AEW Collision Results: CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe, Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

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By: Dave LeClair 

AEW is continuing its tour of Canada, this time broadcasting Collision from the Brandt Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Getting Started

The show opened with Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Samoa Joe, and CM Punk cutting brief promos for their matches. It ended with Punk saying he would go to the ring to tell the people about the history between himself and Samoa Joe.

CM Punk Promo

CM Punk came to ring during the show’s opening song, skipping his entrance music. He cut a promo outside the ring and called the match against Joe the biggest of his career. He talked about missing teeth and having scars because of Samoa Joe and said the match was bigger than him and Joe. Finally, Punk asked the crowd to chant for Owen Hart, which they happily did. 

This was a more pro-Punk crowd than some we’ve seen recently, and appealing to the crowd’s love of Owen Hart seemed to help him get in the crowd’s good graces. 

After the promo, AEW aired a promo package for the Punk versus Joe match with clips from ROH promos and matches. 

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks

Hobbs entered the arena before the commercial break with Q. T. Marshall and Harley Cameron in tow. Ricky Starks came out after the break, and two got right into it. Q. T. got involved throughout the match when the ref wasn’t looking, giving Hobbs the advantage. After Hobbs had the heat through the commercial, Starks made a comeback shortly after they returned. Eventually, Starks pushed Hobbs into Q. T. and followed up with a spear on Hobbs to win the match.

Unhappy Hobbs

After the match, Marshall tried to plead his case to Hobbs, but Hobbs shoved him to the ground. Aaron Solo tried to play peacemaker but ate a spine buster from Hobbs for trouble. Harley Cameron jumped between Hobbs and Q. T., and Hobbs went to the back.


Miro Speaks

Miro says he’s ready to fight anyone and hurt them in ways no one has before. He says that he must be what his God was not. He didn’t call out anyone in particular, so we’ll have to wait to see where he goes next.

Willow Can’t Fight

Willow Nightingale says she’s disappointed she can’t compete on Collision because of an injury in Japan. She’s cut off by Athena, who says she got injured just getting to Regina. Willow says she’ll stay positive and eventually come for the ROH Championship. Athena says if Willow can beat her in the Owen Hart tournament, she’ll give her a shot at the title.

Julia Hart Showcase Match

Julia Hart made her entrance with Brody King by her side. She wrestled Bambi Hall, best known for her time in All-Star Wrestling based in British Columbia. Hall did get some offense in, but this was mostly a showcase match for Julia Hart. After a short match, Hart won by submission and refused to relinquish the hold for a few seconds. 

Malakai Black Addresses Andrade

Black cut a promo in a dark room. He says the mask is holding Andrade back, and he’s trying to help him reach his true greatness by severing the tie between him and the mask.

Bullet Club Gold Takes on FTR

If Bullet Club Gold loses to FTR, they can’t challenge the Tag Team titles again while FTR holds them. The crowd was heavily in FTR’s corner for the start of the match. The four had a great match filled with fast-paced tags and lots of back-and-forth action. 

During the first commercial, the fans broke into a “this is wrestling chant.” Nigel said they were “stating the obvious,” to which Kelly replied, “It’s always nice getting confirmation.” 

White resorted to some nefarious tactics to get control of the match, leading to a long heat section on Cash Wheeler. Wheeler had a visual pinfall during the heat, but Juice distracted the referee, saving White from taking the fall. 

Eventually, Dax got the hot tag and took control of the match. He had a near-fall on White with a roll-up, followed by a series of German suplexes. After a massive near-fall that everyone thought was the finish, Jay White went for the Bladerunner, but it was countered. FTR hit a spike piledriver that seemed like the finish, but Juice dove in for the save at the very last moment. “This is awesome” chants arose from the crowd before White hit a Regal Plex for a near-fall. 

More close calls followed before White hit a Bladerunner on Cash, who wasn’t the legal man. Juice landed the Pulp Friction on Dax, and Cash just missed making the save, leading to a three-count and Bullet Club Gold’s victory. 

This is one of the best tag team matches of the year and one you absolutely should go back and watch if you miss Collision.

Spears/Luchasaurus/Cage Video Package

A brief Shawn Spears, Christan Cage, and Luchasaurus video package aired, building up the developing feud between the two. Spears is set to take on the big dinosaur next Saturday on Battle of Belts VII, though the feud seems to be between him and Christian.

AEW Tag Championship Match Next Week

Juice and White challenge FTR to a two out of three fall match for next week, and FTF accepts.


Scorpio Sky Returns

Action Andretti was already in the ring for a match against Scorpio Sky, which was a sure sign that Sky would win the match. They ran through a PIP break, with Sky controlling the match throughout. After they returned, Andretti took control for a while before countering a split-legged moonsault by getting his knees up and then hitting a TKO for the win. After the match, he extended a hand to Andretti and helped him back to his feet.

Main Event Time

Samoa Joe came to the ring first, and after letting the crowd chant “Joe” for a few seconds, CM Punk’s music hit. Punk received a positive reaction from the Regina crowd. Once he and Joe were in the ring, CM Punk chants circulated through the building. The match started slow, with holds and some striking exchanges. Joe threw Punk out of the ring, leading to a PIP break. During the break, Punk got a cut on his mouth before taking control of the match again. 

Right as the competitors moved back into the ring, the commercial break ended. Joe locked in a standing choke, but Punk hit a go-behind and landed a suplex on Joe to escape. Punk went to the top rope with Samoa Joe down and landed an elbow drop for a near-fall. He called for the GTS and lifted Joe, but Joe countered into a cross-face. Eventually, Punk got the rope to force the break. 

Punk went to the top rope again, and this time Joe countered. He went for a Muscle Buster, but Punk fought it off. Punk tried another GTS, but Joe slipped off his back into a Coquina Clutch. However, Punk countered the submission with a roll-up for the finish, leading to him beating Samoa Joe for the first time in his career. 

After the match, Joe and Punk stared each other down for a while. Punk’s music faded out, leaving the crowd to provide the soundtrack with “Owen Hart” chants. Joe extended a hand, and Punk reluctantly accepted the handshake. His reluctance was warranted, as Joe locked him in a Coquina Clutch until Punk slept. Samoa Joe left the ring to get a chair before FTR ran down to save Punk. 

Starks came out on the ramp to look over the carnage and to remind everyone that he and Punk would face off in the finals next week. FTR helped Punk to his feet, but he collapsed as his music kicked in, and the show went off the air.

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