the Duffy Wrestling League’s popularity is suddenly on the upswing. Hoping to seize the opportunity, Jack and his cohorts prepare for a possible business deal with a new streaming service that may propel them onto a national stage. But the past and its tragedies threaten to upset everything when Ace leaves Duffy and the Dome in his rearview, and rival promotion Florida Wrestling Dystopia’s vengeful frontman Gully comes calling.

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