Dirty Dango shares that it got ‘weird’ for him in WWE locker room when he gained momentum

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

Dango further opens up about his time in WWE. 

For 15 years of his pro wrestling career, Dirty Dango f.k.a. Fandango was signed to WWE. In June of 2021, he was released from the company. Since his exit, he’s returned to the independent scene, had a stint with the NWA and is currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling

Dango took a look back at the period of his WWE run when he began to gain momentum. He told Konnan and Disco Inferno on their K100 podcast that it got a bit ‘weird’ for him in the locker room when that aforementioned momentum started. 

He added that everyone is your friend when you’re doing dark matches, but one finds out who his or her people really are when the success rolls in.

Everybody’s your friend when you’re doing dark matches. That’s what I realized, you know what I’m saying? Because he’s lovable, he’s a nice guy and then you really figure out who your real friends are when you start to get a little momentum, you know what I’m saying? And it gets really tight, it gets real, real tight. But when the boys start b*tching, then I know who the b*tches are, I knew who’s insecure. So I already know that I got them thinking so, my whole thing is you think The Rock was in catering gossiping about The Godwinns or f*cking Headbangers? Nothing against those guys but… and you gotta put your energy in the right places and at the time, yeah, things did get a little bit weird in the locker room (in WWE).

Dango is not currently scheduled for IMPACT’s Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 15th, but he’ll be in action at the post-PPV TV taping against Santino Marella. 

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