Seth Rollins discusses nagging injuries, lower back bothering him since 2019 & doing what he can to avoid needing surgery

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Rollins speaks candidly about nagging injuries. 

Since WWE Night of Champions in May, Seth Rollins has been reigning as World Heavyweight Champion. His next title defense is happening at SummerSlam as he’ll be defending against Finn Bálor

The bout is a rematch from Money in the Bank in London and while Rollins was in England, he sat down with Logan Paul to record an episode of IMPAULSIVE. Rollins opened up about nagging injuries he’s dealing with such as knee and neck issues. 

He then highlighted that his lower back has been bothering him since 2019 and he should probably get surgery. He stated that he’s doing everything he can to make sure surgery is not a necessity. Rollins got stem cell treatment and it temporarily helped. 

No, honestly I just do my same thing (Rollins responded when asked if he’s doing anything different to preserve his body). I try to just change my training up based on how I feel and it’s constant injuries, you know? My knee’s been bugging me since before WrestleMania. I was having issues with that. My neck been acting up, my lower back has been at me since 2019. Probably should get some surgery on that but trying to just do whatever I can to make sure I don’t need it because I have a couple of stress fractures back there. So I tried some stem cells. I’ve done a couple of stem cell treatments and I found that they were temporarily helpful, and I wasn’t taking time off so I wasn’t just idling while I was on the stem cells. I was still working pretty much a full-time schedule with WWE so I found that temporarily helpful, but long-term, it kind of had faded off a little bit so I’d say I got about maybe four, five months of, oouuu, okay, alright.

Rollins and his SummerSlam opponent Finn Bálor were featured on the 7/17 Monday Night Raw and to hear/watch a review of the show, check out POST Wrestling’s Rewind-A-Raw podcast

If the quote in this article is used, please credit IMPAULSIVE with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription. 

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