AEW Collision Results: Owen Hart Cup Finals, 2-of-3 Falls for AEW tag titles

Photo Courtesy: AEW

By: Dave LeClair 

AEW is wrapping up its giant tour of Canada from the Calgary Stampede Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta.

Intro Promos

As usual, the show kicked off with promos from the wrestlers on the show. FTR, Bullet Club Gold, Willow Nightingale, Ruby Soho, Ricky Starks, and CM Punk all spoke to generate hype for their matches.

Two Out of Three Falls

AEW elected to start the show hot with a two out of three falls match between FTR and Bullet Club Gold for the Tag Team titles. The first falls started slow, with both teams going for some roll-up and pin combinations but not landing a fall. Eventually, the match went to a picture-in-picture commercial break and returned to both teams still tied with zero falls.

The match rolled through the 15-minute mark without a fall, though it featured ample near falls to keep the crowd invested. The first fall eventually went to Bullet Club Gold as Jay White hit a Switchblade for the pin. They went to a commercial immediately after the fall, giving the combatants a chance to reset.

They returned with Bullet Club Gold in the driver’s seat, with Robinson putting a beating on Harwood. Eventually, Wheeler was tagged in, but Bullet Club had control before long, leading to a long heat segment for them. Wheeler eventually made the hot tag to Harwood, leading to him taking control of Juice Robinson. FTR hit a huge near fall on a super sunset flip, reminding us that no one kicks out at two quite like Juice Robinson.

After an extended period of FTR in control, Bullet Club countered and hit a huge near fall on FTR, making it seem like they would shut FTR out. However, a few moments later, FTR hit a Shatter Machine on Juice Robinson about 45 minutes into Collision to tie the match, leading to another commercial break. 

We returned with White and Harwood fighting on the side of the ring. They eventually fought outside before taking each other out over the barricade. Medical officials checked on both wrestlers, with Dax getting to his feet first. White followed, and the pair returned to brawling on the outside. FTR hit a double suplex on White and followed up with one on Robinson before falling back to the ring, leaving the ref to count Bullet Club Gold out. Of course, White beat the count at nine, keeping the match alive.

After almost an hour, all four competitors entered the ring for an epic staredown, which the crowd went absolutely nuts over. After a few glorious seconds, all hell broke loose before they went to a commercial break.

The show returned with White in control of Harwood, with Jay White appearing to go for Sweet Chin Music. However, he locked in a Sharpshooter instead, which led to an exciting moment where it seemed Harwood might actually submit. White lost his grip on the move, and Harwood lunged for the ropes to escape. 

The ring announcer informed everyone that only five minutes remained before the match hit the 60-minute time limit. Shortly after, FTR locked on Sharpshooters on both members of Bullet Club Gold, but FTR had to let go of the holds due to exhaustion. Dax pulled the kneepad down and locked in a Sharpshooter on Robinson, who tapped out after a few seconds, giving FTR the win.

As you might expect, this match was an absolute banger. It was around 58 minutes and felt like 58 seconds. It was a masterclass in pacing. 

Post Match

FTR extended their hands to the members of Bullet Club Gold, which White and Robinson were hesitant to take. The crowd broke into a “shake their hand chant,” but it was to no avail, as they refused and walked away.

Ruby Soho vs. Willow Nightingale for the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament

Ian Ricobani rapped to Willow Nightingale’s entrance music, an interesting way to get this match going. Willow almost won with a Fisherman’s Suplex, but Ruby Soho kicked out. Ruby went for a cover, and the commentators sent to a commercial break.

The show returned with Willow taking control thanks to a series of clotheslines. After escaping from a single-leg Boston Crab, Ruby Soho tried the Eddie spot by handing her can of spray paint to Willow and making the ref think Willow cheated. It didn’t work, but it did open up a shot to the eyes and a kick for a near fall. After trying to cheat with the paint again, Willow countered Soho and hit a big move for the finish to win the Owen Hart tournament. 

Tony Khan came out to raise Willow’s hand and left her with the trophy to celebrate.

Hobbs and QT Marshall Backstage

Hobbs was sitting in the locker room, and QT tried to explain himself, offering to knock out the biggest and badest guy in AEW to prove that his “word is his bond.” Hobbs seemed to accept this as he walked away.

Kings of the Black Throne in Action

Brody King and Malakei Black took on some local talent, and it was fun while it lasted, with Black hitting a leg kick so hard it made his opponent do a flip. Eventually, Andrade made his way to ring, which distracted Black for a second, but not enough to prevent the Black Mass from landing, with a pin to follow. The AEW ref crew stepped between Andrade El Idolo and the Kings of the Black Throne to keep them separated.

Ricky Starks vs. CM Punk for the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament

Starks made his way to the ring first, and then Punk followed. The crowd seemed mixed toward CM Punk, with many people booing him when he climbed into the ring. Punk seemed to enjoy the reaction. Once his music stopped, a battle between CM Punk chants and boos rang through the arena. It’s also worth noting that Punk wore pink shorts for this match, honoring Owen.

Eventually, the match started, with the two going back and forth with wristlocks. The crowd continued to battle, with “Let’s go Ricky” and “CM Punk” chants going back and forth for a long time. 

After a commercial break, Ian Riccaboni announced that Jushin Thunder Liger was in the building to present the trophy to the winner of the men’s Owen Hart Tournament.

The match was slow, with many holds, but it picked up towards the end. Even during the slow parts, the crowd was incredibly hot, chanting for and against both men. They even erupted into “Owen” chants throughout the match.

After the final commercial break, Punk planted Starks with a pile driver, but Punk was slow to make the cover, leading to a kick out. Punk signaled for the Go To Sleep, but Starks escaped and followed up with a huge spear that launched Punk outside the ring. Starks went for another Spear, but Punk rolled through and countered with a guillotine. Starks got to the ropes and escaped. After a series of rollups, Starks pinned Punk, using the ropes for leverage, but the ref didn’t see him. 

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