Alicia Fox says WWE contract expired in late April 2023, thought she would get ‘statement of support’ from the company

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She recalled April 25th being the date.

Come July 15th, Victoria Crawford a.k.a. Alicia Fox is going to be making her in-ring return under Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion. It’ll be Fox’s first match following her 17-year run with WWE coming to an end. 

In early May, Fox took to her socials and shared that her contract with WWE expired. D.S. Shin of Ring The Belle sat down with her for an interview and she told him that her contract expired in late April, specifically mentioning the date April 25th. Fox thought she would get a ‘statement of support’ from the company. 

I knew that there was a date in April coming that my contract comes to an end. It was like April 25th or something, this year and it was kind of this waiting pattern that I was used to already having like, ‘Well they’ll call me when they need me, they’ll call me when they need me.’ Whatever, whatever. 

One day, a fan tweeted me a picture of that legend shirt and I had like a little head on there… I was like, ‘Why is my head on that shirt?’ You’re gonna ‘legend’ me up? That’s not even fair. I got a phone call and they’re like, ‘Are you retired?’ ‘I got my first merch. So sure.’ Sure, okay, whatever (she laughed). We’ll go to the firing date. This whole time I’m nervous I’m gonna get fired, right?… It’s sad (that there was no communication towards the end) and I can’t go on my own social media and say what? I thought maybe my release date, they would give me a statement of support saying, well, she gone. No. No nothing. I don’t know. I just felt bad, you know? I felt sad for every miscommunication or something. 

Alicia had been with WWE since 2006. She would go to speak about the different generations of women that joined the company’s talent roster. She talked about the NXT talents that joined the fray and said some were sassy. 

She added that this was a time period of reality television and a lot of those talents were focused on being in-ring technicians. Fox thought that was fine, but questioned if that would put people in seats. 

They were very, like, wanted to be technician wrestlers (next crop of women that took the reins after Fox’s generation), and this is where it gets funny where this is what was more reality TV. It’s like, well, they wanna be technical wrestlers, that’s fine. But, can you put asses in seats? Does anyone want to come see y’all do a thousand jelly drill rolls? (Fox laughed) I mean because at that same time, we shared a locker room with The Bella Twins, Maryse. All of us knew how to work from the girls before us. The Beths, the Mickies. So we were like with the kiddies that are like, ‘We’re technical’, you know? And they’re all, ‘NXT.’ Do y’all remember Derby Park? OVW? We set those rings up. That’s what I’m saying. Me, Maryse set the rings up, Mickie, all these girls. All these girls that opened the doors for Sasha (Banks), for Bayley and no offense, some of them (are) sassies.

The aforementioned July 15th Reality of Wrestling event is going to feature NXT’s Trick Williams and the in-ring debut of Zilla Fatu, son of Umaga. 

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