Booker T recalls program with Cody Rhodes in 2011, states that he wanted to put Rhodes over

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Booker states that he saw a world championship-caliber athlete in Rhodes. 

There was a point in late 2011 when Booker T and Cody Rhodes were involved in an on-screen program with one another and they had a singles match at the 2011 TLC pay-per-view for the Intercontinental Championship. 

MuscleManMalcolm caught up with Booker T and asked him about working with Rhodes. He stated that he chose to work with Rhodes and wanted to put him over. 

You know what? I feel like I got a huge part in Cody Rhodes’ success (Booker laughed). I chose to put Cody Rhodes over (in 2011). I wanted to work with Cody Rhodes. I just saw world championship-caliber athlete in Cody Rhodes and I just wanted to see him get his just do. Coming out of that group, everybody got a little bit of a shine and I thought Cody was the guy that kind of got left out in the cold. I said, man, let me help him out a little bit and I think working with Cody definitely gave him that sense of, man, I could do this and then him going out on his own, he proved that he could do it so, big ups to Cody Rhodes.

On July 31st, WWE is releasing a documentary centered around Rhodes. It is titled ‘WWE American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes’ and it is airing on Peacock. 

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