Brian Hebner explains why he would not want to go back to WWE

Scott D’Amore is who Brian Hebner would possibly say is the best boss he’s ever had. 

In the summer of 2022, longtime referee Brian Hebner announced his retirement from officiating on a full-time basis. Hebner has been a part of WWE, IMPACT/TNA Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance. 

As Hebner was speaking to Tommy Dreamer on the House Of Hardcore Podcast, he recounted occasions when people would ask why won’t he go back to WWE. Hebner said it was not the best time in his life when he was there. 

Most people would say, ‘Why don’t you go back to WWE?’ I’ll be honest with you, because I don’t wanna f*cking go back there. It wasn’t the best time in my life. It wasn’t.

Brian feels that out of the bosses he’s had, Scott D’Amore might be the best because D’Amore is approachable and he checked in on a consistent basis. Hebner went on to detail what separates D’Amore from a Vince McMahon or Dixie Carter. 

There’s one thing I wanted to say real quick too. I wanna go back to Scott D’Amore real quick. I just wanna say this about him and this is 100 percent true. Could be if not the best boss I’ve ever worked for, and I’ll tell you why I say that because he’s the most approachable boss that I ever worked for, and why I’m bringing this back up is because we got lost before I could get back to it but, the reason why I’m bringing this up is because the reason why I can say what he said I said to you guys (in IMPACT) is because I felt comfortable going to him when I knew something wasn’t right. I couldn’t do that with Vince McMahon, I couldn’t do that with half our agents that we had in WWE, in WWF. There was an intimidation factor there and it was always they were better than us, you know what I mean? I was lucky that I had that same kind of relationship throughout my whole TNA career, but Scott was the better of them if that makes any sense and he invited me for that information. He invited me. He would come by me during the day, he goes, ‘Everything okay? All your matches seem okay? You have any questions or anything like that?’ That doesn’t happen, that doesn’t happen. Dixie Carter never walked around and asked me if everything was okay with my matches, Vince McMahon never asked me that. I have to admit Billy Corgan did. 

Coming up on July 15th is IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. A change to the card was made as Steve Maclin is dealing with an injury and was pulled from a tag match involving his partner Bully Ray and their opponents Scott D’Amore and PCO.

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