Damian Priest wins men’s Money in the Bank ladder match

Image Courtesy: WWE

Damian Priest has emerged victorious in the 2023 men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

The 40-year-old Judgment Day member beat out fan favorite LA Knight, as well as Logan Paul, Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Butch and Damian Priest.

The match opened the PLE at the O2 Arena in London, England. Priest can now cash in a contract for a title match of his choosing at any time during the next year.

A first-time briefcase holder was guaranteed as no one in the match had previously won a MITB ladder match.

The match began with the other six contenders attacking Logan Paul as soon as the bell rang. He was the clear heel in the match, drawing loud boos every time he got the upper hand.

On the other hand, LA Knight drew raucous cheers every time he got involved.

Butch got a local hero moment when he grabbed a cricket bat from beneath the ring to attack his opponents.

Damian Priest appeared to form an alliance with Logan Paul, before tossing Paul into the steps.

An intensely physical match saw tables, the ring steps and multiple ladders come into play. In a memorable spot, Paul hit a frog splash onto Priest, who was laid on a ladder propped between the ring and the ring steps. Paul basically bounced off Priest, with no give whatsoever.

Ricochet hit more than his fair share of spectacular moves, including a 450 springboard splash off the ropes onto Nakamura and Escobar.

Later, Ricochet sent himself and Paul through two ringside tables with an incredible Spanish Fly from the top rope, effectively taking both out of the match.

LA Knight had his hands on the briefcase after clearing the ring, but Damian Priest threw him off the ladder and grabbed the prize.

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